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Gaining Insight into God's Truth and Ways
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Theme Introduction
The Practice of Discernment
7 Discernment Prayers
Hearing God's Voice in a Deceptive World
Discerning the Times
Targeted Prayers for Your Church
Intercession in All Seasons of Life
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Theme Introduction

A generous friend offered her family's condominium for me to stay in while I attended a conference in Arizona. It was a beautiful and comfortable place a few miles out in the desert. I enjoyed the peace and quiet, but something didn't feel right. Some unknown thing was bothering me. I couldn't sleep, and in general I felt uncomfortable. 

I finally asked the Lord to show me what was going on. A few minutes later I walked by the guest bathroom-and a piece of wall art caught my attention. Everything in my spirit seemed to confirm there was something spiritually unholy about the artifact. I prayed a prayer of cleansing-and felt a sense of relief.

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Issue 29 April-May-June 2017
Dear Phil, 

We are pleased to announce that issue 29 of Prayer Connect, themed "Discernment: Gaining Insight into God's Truth and Ways" is now available online and in the mail to you subscribers who receive a printed copy. All of us desire to know God's will on various issues and decisions in our life and the life of our church. But discerning God's will can be tough. This issue provides some insight and practical thoughts on sensing God's voice and will through prayer--both for an individual and as a corporate leadership team. 
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Enjoy the New Issue,
Jon Graf

The Practice of Discernment
Recognizing God's Voice and His Will

By Jamie Overholser

The frustration of trying to discern God's will sometimes feels like the frustration many of us experience when someone sets a timer and places a Rubik's cube in our hands.

But Scripture tells us this: "God does speak-now one way, now another-though no one perceives it" (Job 33:14). There are two underlying truths here:

7 Discernment Prayers for Leadership Decisions
By Kim Butts

Because I was born with the last name Senapatiratne, I get into some interesting conversations. Most of the time people start by laughing at the unusual pronunciation. Then we talk about the origin. After I explain that it is Sri Lankan-and that Sri Lanka is an island country off of India-we sometimes get into discussion about the meaning of my name.

Hearing God's Voice in a Deceptive World
Staying Spiritually Balanced in Truth

By J. Lee Grady
In desperation a friend contacted me one day, worried that his son might be under the influence of a Christian ministry with questionable doctrines. The leader of the ministry preaches that any church that doesn't experience regular healings isn't following the true Jesus. This leader also claims that only his small congregation has an inside track with God. 

We're thankful that my friend's son finally discerned something was off track. Jesus warned that even His followers would be vulnerable to deception. 

Discerning the Times
Learning to Pray from Heaven's Perspective

By Bill Elliff

So there I sat in a small auditorium with 100 people in Dallas, TX, in the early '70s. I was a college student whose heart had been radically affected by Christ during the spiritual intensity of the Jesus Movement. 

We were watching the premiere of a new film series about God and culture. After each segment, a small man with a white beard and knickers would come out on the stage, sit on a stool, and tell us where the world was headed. 
Also . . . Theme Bible Study

Targeted Prayers for Your Church
A Scripture-Based Guide to Release God's Purposes

By Sandra Higley

One of the most profound roles an intercessor can play is to focus prayer on his or her local church. Many churches primarily cover the "fix-it" needs of their congregation (health, personal needs, etc.), but often neglect praying for spiritual fruit and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in their midst. 

Whether you feel called or just nudged to pray for your church, here are some Scripture-based, Kingdom-focused prayers that Can be a starting point for you in this important role: 

Intercession in All Seasons of Life
Raising Up Prayer Warriors in Painful Places
By Rebecca Shirey
The gospel echoes down every hall of the Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethany, OK. The words of Jesus resound: "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" (Matt. 19:14).
Gretchen is one of the children hospitalized at the Children's Center. She once played the violin and ran outside like any active little girl. Now, because of disease, she's trapped inside her body, unable to speak, but she remembers what her life was like before. 


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