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Get Your WAR ROOM Opening Weekend Tickets … While You Can!

With theaters around the country already reporting sold-out showtimes for WAR ROOM when it opens on the weekend of August 28-30, now is the time to get your tickets to see the new movie from the Kendrick Brothers. In addition to regular weekend showings, you also have the opportunity to see it in most theaters on Thursday night.

And if you have a group of 250 or more, you can work with Sony Group Sales to have a special showing on Wednesday evening, August 26. Imagine going to the movies and having a prayer meeting break loose!

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Very good. It is going to be powerful and timely for whats going on 

After some overnight meditation, I wonder if the movie title is appropriate. The word 'war' has serious connotations these days. Since this is a family type movie, I find the title inappropriate unless one is knowledgeable about the fighting nature of prayer in the Spirit. Seeing a father doing double dutch with his children did not give the impression of war. 

Good Morning

Coming late to the party.  I had a chance to take some members of the ASBC Intercessory Prayer Ministry to a free preview of War Room on May 7, 2015 at the Hoffman Theater in Alexandria.  Would love to have a kit if someone doesn't need theirs or if any extras come available.  I am trying to get my church to buy a theater.  

Sorry Michele,

We maxed our 20 complimentary kits very quickly.
Hope you congregation benefits From the film,


To say something of this movie (I only saw the trial) is innevitably to say something of myself and of how do I feel. And exactly this I don't want to do right now after being in touch with the message of the movie brings in. What I want to say is that behind the idea of this movie and it's implementation is not the money or commercial interest. People, who gave up their lives for prayer battle for God's Kingdom sake are! And this movie will for sure encourage many who are in their war rooms already for a long time and cry out to God for the fruits, as well as it turn the heart of many to the highest calling of prayer intercession.

Deep appreciation to the Lord for this masterpiece. I can't find in my 55 y.o. memory was there any other movie addressing these two crucial for our days themes: the prayer and the family.

My prayer is that the soundtrack of this movie to be translated to as many languages as it could be possible, and so that this movie to be shown in Russia.

In prayer,

Sergey Vdovin

secretary general

Russian Evangelical Alliance

Yes! Thank you for your prayer, Sergey. May this movie be quickly available to as many languages as possible.

It is when God's people cry out with fervor that He is there. The Amplified Bible in Exodus 2:25 says He "took knowledge of them and concerned Himself about them [knowing all, understanding, remembering all]."

The question is--are we willing to give up our "lives" for prayer? I serve in Moms in Prayer and getting mothers to take just an hour a week to join together in prayer for their children is not easy. In my state, only 13% of our schools have a group and many of those groups consist of just two or three committed moms/grandmoms. My own church seems to only have a prayer meeting when there are tragic circumstances. Few and far between are churches who regularly meet together for one accord prayer.

I pray this movie will be used by the Lord to stir up His people. We are left on this earth for a reason. We are to spread the news of His Kingdom. But our prayerlessness to the King leaves us powerless to be effective.

What you said is key--we must give up our lives to do this.

Debi Grenseman

Washington State Coordinator

Moms in Prayer International

Impacting children & schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.

Dear Debi,

What I'm going to say might not be exactly in the framework of this discussion about the movie and it's impact. But nevertheless, I can't prevent myself from saying this: The concern of prayerlesseness and as a result of it powerlessness you've expressed has touched my heart! What you've shared of the situation with prayer meetings in your Church and in all but a few (as I understand) Churches in Washington State would brake my heart if it won't be already broken because of very much alike situation I've experienced at the beginning of ministering as a pastor of one of Moscow Evangelical Churches. There was around 150 people at that time in the Church, but none of them came to the weekly prayer meeting during several years. More than that, it was absolutely impossible to have people in this Church to attend the Bible study class during the week. And none seemed to be interested in doing whatever it could be besides Sunday worship and no more than that. The Church also had her pastor to wait every Thursday 11am-8pm for people to come for counceling. Just a few tender-heart sisters visited their brother from time to time just to bring something to eat and to comfort him.

I felt at that time that this Church has no future and I'm guilty of it just because of I'm a pastor...

But there was someone, who did pray for me at that time and did it the way exactly as it shown in the movie. She has began to pray for me since 1994 and she is still fighting not only for me, but for many others around the world. Now she is, if I'm not mistaken, 98 years old, if not more. She is still driving a car, buying food for herself, plays piano in orphanage home. And, yes, she is a kind of prayer warrior the movie tells us about. I call her "my mom in Christ". I don't say there was no any others to pray for me. But this amazing prayer warrior went much further, than others, so far as I can see it.

To make a long story short, the Lord has began reformation of the Church I served at that time. We've lost 60% of the crowd on the way. And the Lord has added new people. We were about 120 at the beginning of this turn and now we're about 50. But this Church is self-governing, self-financing (no money from abroad), sefl-sustaining, pays for 2 full-time ministers, very much involved in Russian Evangelical Alliance (around 8500 Churches all over Russia) and, what's important for what we're talking about, it has 11 people (20%) praying every early morning on the street no matter what, no matter where, no matter what season is on the street for at least 8 years. And, what will be a special blessing for you, we have Moms in prayer group of three sisters, who gather every Wednesday to interceede for the Church, for families, children, parents, authorities of this and of your country. This Moms in prayer group is 15 years old. It did grow up to 7 people, but later on some of them went to our daughter Churches. My wife and me we have had a privilege at the beginning of this century to meet with Fern Nicols and I have her book that she at that time has given to me.

