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Get Your WAR ROOM Opening Weekend Tickets … While You Can!

With theaters around the country already reporting sold-out showtimes for WAR ROOM when it opens on the weekend of August 28-30, now is the time to get your tickets to see the new movie from the Kendrick Brothers. In addition to regular weekend showings, you also have the opportunity to see it in most theaters on Thursday night.

And if you have a group of 250 or more, you can work with Sony Group Sales to have a special showing on Wednesday evening, August 26. Imagine going to the movies and having a prayer meeting break loose!

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Love it!  I cannot wait to see the entire movie. I hope that many people will be touched and begin to realize that there is power in prayer.

I loved it too!  Excited about that the world will see that there truly is power in prayer!  Thank you for sharing this with us. 

Looks great!!  Good acting, a powerful message, and fun as well.  Can't wait to see the rest!

Looks like a great movie - definitely promote it in my congregation - very appropriate title!
This movie is life changing . It brings new meaning to the prayer closet.
Thanks sooo much for sharing
This movie is going to bring a revival in churches I believe and I m so fortunate my pastor is a man of prayer and is already promoting this and prayer.

Reminder that is definitely needed today - If we want to grow closer to God and spread His Kingdom we need to go back to the basics and fight the battles on our knees.

I think this movie will be an incredible tool for revival in the Church and reminding us who are believers (especially we American believers)that God moves in power when we pray - I am praying for this in my own small congregation and am going to suggest we go together to see it.  

I was privileged to see the entire film at a screening in Birmingham, AL last week. It is a powerful message on prayer. The acting is very good. I was emotionally connected - cried a few times, laughed out loud a few times and was motivated to pray more effectively. It is a great sermon on prayer!

A few other random thoughts:

- The message is just as strong for marriage/family as it is prayer.

- There is a significant (and in my view, Biblically accurate) perspective on spiritual warfare in the film.

- The main characters are African-American, which was delightful - portraying successful business people in upperwardly mobile contexts. I found that refreshing and an honest view point. (I hope those comments are not offensive or misconstrued. Forgive me ahead of time, if so...)

We will definitely be seeing this movie and talking about it to all our friends. This is the church being the church! Need more of this kind of presentation of the gospel. I appreciated the emphasis on marriage and family and seeing the effectiveness of prayer. It presents spiritual warfare as it really is--liked that. Very well done and excellent story line!

I was invited to see the premiere on the 21st, and everyone in the theater including myself was excited about this film! It has clear instruction about how to pray and mentoring others in prayer. A great mix of tears and laughter. I thought the actors and story line, were right on. There is also a  excellent explanation of grace. I can see God's wisdom in the timing of the release...August.

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