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March 2013   

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Sweet Communion
One of my favorite times in corporate prayer is when we share in Communion.  I love the depth to which the Lord takes us as we sing, read, and pray around the love of God expressed at the cross of Jesus.  And I love the creativity the Lord gives in determining how we should receive the cup and the bread.
Recently, during a three-day Prayer Summit for pastors, I was not sure just how we should receive the com-munion elements when we began our time of reflecting on the cross.  As the men read, prayed and sang, I sensed I should serve each pastor there around the circle.  I had never served communion in this manner before.  
Without announcement, I picked up the two trays, approached one brother, spoke to him about the broken body and shed blood of Jesus, and invited him to receive them. After he did, I invited him to pray a simple prayer of appreciation to the Lord.   Each brother was served in a similar, but not the same, manner.  And each of them prayed a prayer of appreciation.  There were some songs and Scriptures stirred in as well.  It took about an hour to serve each person.  And what a wonderful hour it was! The many personal, heart-felt expressions of thanks to the Lord for His love to them filled the room and our hearts with great gratitude for what He did at the cross.
As you facilitate a time of corporate prayer, ask the Lord how He may want the cup and the bread to be served.  It may not be the way you have done it before. 

Upcoming Prayer Summits/Events

Shikoku Mini Summit  

March 18-19, 2013

Shikoku, Japan


Portland Metro Pastor Prayer Summit

April 29 - May 1, 2013

Cannon Beach, OR



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The 6:4 Fellowship
The 6:4 Fellowship is a pastor-to-pastor community that exists to encourage, equip and connect pastors toward the priorities of prayer and the ministry of the Word.  Every pastor could benefit by being a member of this ministry.  Great encouragement in a great direction.

Abide Ministries

Together in Prayer

Does it make a difference?


Does a person need to be engaged in dynamic corporate prayer?  What is the value of dynamic corporate prayer? What difference does it make?


People will not engage in corporate prayer if they see no value in it.  Here is an abbreviation of what I wrote on the value of corporate prayer in question 1.7 of United and Ignited: Encountering God through Dynamic Corporate Prayer.


There are several things that happen in a time of corporate prayer that can’t or don’t happen in a personal time of prayer. 

     I can get to know God more as I hear people pray who have a different personality, background, or theological perspective.  In Ephesians 1, Paul says that a reason why he is praying for the Ephesian saints is, “so that they would know Him better.”  This is a key reason to pray.  

     I can hear the heart of another believer better when I hear them speaking to their Father rather than when they are just speaking to me.  In a safe environment, people speak more openly and deeply when they pray than when they speak to another.  

     It allows a group to worship together, listen together, make common requests, and rejoice together in His answers.  I am not simply speaking of singing together.  I am speaking about the sense of awe that a group can experience when they are together considering some aspect of God’s great and wonderful nature. 

     It gives people an opportunity to ask and hear together.

     It enhances my own individual prayers because I can pray off of the prayers of others and they can do the same with mine.  As we listen to the prayers of others, there are many times when one person’s prayers spark a thought in another person.  

     It allows me to agree with another prayer.  Another important truth from Matthew 18:19 is the power of agreement.  Saying “Amen” should be much more than the signal that my prayer is over or that what has just been prayed is one of my favorite topics.  The word “Amen” is a means of communicating my receptivity to what I have just heard.

     It makes good use of spiritual gifts.  It is clear that whatever one’s view of spiritual gifts may be, they seem to function best in a group setting.  They are designed to build one another up.  As we are praying with others in a group setting, we have opportunity to receive from the use of other people’s gifts as well as express ours.  

     The transparency of one person in prayer can affect many others.  In extended times of prayer, it is very common for one person to share a deep need or conviction over sin and others respond.  When one person leads out it gives not only permission but also encouragement for others to respond to the Lord.


So, does a person need to be involved in corporate prayer?  No, but if they don’t, there are many benefits they will miss out on which can cause them to grow more in their relationship with God as well as with others.

