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Get Your WAR ROOM Opening Weekend Tickets … While You Can!

With theaters around the country already reporting sold-out showtimes for WAR ROOM when it opens on the weekend of August 28-30, now is the time to get your tickets to see the new movie from the Kendrick Brothers. In addition to regular weekend showings, you also have the opportunity to see it in most theaters on Thursday night.

And if you have a group of 250 or more, you can work with Sony Group Sales to have a special showing on Wednesday evening, August 26. Imagine going to the movies and having a prayer meeting break loose!

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Thank you for the further insights.  Makes me want to see the entire film even more than watching the trailer.

Wow- this looks incredible!!  Can NOT wait to see it all!!  Thank you for the preview!!

Looks like a great movie and a great reminder of all the things that we let go by without praying about them.

No apology necessary - your comment is right on.
And thanks for a substantive post.

Here is another opportunity to learn more about War Room. Please consider watching. Here is a tweet that could go out if any of you are on twitter tonight. The Chat is an online program with Priscilla Shirer. Thanking you in advance. 

The Chat is LIVE tomorrow with @warroommovie creator Stephen Kendrick and stars Karen Abercrombie & @PriscillaShirer

Here is a tweet for Friday. 

Stephen Kendrick, Karen Abercrombie, and @PriscillaShirer talking about @WarRoomMovie today on The Chat 6:30pm CST

This sneak preview is certainly worth watching. I enjoyed the humor. I was very impressed by the acting and the natural complexity of what I saw of the plot. However, especially for prayer warriors I think the shorter trailer was better. It was almost entirely prayer. And the prayer blew me away.

Loved it! It shows the importance of prayer. I cannot wait for it to hit the theatres. Will definately go see it.

As the Washington State Coordinator for Moms in Prayer International, a partner with War Room, it was so exciting to see this preview. I was unable to attend a prescreening in our state due to the distance of the theaters from my home (our Gig Harbor area coordinator went to the view in Silverdale, WA). How true it is--if we want victory, we have to surrender. That is what prayer is all about, surrender. We have to surrender our time and own desires (and those of others) to spend time with our Lord in prayer. We also have to surrender to Him and His will as we pray so we are in agreement with Him. That is so difficult. But it is one thing that is made easier by how the Spirit leads us in Moms in Prayer to come before the Throne. Praise is always first so that we remember just who He is and confession reminds us who we are. Thanksgiving reminds us of His wondrous power and mercy AND then we can ask in surrender to His will and look forward to VICTORY! I can't wait until August to go see this movie.

This movie preview was excellent! I'm excited and am anticipating seeing the whole movie in August. Thank you for making the missing ingredient in our lives the subject of this movie: Prayer.

Thank you for replying Dave,

And, I agree - I was surprised at how little praying or prayer-talk was in the expanded version. I am very grateful to the production/promotion company for our sneak-peek but had assumed they'd load it with prayer snippets. 

May God use this film to draw multitudes into the Holy Spirit's prayer movement,


I think the message of prayer as first and foremost is desperately needed across the church today.  I am excited about what God will do with this film as a catalyst. 

I wonder sometimes, as I watch such films, can we keep pushing forward with more excellence in both the writing and the acting?  Naturally, fans of Priscilla Shirer's writing and ministry, for instance, will come to see this, but there are so many great actresses that could have played this role. Those who are not insiders in the church culture will be less distracted when Christian films are of the highest caliber artistically.  I encourage all who are connected with this industry to push for the best artistically as well as in the message.  God can accomplish both at the same time.

I didn't find the preview (trailer?) very interesting, not being one to watch movies anyways. If there's a book, I would read it though. 

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