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Phil Miglioratti talks with David Ferguson, author of "31 Days of Prayer for My Nation“

Phil Miglioratti talks with David Ferguson, author of "31 Days of Prayer for My Nation"

Phil ~ David, how did the Lord plant a passion for prayer for our nation in your heart and mind?

David ~  two things came together for me years ago ; First was the pain of seeing so many faith leaders not” walking in the light” and darkness overcame them ( John 12:35) ; they must have  believed the right stuff but lacked the Spirit’s power to live it. Second , was study and visiting the Great Awakening sites in the US ( and Europe) noting that each was proceeded by United, Prevailing Prayer. 

Phil ~ Please respond as to how these chapter titles speak to the vision, passion, and mission of the  book?

David ~

*Our nation is broken . . .times are desperate but God’s people are not ; Jesus is praying but too often we are not. 

*Why uinty matters . . .unity is part of a “new apologetic” where unity , compassion and justice open minds and hearts of unbelievers to the gospel. 

*Wake Up! . . .awakening must begin at the House of God , waking up to His “shaking” of irrelevant religion and declaring our total dependency on Him. 

*Prayer for You Pastor . . .only Spiritually Awakened Pastors can lead out in Courageous Preaching into today’s critical issues. 

*Praying for Others to Come to Christ . . God’s ultimate “ upstream “ strategy is spirit-empowered disciples making disciples who make disciples 

Phil ~ How do we keep our prays for our nation free from political bias and cultural blindspots?

David ~  keep the main thing the main thing ; we are called to 5 profound bible verses ; love God , love people and see others do the same. ( Mt. 22:37-40, 28: 19-20). 

Phil ~ Talk about "concentric circles of concern" and how that perspective impacts our praying

David ~  the Great Commandment of Jesus is clear : first love God , then Your near-ones( spouse, children, friends) , then others including those who do not know Him.

Phil ~ "Reflecting on past Great Awakenings, we find hope in four specific initiatives as His Spirit leads." Please talk about each of those Holy Spirit actions: 

David ~  

*United prayer ~  we need a rhythm of prayer throughout the year to pray for our *Nation , Pastors , Marriages , Children/Families , Education, Media , Marketplace , the least of these , etc 

*Pastoral renewal ~ God is “pro-church” and critical are Spiritually Awakened Shepard’s Living and loving like Jesus , vulnerably encouraging their churches to do the same. 

*Courageous preaching ~ only bold , courageous preaching from our pulpits can energize Jesus followers to walk in truth as a witness of Him in a perverse generation. 

*Church revitalization ~ if you don’t like the “ downstream symptoms” of today’s world , then His Church must look “ upstream” for ultimate solutions  of revitalized churches making disciples who make disciples. 

Phil ~ What happens when  the Great Commandment (love neighbors) is partnered with the Great Commission (make disciples)?

Dave ~  We experience Jesus followers living and loving like Jesus as the world “ takes note that we have been with jesus” ! 

Phil ~ Please write a prayer that prompts us to pray for our nation; neighbors and strangers, neighborhood-by-neighborhood...

Dave ~   “ Lord , by your Spirit would you move our gaze from being surrounded by so many enemies at home , in our communities and Nation as we declare “ we know not what to do , but our eyes are upon Thee”.

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