Intercessor's Note

Please pray for the ongoing impact of the Summits that have recently completed.  Grays Harbor County, WA, Treasure Valley, ID, Branson, MO.
Here are some ministry opportunities I have before me. Please pray for each one!
March 15 - Four hours of sharing on Corporate Prayer at Western Seminary, Portland, OR.
March 16th - A morning of prayer for men at Grace Community Church in Gresham, OR.
March 19 & 26 - Teaching a class on the Scriptural and individual significance of Jesus’ Resurrection and the Gift of the Holy Spirit at Calvary Community Church, Camas, WA.
March 20-22 - Meetings with MAC leadership re: Loving Our Communities to Christ.
April 7 - Preaching at Fellowship Bible Church, Tucson, AZ.
April 8-10 - Pastors’ Prayer Summit - Tucson, AZ.
April 11-14 - Various ministry in Cottonwood, AZ. including a pastor’s lunch and Sunday morning preaching.
Also, please do pray for…
April 11-13 - Abide School of Prayer, Portland, OR 

Thanks again to each of you who prays for me and for IRM.  See the calendar for other events to pray for.  

We truly appreciate knowing that you are praying. If you have time,  click here when you have taken these requests before the throne. This will take you to a page where you can let us know you are partnering with us so we can thank you personally. 

Thanks again for your heart for Jesus and us!


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May 2013   

 IRM on the

Developing a Culture of Prayer

Prayer Connect Magazine is a great resource for those interested in “Connecting to the Heart of Christ through Prayer.”  The theme of the current issue is “Living in the Upper Room: Permeating Your Church with A Culture of Prayer.”  They included some of my thoughts in an article.  You may also want to read more from this issue.

Upcoming Prayer Summits/Events

Western Japan Summit

June 3-6, 2013 

Shikoku Prayer Summit

Jul 1-4, 2013

Shikoku, Japan


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The 6:4 Fellowship
The 6:4 Fellowship is a pastor-to-pastor community that exists to encourage, equip and connect pastors toward the priorities of prayer and the ministry of the Word.  Every pastor could benefit by being a member of this ministry.  Great encouragement in a great direction.

Abide Ministries

Hungry Hearts Together

Components of Prayer


We have all experienced times of group prayer that were - well, less than stellar. And we have also probably experienced times of group prayer that were wonderful!  What made the difference?  I suggest there are seven components that make up what could be called, “dynamic corporate prayer.”


The first three deal with our preparation or understanding, while the second four deal with our practice or activity.  Below are some brief comments about the first three.  Next time we will look at the second four.  They each deserve much more space than what’s available here.  And, in fact, they get much more space in United and Ignited.  


1) The role of the facilitator - There is more to facilitating a time of quality corporate prayer than saying “What are your prayer requests” and later saying, “let’s pray.”   I am convinced that the role of the facilitator is the most important human component to a time of dynamic corporate prayer.  The most important factor rests with God’s Spirit.  What the facilitator does or does not do to help people catch the wonder and privilege of prayer, and enter into His presence will greatly determine what happens during the time of prayer.  Those of us who have the privilege of facilitating prayer should never take it for granted and we should always pray for His direction in the process.


2) The role of the pray-ers - I am convinced this is the second most important human factor.  When  people (pray-ers) come with a hungry heart; when they come wanting to encounter God and see His purposes accomplished, you are a long way down the path of those things happening.  On the other hand, facilitating a time of prayer for those who don’t have a heart for God or are not wanting to be there can be nearly as successful as pushing a string.  Therefore, the launching point for a meaningful time of group prayer is to help everyone (as much as humanly possible) be hungry for what God wants to do in and through them.


3) The role of our theology of prayer - Having a common understanding of what prayer is about as well as why and how God wants us to pray,  will allow us to move farther and better in prayer.  If a group of people have very different, or even conflicting, ideas of prayer, they will not be able to experience the unity that is so vital to effective group prayer.  A common understanding of the value and place of things like worship, requests, music, scripture, silence, responses, honor, love, etc. as they relate to payer will allow a group to both enter and leave a time of prayer feeling like the met with God.

