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I am trying to start prayer teams praying during the sermons.


Any suggestions?


Guides for the groups?


Suggestions for prayer?

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This article deals with this subject - hope it helps a little,

I am not aware of a whole lot of resources on the topic. But one thing available is a guide "Praying through the Worship Service" by Harvest Prayer Ministries. You can purchase it either in a pack of 25, or buy a pdf where you have permission to make as many copies as you want. Click here to see the pack.
My church started this about a year ago. There was a meeting where people were informed what was wanted and needed and they signed up. Pastor's assistant sends out e-mails during the week as a reminder who is to pray during each service the Sunday coming up. We have 3 services and we have who signed up to cover all three services. For example, my time is the 2nd Sunday, first service. Then afterwards I will go to Sunday School and go to the 3rd worship service. Pastor sends out a weekly devotional to let us know what he would like us to pray for along with praying for the services, protection, souls to be saved,etc. We used to meet in a short hallway just outside the sanctuary, but some people got pretty into their prayers and we had complaints from the congregation that they could hear us sometimes, so we were moved to the Senior Pastors' office. He was killed in the pulpit not quite 2 years ago now, and there has not been a replacement hired yet. When there is, I am sure we will be moved again, but that will be ok. There is usually 4-6 people during each service to pray and when we cannot make it (sick, vacation, etc) we are supposed to trade with someone to cover our spot. We have seen a lot of answeres to pray and seen God move mightily through the lives of our congregation, as well as healing of heart, mind and soul since we have started this prayer time. Hope this helps.
Has anyone mentioned to you John Maxwell's book about the prayer partners at his church. I believe the book is called Partners in Prayer. It may be out of print now, but I should still have a couple copies at our worship center. There is also a video that goes along with this book that we have used to recruit folks to join us. We have had prayer teams for about 8 years. Call me if I can be of help. 304.736.2049 - dave.

Also, there are a group of guys at First Bap. of Atlanta where Charles Stanley preaches who are organized to pray during each service. I have talked with them a few times. At our church - River Cities Community Church - we have about 30 people in groups of 3-5 who pray thru each of our services. This allows us to have a different team each week during the month. Though the enemy will fight you heavily - Under God's guidance, God will energize you to defeat his efforts. I will offer a prayer, "Lord, I pray for this initiative. I ask that Ken and the others will find Your plan, favor and direction as they seek to mobilize folks to pray for their pastors and especially during the service times. We pray this in Your Almighty name Jesus and AMEN!!!"
Partners in Prayer is still in print. You can get it through Click here for information.

Good to hear of your teams that pray through your services--that is such a powerful thing to do, but so difficult to get people to committ to and to sustain it for the long haul. Blessings on your efforts!

Suggestions for prayer:

Ask God to prepare hearts to be "good soil" for the Word to fall on and take root, also for God to oppose the enemy from coming and taking the Word away. Also pray for God to open people's minds to understand the scriptures. See Luke 24:45. If Jesus did it then He certainly can, and will do it again. Bill

  Hello - I'm new to this Pray Network site and noticed your quest (of a year ago) regarding starting prayer teams and praying during services or sermons. I trust that by now the Lord has enabled you to accomplish that goal. I do want to add a manual that I found for our team praying during services that has helped us develop a standard of praying God's word during the services - praying for the Pastor(s) and Worship Leader and the congregation as well. You may or may not find it helpful or even desire it for your team - "Ignite the Fire: Praying for Life-Changing Worship and Preaching"  by Dr. Kevin Meador. His site is  He has several prayer helps on the site which we have found to be helpful, especially for those who are beginning or want to begin praying and interceding. He has several great teaching tools for praying the scripture for various prayer arenas.

May the Lord Bless you.

Ann Brock, Prayer Coordinator, Providence Church, Lake Providence, LA

From my experience: I have a separate prayer room. I arrive before worship choirs. I sanctify myself and the room. I enter the God's sanctuary through the blood of Jesus -Hb.4:16


I present names of choirs , pastors and I invite congregations and wash seats and atmosphere with the blood of jesus.

I ask God to anoint every word and action being uttered and done every minute during sermons

I maintain connection with God's throne of grace for the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself

Sometimes I kneel down and I can also walk around in prayer.

N.B. Sometimes people come to me for prayer and they get answer to their requests.

Berete Jerome

In Jesus

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