The secret of this turn is in only one person, who has decided to go on to the end and dedicated everything to the prayer.

In thanksgiving prayer for you and for all brothers and sisters on the front line of God's Kingdom,

Sergey Vdovin

secretary general

Russian Evangelical Alliance

Yes, the Lord using one person works wonders! Thank you for sharing this with me. It stirs my heart to read about those faithful moms. The Lord bless. As we praised Him in our group this morning, He is our unresting God who never grows weary or faints and is always working.

Inline image 1



Assist News

War Room movie: got prayer?

By Rusty Wright, Special to ASSIST News Service (ANS Movie Review)

MOUNT HERMON, CA(ANS – August 20, 2015) – Got marital problems?  Job-related stress?  Ethical conundrums?  Try prayer.

That's the theme of War Room, a Kendrick Brothers / Sony TriStar release opening August 28.  This film, clearly aimed at a Christian audience, is not your typical Hollywood fare.  Rather it weaves prayer insights into a lively drama about a troubled middle-class family.

Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) and Tony (T.C. Stallings) are busy professionals with little time for each other or their daughter, Danielle (Alena Pitts).  Elizabeth's real estate work and Tony's traveling sales job keep them headed in different directions.  At home they bicker.  Away, they lament to friends.  Tony's wandering eye doesn't help.

Spunk and attitude

Enter Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie), a spunky elderly widow who's selling her house.  She asks prying questions of realtor Elizabeth – about her home, marriage, and spiritual life.  Think matriarchal Sunday School teacher with attitude.  Also think refreshing, funny, appealing.  Elizabeth's guard is up at first, but her deteriorating home life eventually prompts her to seek this woman's counsel.

Miss Clara's solution?  Instead of fighting with Tony, Elizabeth should pray for him.  She shows Elizabeth her own "war room," a closet where she shuts out the world and focuses on God and prayer.  Seeking to balance sensitivity with aplomb, Miss Clara invigorates the younger woman to intercede for her meandering spouse.  We see humor and agony, pathos and surprise, despair and encouragement.  Two strong women model how to pray and how to mentor others.

White brothers' production; African American cast

Brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick (CourageousFireproof) co-wroteWar Room.  Alex directed, Stephen produced, and both act in it.  They first caught Hollywood's eye when their Georgia-church-producedFacing the Giants garnered $10 million at the box office. 

War Room features a largely African American cast.  Were the Kendricks channeling their inner Tyler Perry?  Alex told me that, as two white guys, they had already produced several films that mostly focused on Caucasians and wanted to broaden their emphasis.  One War Roomactor, comedian Michael Junior, especially enlivened the process.

Alex reflects for the press:  "Michael Junior…comes on my set, rewrites my jokes, thinks he's funnier than I am…has the crew cracking up…..  He's hilarious and brings funnier stuff to my script than I originally had in there."

Stephen mulls the film's desired impact: "Any time a person's in a crisis and feeling discouraged, to know someone is praying for you is just wind in your sails.  This movie brings that home."

Unanswered prayer?

Of course, not all prayers bring the outcomes we desire.  The late Jim Morrison, 1960's rock icon with the Doors, famously and loudlyproclaimed, "You cannot petition the Lord with prayer."  "Unanswered" prayer leaves many disillusioned and bitter.

Perhaps like me, you've prayed earnestly for things that never happened, and were deeply disappointed.  In 1996, I asked God to save my failing marriage and call off HR reps pursuing my termination.  My hopes were not fulfilled.  During a two-week period, my wife of twenty years divorced me, my employer of twenty-five years showed me the door, and I had a cancer scare.  Life seemed swirling out of control.

During those dark days, my mentor reminded me that "Romans 8:28 hasn't been repealed yet."  That biblical statement asserts, "God causes all things to work together for good to those who love [him]." 

Now, nineteen-plus years later, I'm happily married to a wonderful woman, have thriving work and good health.  My mentor was right.  My thoughts and ways are not always the same as God's.  He sees the whole picture.  Though it may not seem that way at the moment, trusting him to guide you through your problems can bring an outcome better than you imagined, as War Room illustrates.  Lots of good lessons in this film.

Rated PG (USA) "for thematic elements throughout"   Opens August 28   Theaters

Copyright © 2015 Rusty Wright

Photo captions: 1) Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie, L) and Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) share a happy moment. 2) Tony (T.C. Stallings) Photo: Kevin Peeples, courtesy AFFIRM Films/Provident Films. 3) Comedian Michael Junior. 4) Filmmakers Stephen (L) and Alex Kendrick. Photo: Kevin Peeples, courtesy AFFIRM Films/Provident Films. 5) Rusty Wright. 

Rusty Wright is an author and lecturer who has spoken on six continents.  He holds Bachelor of Science (psychology) and Master of Theology degrees from Duke and Oxford universities, respectively.

#     #     #

Editors: More images – and higher resolution versions of these images – are hereherehere and here.  

Read more

My church Crossroads community church did a buy out for 29th August 4:40 at parkway pointe in Marietta
I am so looking forward to it. Come join us! Please
! Especially if you don't have a tkt yet.

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