Intercessor's Note

The primary “Prayer Summit Season” in North America reflects the school year from mid-September to mid-May (with some exceptions).  So, here is my request related to the summits that have taken place over the past several months.  
~ Please pray that those who have attended a Prayer Summit this past year would not only keep walking in a fresh relationship with Jesus, but would also be intentional about leading others into a similar prayer experience.  
~ Pray that pastors would encourage groups within their congregation, such as the leadership or other ministry teams, or an age group, such as young adults or seniors, to get away for a period of time to engage in meaningful ministry, worship and prayer with no other agenda but to seek His face, His ways, and His vision.
Would you also pray for a good start to some Summer projects I have before me?
~ Please also pray for two Prayer Summits that will take place in Japan in June - Western Japan and Shikoku - both those who attend and those who facilitate.
~ Finally, I always appreciate prayer for Marilyn, my kids and grandkids.  Please ask God for His safety as well as their ongoing spiritual growth.

Thanks again to each of you who prays for me and for IRM.  See the calendar for other events to pray for.  

We truly appreciate knowing that you are praying. If you have time,  click here when you have taken these requests before the throne. This will take you to a page where you can let us know you are partnering with us so we can thank you personally. 

Thanks again for your heart for Jesus and us!





February 27, 2014

February 2014
Report from the National Pastor's Prayer Summit" width="564"/>

National Pastor's
Prayer Summit

Thirteen states and three countries were represented.  There were about 80 of us all together.  Daniel Henderson, president of Strategic Renewal International and I had the privilege of facilitating this National Pastors’ Prayer Summit using the facilities of the Calvary Chapel in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Being in Florida in the middle of February wasn’t a bad thing, but these men and women came with a hunger for God and left with more of a hunger for God.  That’s what happens when you spend hours seeking Him.

This is the fourth NPPS we have done together in the last few years.  All the “normal” things of a Prayer Summit were present.  Times to linger in His presence; “seeking His face more than His hand;” sweet, spontaneous, whole-hearted singing; Spirit-led, worship-fed, Scripture-based, corporate prayer; large groups, small groups, and individual times; loud times and silent times.  And most of all, a great sense of His presence.

But a unique feature to these summits is that we build in times of intentional equipping.  One of the hopes is that these pastors and other spiritual leaders will not only enjoy God in a fresh and powerful way, but they will also be motivated and equipped to go back to their setting and facilitate similar prayer times there." width="350"/>
We did two things to help accomplish this.  Near the end of a few of the sessions we “debrief.”  If Daniel was the primary facilitator, I asked a few questions such as, “What did you experience in this last session?  What could you take back home?”  These were not lengthy times but they proved to be very helpful.  The other way we accomplished this was that Daniel and I each did an hour-long workshop.  This gave people time to hear not only our perspectives, but our hearts.
The end result is that there are more people not only motivated to lead people into the presence of God through prayer, but they are also equipped to do so. 

Jody Returns from Nicaragua

Jody Mayhew, one of the Women's reps for IRM, has recently returned from Nicaragua where she facilitated a time of prayer for a mission organization there. The time was spent laying groundwork in the Spirit for deepening relationships among the staff and seeking the Lord for direction in the coming months. Jody says the experience was memorable including an encounter with a new kind of insect: chiggers, which hold the distinction of causing the most intense itching she ever experienced! 


