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American Standard Version (ASV)
If I take the wings of the morning
And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;
Even there shall thy hand lead me,
And thy right hand shall hold me.

Everybody knows about the uncertain situation of the Submarine Aras San Juan in Argentina, just in case, here is the link (
I was visiting Mar del Plata city, where the submarine was expected to return, and all the Media and in fact, all our country, was focused waiting for the arrival of this crew of 44, sound and safe.
After all these days of silence, I decided to visit the Naval Basis in Mar del Plata Port (full of relatives, neighbors, tourists, visitors, and journalists).

Yesterday I arrived at the harbor on the key day where the news about the sub was delivered. A blast was heard in the sea, near the place where the submarine delivered their last message.

I had no plan only asked the Lord to be useful. I decided to visit the Naval Base. The majority of the people had left the place.

Part of the crew relatives was inside the building but I could not reach the place without a journalist ID.
I was taking pictures to the written prayers on the outside wall of the Army building when I discovered a group of believers praying in the name of Jesus. They left me room to enter in the prayer group. One of them was Stella Maris Allamanda, her husband, from Presence of God Ministries Mar del Plata, and another couple from pastor Ollier Church. Just like me, while in the Media the worst news was heard about the Aras San Juan crew safety, we were all led by the Spirit to come to the Naval Base, "to be used by the Lord just as He wanted to".
Spontaneously, we all gathered to pray for peace, God's presence, and the miracles He wished to perform in such a situation, out of control, in human terms. Just at some meters of distance, a Catholic group was praying to God as well.
Can you imagine, the crew relatives were inside the Base, talking to journalists, and we were outside, praying, at the same time. We had arrived with a sunny heaven and when finished, clouds and a strong wind appeared in this Base, just as we finished praying. We introduced ourselves, greeted each other and left the place, having done our task, and escaping from this strong wind, in the Mar del Plata Port.

The first miracle is that help from nations worldwide, in a brotherly mood, came to help in the search and rescue task.
Russians, Americans, British, from Austria, China, an unbelievable mix of nations, are searching in the bottom of the southern sea in Argentina, in peace, showing love for foreigners no matter religion, race or diplomatic history belonging to their local countries. "A peace corp" is working for the crew survival.

On the other hand, in the Media, all the provided details from this accident, have created a kind of "mist", or fog atmosphere, because everything seems to be uncertain, except the blast recorded in the sea.

But faith at work is like a light in the middle of this mist. "A candle in the dark”. Including this rescue task from other nations is part of this light.

In these pictures attached, you will find badges with written prayers, in favor of the crew, another light in the dark.

Our suffering world (blasts in Middle East, shooting in an American Baptist church, this episode in Argentina), is asking for prayer soldiers asking God’s Kingdom to come.

. Pic.·1 Spontaneous prayer group, Stella Allamanda and her husband and Pastor Ollier’s couple. We had already finished praying. Crew Relatives in the Naval Base., Pic. #2 . Written prayers in badges. Pic # 3.

The crew relatives in the inside of the Base, talking to journalists.

Part of a long wall full of prayers.

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What a sacrifice to capture this story - may many pray because of your work

Very little compared with Lord's deed on the Cross. Yes, this is my hope, that many pray for these 44 men on the bottom of the sea, and their families. Thanks again, Lord!

Pray.Network Coordinator said:

What a sacrifice to capture this story - may many pray because of your work

Praying for all involved regarding the missing submarine. May God be with them and comfort and strengthen them during the awful uncertainty and difficult time. 


Thank you sharing this note.

It is a blessing to see how the Lord is working in many places and to see God's people come together to pray.

Lewis Turner

dear brother LEWIS, 

At the very beginning of the year, these 44 men are still missing in the sea...since 47 days ago...

Thanks for your prayers on behalf of their relatives in the mainland and the ones who are now searching for them in the sea...

Thank you for your concern and empathy!

Lewis Turner said:


Thank you sharing this note.

It is a blessing to see how the Lord is working in many places and to see God's people come together to pray.

Lewis Turner

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