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Post your prayer for a nation or unreached people group.

Pray for:

  • The people: Needs of body, soul, and spirit
  • The places: cities, centers of power-commerce-education
  • The things: issues and institutions that shape their culture

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Praying for Ghana...Father touch their hearts and infused within them via the power of the Holy Spirit to come to know you in an intimate way. Even as they cry out for relief for their children, homes and land meet them at their point of need. Send laborers to come in and rescue them from darkness,old tribal customs that would hindered them from hearing the Gospel (the good news). Manifest your goodness, your love, your joy and your peace. I speak healing, and life over their children in Jesus name.

The darkness is the religion of the Yoruba and all the daughter religions like Vodun, Santeria, Palo, umbanda, quimbanda, etc.  The darkness is bound to the people, their ancestors, their properties, the air, the water, the underground, the charms, the idols and the power centers.  The darkness is perpetuated by the worship, sacrifices, dedications and obedience given to these demons through old tribal customs.  Here's what you are facing:

Here's how to clean yourself up from any influence of this darkness:

The best way to defeat these is deliverance, prayer and blessing for all these things three times a day for months.  I'm afraid I don't have a good Voodoo prayer, but I will make one.  We need to take on Voodoo and all the daughters throughout the world to be effective.  Use this in the meantime:

Now is the time to call upon our Father God in heaven in the Name of Jesus Christ.  His Word says if ye seek Me ye shall find Me and I will answer your cry.    Come unto Me with your trouble and distress and I will do great and marvelous things tor you.  If my  people turn away from Me I will alo turn My face from them.  Pray Men and Women of God Pray like never before.  Repent, purge and wash yourselves.  The Watchman and intercessors have been lulled to sleep with many distractions but our enemies are not asleep.  I plead with you Saints of God, Arise and pray while there is still time.

Pray for North India and the hunderd of millions that live there. The Bhojpuri and Awadhi people have a total of over 140 million people. Pray for a great awaking among believers and for the gospel to be preached in every village resulting in a prayer cell or home group in every village.

Father, I bring Spain before you, Lord and ask that in your mercy you will touch that nation by your wonderful Holy Spirit. Father start to separate out the occult from withing certain church streams, cleanse and purify, Lord. I pray for a specific church near Malaga where there has been upheaval, and the need to search for a new pastor. I pray for that man of God (my husband!) that you will annoint him to take on the task of, with your help, unravelling all the damage done to your flock there. I pray for all the ex-pat congregation that they would choose to learn Spanish that they might be better placed to reach out to the Spaniards, that there would be good interchurch relationships built up and that pastors would want to work together and support each other. Thank you Father for those that have been supportive over the last few months. Father, I pray that this will be the start of an igniting of the nation, and that peace will reign in this financially troubled land. Amen

Father I pray for Ranau people at Sumatra which  one of unreached people group in Indonesia that they will have favour in God eyes that they might see Jesus as their savior and receiving HIM as the only their savior who can lead to the salvation. I pray for field workers that God has sent them to this people so they still serve HIM with joy among this people. Haleluya !

Prayers Requested for Huge Evangelistic Festival in Egyptian Desert

SANTA ANA, Calif., Oct. 25, 2012 

/Christian Newswire/ -- A Christian leader in Egypt is calling for prayers for a huge four-day evangelistic festival starting today in the desert north of Cairo. The unique event is expected to draw 50,000 people from all over Egypt. Hundreds of buses will transport the crowds every day from major cities to the site. 

The event will be televised and covered by several Christian satellite channels. Television coverage is expected to attract 5 to 6 million viewers. 

The main theme behind all the activities is how Jesus can change lives, according to the Christian leader. At the end of each day, there will be a worship service and a direct evangelistic message to call attendees to give their lives to Jesus. 

"There is no doubt that God is moving in Egypt and showing Himself in mighty ways to many of His children, and to many who are seeking to know Him," says the Christian contact. "The hunger to know about Jesus and to get to know more about the Christian faith is phenomenal. 

"These are, indeed, difficult times we live in today. With all the political, social, economic and religious challenges we have faced here in the last few months, all Egyptians are left with many uncertainties and concerns about the present and future. 

"But we Christians of Egypt are realizing more and more every day that God is visiting our country with a powerful divine presence, and that the things He is going to do in our country are beyond imagination. This is what we pray for and this is what we are waiting in faith to see happening." 

The leader is calling for prayers for safety for people traveling to the festival, and for many to come to faith in Jesus Christ. 

"Of course, the evangelistic festival is certainly an event that the enemy doesn't want to see happening. He will try to do whatever it takes to stop it, or at least distort the attention of people away from listening to the Good News. 

"We call on our brothers and sisters worldwide to join us in prayer, and to watch with us as we see thousands, and maybe millions of Egyptians, coming to Jesus." 