Intercessors Note

Please pray for me “here and there.”
  • Here (in Clark County) – please pray as we finish the editing and layout of a 50 day prayer guide for Clark County called, Praying Like David… for Clark County.  We need to have everything ready for the printer by March 24th.
  • There (in other places) – Please pray as I facilitate the annual Prayer Summit for Treasure Valley (Boise, ID) March 3-5.  On March 13th I will drive to Bellingham WA. to share at the banquet for Light of the World Prayer Center.  This ministry is having a great impact upon Whatcom County WA. and its founder, Jason Hubbard has recently joined the IRM board.   Finally, please pray as I travel to Rhode Island from March 28-April 3.  During this trip, I will preach at Stony Lane Baptist Church, present the Living Prayer 

Click the image to visit Abide

The 6:4 Fellowship is a pastor-to-pastor com- munity that exists to encourage, equip and connect pastors toward the priorities of prayer and the ministry of the Word. Every pastor could benefit by being a part of this ministry.

Great encouragement in a great direction!" width="168"/>

We truly appreciate knowing that you are praying. If you have time,  click here when you have taken these requests before the throne. This will take you to a page where you can let us know you are partnering with us so we can thank you personally. 

Thanks again for your heart for Jesus and us!" width="92"/>

IRM Women's Rep, Daryl Knudeson has just released her first book!  Sacred Story: Finding God in the Ordinary responds with reverence and awe to the daily unfolding of evidence  God is near.

Intentionally written for devotion or small group discussion, Sacred Story lifts stories from Daryl's life and unites them with Scripture to enhance reflection and discus-sion.
Copyright © 2014 International Renewal Ministries (IRM), All rights reserved. 
You are receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in supporting the ministry of IRM in prayer and/or giving. 

Our mailing address is: 
International Renewal Ministries (IRM)
1400 NE 136th Ave Suite #201
Vancouver, WA 98684

Would you pray with me?

There are several ministry opportunities coming up.  I invite you to pray with me about the events listed below.  For each of these opportunities, would you pray for both me and those who attend?  Pray especially for Holy Spirit sensitivity so His work will be fully accomplished.

February 4 - Facilitating a half day of prayer for a denomination in Seattle.  

February 7 - Sharing at a men's retreat for Calvary Community Church, Camas, WA.

February 8 - Sharing with NxtStp - a group from Crossroads Community Church, in Vancouver, WA on the topic of Biblical Meditation.

February 10 - Guest prof at Multnomah Seminary.  Two hours on the Lord's Prayer.

February 20 - Facilitate an evening of prayer related "A Weekend of Reflection and Prayer for Clark County" - an official proclamation by our county leaders.

February 21 - Speaking at a prayer breakfast for MacArthur BLVD Church, in Vancouver, WA.

February 22 - Preaching at Peninsula Christian Fellowship in Gig Harbor, where I pastored for many years.

February 23-25 - Facilitating a Prayer Summit for pastors from Grays Harbor, WA and The Dalles, OR.

February 26 - Guest prof at Western Seminary.  Four hours on the topic of corporate prayer.

March 2-4 - Facilitating a Prayer Summit for pastors from Boise, Treasure Vallley, ID.

Thanks for your prayers.  I need them!                         For Him...Dennis


Phil Miglioratti and Dennis Fuquainterview Kevin Moore and Montie Ralstin about their recent transition into full-time cityreaching in Birmingham and Boise.

• What steps or in what stage enable a citywide movement to bring on a leader
driven with a vision to reach their entire community?
• Is there one best way to organize a cityreaching effort with a leader devoted to community impact?
• What path did these two outstanding servants of God take that led them to this new opportunity?

Your take-away? Insight into how a city movement of any size and style can become strong, more focused, and more effective.

[Loving Our Communities to Christ conference calls are hosted by International Renewal Ministries and Mission America Coalition’ Cities/Communities Ministries the third Thursday of every month.]

To join the call, at 8:00amPacific/11:00am Eastern, dial 712-432-0075 and enter code 4067732#" width="228" class="CToWUd a6T"/>
We are also excited to let you know of a new book by Dennis Fuqua.  After more than 4 decades of Experiencing Life and Power through Biblical Meditation, Dennis has just released this book that will assist others to deepen their times with Jesus through His Word.  Find out more about it at  ..

Our mailing address is:
International Renewal Ministries (IRM)
1400 NE 136th Ave Suite #201
Vancouver, WA 98684


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