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Love the concept of a Prayer Meeting church, Prayer Ministry church vs. a Prayer Driven church.  Seems to me that no amount of prayer-related structure or roles will solve the core issue that inhibits prayer - a lack of discipleship and depth in each member's personal walk with Christ.  If we see God relationally as our Father and are fully dependent on Him like a child, then we will pray.  Since churchgoers are the personification and embodiment of church, praying members comprise a praying church. 


I always get something to chew on from your responses.

I hope others will think about the prayer & disciple-making connection.


I think there is  a great opportunity for Christian Church renewal and strengthening the faith of the Body of Christ through the development of an empowered and refueled  “Prayer Driven Church.”  The presentation included a good organized  strategy to build upon. Looking forward to hear how God moves with this...based on the Word of God.  I was blessed to read that prayer ministry is a symphony and not a solo recitals for it truly is. Thanks for sharing.

Heavenly Father we ask thy blessings upon this concept to help us continue to do Thy will as we endeavor to build thy heaven here on earth. We give you glory for the blessings to come forth through prayerful living and ministry in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Lord God, thank You for all who pray. Each one blesses all of us.

I agree with Marian. Please help us to pray and live and work to bring You glory and joy. Without You we can do nothing.

Please bless Marian and all others here on PNW who together are a symphony. We praise You in the Name of Jesus Christ our King, amen.

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