Earlier in the month a youth festival in the desert drew 10,000 young people from all over Egypt. 

Egyptians Christians have faced increased persecution since the election of a Muslim Brotherhood president four months ago. Egypt is ranked No. 15 on the Open Doors World Watch List of 50 countries which are the worst persecutors of Christians. 

Jerry Dykstra, Media Relations Director for Open Doors USA, states: "What is happening in Egypt this month is truly awesome. In the midst of increased persecution, turmoil and uncertainty, Christians are reaching out to others and fervently praying 'in such a time as this.' Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ during this weekend event." 

An estimated 100 million Christians worldwide suffer interrogation, arrest and even death for their faith in Christ, with millions more facing discrimination and alienation. Open Doors supports and strengthens believers in the world's most difficult areas through Bible and Christian literature distribution, leadership training and assistance, Christian community development, prayer and presence ministry and advocacy on behalf of suffering believers. To partner with Open Doors USA, call toll free at 888-5-BIBLE-5 (888-524-2535) or go to

(For more information or to set up an interview, contact Jerry Dykstra at 616-915-4117 or email

Christian Newswire

Prayer Requested--

Your urgent prayer is needed. Our e3 Partners Mission Expedition started this morning (Monday, 6/10) at 9.  Already one of the teams has been hit hard--the team working with our Bhutanese friends (more info in previous email copied below).  Steve, the team leader, has been in the hospital and is having surgery today.  A second team member came down with a violent strain of flu last night.  The mother of a third team member broker two teeth last night, and he needs to take her to the dentist today. 

The husband of another team member cut his finger yesterday, and she had to take him to the hospital because it would not stop bleeding.

Please pray that the Commander of the Army of the Lord, the Lord Jesus, would win all the spiritual battles this week that need to be won to accomplish Father's purposes.

Thanks, Team, for standing in the gap for us.

P.S. My wife and another lady just got invited to visit an Iraqi woman in her apartment.  Would love prayer for that, too.

Mike Jorgensen


Pray for Outreach to Bhutanese refugees.

Hanok's family moved from Nepal to Bhutan several generations ago.  But Bhutan eventually kicked them out.  Even though they went back to Nepal, they were put into refugee camps for over a decade. Eventually the US and several other countries opened their doors to give them a way out of the horrendous refugee camps.

Hanok and Tika came to Christ through this journey. They now are leaders with the First Bhutanese Baptist Church here in Dallas.  They will be hosting two of our teams during the e3 Partners DFW Expedition.

Would you pray for the work among this people group? 

1.  First, meet these two leaders by watching Hanok's video and Tika's family video.    

2.  Second, do a virtual prayer walk.  Click on one or more of the following links to Google maps.  "Walk" through the neighborhood and pray for God to open hearts and doors of the people who live there.  Especially those like the woman at the well who God wants to use to reach their family and neighbors.  

• Area around 5861 Pineland Drive in Dallas

• The Quarters apartments on Melody Lane in Dallas

Thanks for praying for the DFW Expedition.


Mike Jorgensen

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God is at work in Dallas!

It's been a wild, wonderful, eclectic first two days of our DFW Expedition!

  • Great equipping from self-proclaimed redneck Jeff Sundell (see pic above) for the 93 people who showed up at the training we do each morning.
  • Saudi woman said yes to Jesus after having dreams about Him for many years, and a dream where she saw the person who shared with her.  In her words, "I feel like I have met you before."
  • One team was prayer walking and talked to a lady . . . who was praying for them!  Although they did not know each other, someone on the team had forwarded her these prayer emails.
  • A 9 year old Hispanic girl first translated for her parents, then prayed to receive Christ.  The team taught her how to share her new faith using the colors on anEvangeBall.  Which she can now do in both English and Spanish.
  • A Middle Eastern man running an ice cream truck received Jesus yesterday.  Today he was baptized in an apartment swimming pool.  Then he went out sharing his new faith with the team this afternoon!
  • One team met an Iranian refugee family, who received Christ in Turkey on way to US.  They have asked team to come back each day.  Hopefully they will be doorway into many similar families. 
  • We met two sisters from Bolivia in the park by our house, which was exciting since our family loves Bolivia from our dozens of trips there.  They asked us to start an I am Second group in their home.  Added bonus--their mom makes saltenas to sell!  Love those things!

Your prayers are needed, for many challenges remain:

  • Several teams still are waiting to find a Person of Peace who allows them to start an I am Second group in their home.
  • One team has been kicked out of two apartment complexes where a lot of Middle Easterners live.
  • One of our local partners is hesitant to take the team to pre-believers, and continues to take them to people who already are Christians.
  • A translator went to play soccer with a friend rather than show up to help the team.
  • Need some translators who speak some Indian dialects.


Mike Jorgensen
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