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I'm curious how others journal their prayers.  I have tried so many different methods:

  1. Keeping a running log of entries; requests, answers, pleas, intercessions
  2. Recipe card file filled with 3x5 cards; request on front, answer on back
  3. Partitioned journal with prayers written in different sections depending on the type of prayer: petitions in one section, thanksgivings in another, confessions in yet another, praises in another - this method is too compartmentalized for me.

Usually I find my prayers filtering into my daily journaling.  I discover prayer entering into my mental meanderings as I process life's trials and victories and as I attempt to mine the treasure trove of Scripture through word study and commentaries.  As I journal my personal journey of transformation I find God slips into my pen and shows Himself on the page, revealing His thoughts of me and His love for me.


How do you journal your prayers?  Do you journal at all?  Do you prefer a paper journal or an electronic one?

~ In Him, kim

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I have kept hand written journals--which in some ways are like diaries--I have used some basic colors to place impressions I sense the Lord has given me, ie nuggets of truth from God's word, or impressions in response to a search for wisdom on an issue,  or impressions that give direction.  They have been helpful.

Most recently, since I have my Blackberry and a word program on it--I use that when I sense the Lord sharing a nugget of truth related to God's Word, or simple thoughts on issues--areas that I have searched out, or that help in direction. I am able to download what I place in a word document on my Blackberry to my computer for further usage.

Sometimes, I am at my computer and I use the ability it has to write down thoughts and I keep most of them in a folder on Prayer.

Most importantly, I have found, that if I do not write these down what the Lord gives to me, I end up forgetting them.

Journaling has been very important to me as I study the Bible and pray.

Hab 2:2 encourages us to write the vision.

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