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Some thoughts about getting prayer into the VBS curriculum--


When my wife and I worked to get prayer taught in VBS at my church, at first—they leaders did not want to take the time for training.  Then when we got our foot in the door—we were given 5+ minutes with each group. 

We are hoping to be involved in the next years VBS planning from the start.  This time with a new pastor, it was amazing that we had a VBS.


We learned from observing a days activities in VBS, that VBS curriculums apparently are not written with teaching of prayer as part of the VBS. 


What do we do?  Those of you who are in the planning of VBS can speak up.  The
“prayer wheel” is squeaky and needs greasing.  They say the wheel that squeaks will get greased.  Perhaps that is one way—speaking up in your church about the need to teach prayer in VBS.


We also need to find a way to influence Christian VBS publishers to make changes to allow for prayer to be taught in VBS.

There may be other ways of bringing teaching of prayer in to VBS.


I would appreciate additional comments and thoughts.

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Every VBS kid should be prayed for before, as they register, during VBS, and after (say, the next 4 Sunday's)

I will add that my church has a prayer team, and their prayers are definitely making a difference this year.  Still much needs to be done to realign our VBS Teaching priorities to incorporate basing training in Prayer. 

I would like to hear how others have worked with their church VBS to incorporate prayer training.

My own experience in VBS for two years was as a non-Christian.  I actually became a Christian at a VBS when I was 8 years old.  I'm not sure if there's a "norm" for what percentage of kids in VBS are Christians and what percentage may not be - but I think that whatever training would be provided should take into account the potential for non-believers as part of the group.  Or maybe my experience was relatively unique.

I certainly agree with Phil's comment and believe that the prayer ministry of any church should be deeply involved in praying for the kids in VBS. 

Perhaps an avenue to pursue would be training the church kids in prayer BEFORE VBS so that they could also be praying for their friends whom they might invite?

I appreciate what Andrew shared.  It is heart warming to hear of someone who came to know the Lord through VBS, and that person now is serving the Lord.  Andrew has share some important and good thoughts in encouraging praying before and after VBS for the children.

It might be good to review VBS packages that churches use.  Some of these may not even emphasize a scripture verse.  -- That is worth checking--just because we have a VBS--it is possible that the Bible is not really being taught--the teaching may be just about the Bible--not the Bible.--I wonder if any have observed this????

I would like to add an explanation about my notes above--that with a new pastor, it was amazing to have a VBS--Our pastor is one who challenges us, especially to areas of discipleship.  Many have responded--and in that response--we have been extremely busy.  Now coupling that with the additional  responsibility of having a VBS, many have been tasked to the point of what may seem overtasking.  Yes, many may have felt they were overtasked, but they responded to reaching out to the children.  God honored the efforts of all involved.  It is indeed a testimony of how God helps us when we focus on teaching our children about Christ. 

Jesus said, 'suffer the little come unto me'. Matthew 19:14.

I know having a VBS is a very intensive task--but it is an important opportunity to bring our children to Christ.

I am thankful our people pulled together to reach out to our children.

Good topic - we have a prayer room and pray for kids. This reminds me that we need to not only pray for kids but TEACH THEM TO PRAY! God willing we will!

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