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Article #073     Why We Launched the NPPN in 1996!

Article #072     11 Practices of Praying Churches by Phil Miglioratti

Article #071     Catalyzing a Pastoring of Pastors Movement by David Kornfield
Article #070     Developing A Yearly Rhythm for Church Prayer by Phil Miglioratti  

Article #069     Believing Professionals and Marketplace Ministry by Bill Zipp

Article #068     Body Building Column ~ Appoint A New Prayer Leader by Phil Miglioratti

Article #067     Leading / Facilitating Corporate Prayer by Phil Miglioratti

Article #066     Benefits & Blessings of Pastors Praying Together by Dr. Ray Pritchard

Article #065     Signs of Transformation by Luis Bush    

Article #064     Church Planting: A Prayer Strategy by Phil Miglioratti    

Article #063     Building & Implementing Citywide Prayer by Lynn Heatley
Article #062     Diagnostic Tool To Assess The Prayer Life Of A Congregation by Phil Miglioratti    

Article #061     Pastors’ Prayer Groups: The Rhythm of Seasons & Reasons by Phil Miglioratti     Spanish


Article #059     Strategic Future: God Wants to Do a New Thing!  by Tony Morgan

Article #058     Don't Give Up by Pastor Dee Duke

Article #057     Ten Paradigm Shifts Toward Community Transformation by Eric Swanson

Article #056     Reexamining Our Disunity by Francis Franigipane
Article #055     Challenges To Collaborative Evangelism by Paul Cedar

Article #054     Team Spirit by Pastor Mark Simpson

Article #053     10 Hallmarks of a Servant Leader ~ "What Jesus Taught About Leadership" by Jerry Bower

Article #052     Summit Style Prayer by Phil Miglioratti

Article #051     Uncommon Prayer for Worship Service by Phil Miglioratti

Article #050     Pastors’ Strategies for Mobilizing Men to Pray by Phil Miglioratti

Article #049     To The Whole "City” by Adam Shields
Article #048     Prayer Driven Church Check List.... by Phil Miglioratti

Article #047     City Reaching Initiatives: Sustaining Momentum... by Jack Dennison

Article #046     Why Bother With Unity?  ~  Reasons for Working Toward Unity by Dennis Fuqua

Article #045     City Church: “Is God Introducing a New Chapter Into Church History?" by Wolfgang Simson

Article #044     Kingdom Assets for Our Cities by John Quam  

Article #043     Praying With Paint… by Rosemarie Adcock, Arts for Relief and Missions, Inc

Article #042     Workshop: How to Pray for Others by Lynn Heatley  

Article #041     Prayer, Evangelism, And Human Methodology by Phil Miglioratti  

Article #040     Revival Anticipation Fatigue by  Tony Danhelka   

Article #039     From Playing to Praying....How to involve Children in Church Prayer by Kim Butts

Article #038     The Role of Pastors In Mobilizing Prayer by Phil Miglioratti 

Article #037     Leadership Roundtables: A Means For The Church In A City To Bring Transformation by Glenn Barth  

Article #036     Prayer Driven Churches by Phil Miglioratti

Article #035     Permit the Children to Come.  The Role of Children in the Prayer Movement by Alice Patterson, Pray Texas
Article #034     PPGs: Suggested Guidelines by Jim Herrington, Mission Houston
Article #033     The Pastors' Prayer Movement;  How Praying Pastors Spark Christian Unity by Phil Miglioratti
Article #032
     Pastors Prayer Groups:  Focus and Purpose by Paul Dozeman
Article #031
     The Lighthouse Vision: Hope for the New Millennium  by Paul Dozeman
Article #030     Seven Reasons City-Reaching Makes Sense by Chuck Singletary 
Article #029     The Great Commission: A Completable Task  by Jack Dennison

Article #028     Building The Inner Life by Garvin Williams, Australian Pastors' Prayer Network.
Article #027     Every Church Can Start a Church...Through Prayer by Phil Miglioratti

Article #026     The Secret To Loving Your Neighbors by Jim Glynn
Article #025     Are We Kingdom First Clergy? by Copi Valdivies
Article #024     The Lausanne Covenant

Article #023     Prayer Walking:  Gods Arrival is Our Revival by Rick Carder
Article #022     United Prayer Is Gods Way of Displaying His Glory by Steve Hawthorne

Article #021     Making it Work.  How to Help Your Group Pray in One Accord by Eddie Smith
Article #020     Living in a Prayed for City by Phil Miglioratti

Article #019     Prayer Journeys-Reclaiming the Church as a House of Prayer with a Passion for the Lost by Thomas Wright

Article #018     The State of the Prayer Movement: Once and Future by David Bryant, National Consultation for National Prayer Leaders

Article #017     The Power of United Leadership, a Pastors Pamphlet. (Part 2) by Rich Reid

Article #016     The Power of United Leadership, a Pastors Pamphlet. (Part 1) by Rich Reid
Article #015     A City of Praying Neighbors by Alvin Vander Griend

Article #014     How to Recognize a City Reaching Pastor by Norm ********   

Article #013     A Prayer Covenant: [This began a year of 52 Sunday sermons on prayer] 

Article #012     Leverage: Foundation for a Successful Strategy by Jack Dennison, Dawn Ministries
Article #011     Developing Prayer Support systems in Partnership Churches by Keith Draper

Article #010     Helping Pastors Get a Heart for Their City by Dave Thompson, Harvest Evangelism

Article #009     Evaluating Progress in CityReaching Movements by Glenn A. Barth, National Facilitator for City/Community Ministries
Article #008
     Mega-Shifting to a Team Ministry Approach by R. Daniel Reeves
Article #007     Strategy Must Precede Tactics by Jim Montgomery
Article #006     Starting a Pastors' Prayer Group by Phil Miglioratti

Article #005     When "Nothing" is Happening  by Jean-Claude Chevalme
Article #004
     The Power of Prayer Partnerships.   by:  John Maxwell. 
Article #003     How Pastors and Intercessors Work As a Team by Lynn Heatley
Article #002     The Power of CITY-WIDE Pastor Prayer Groups by Francis Frangipane

Article #001     FACILITATOR: A New Role for Church Leaders by Corkie Haan, Mission America Coalition, National Facilitator for National Networks

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National Pastors' Prayer Network ~ Our Newest Article on

Pastoring Through the Pandemic #074

A Pastor’s Testimony of Renewed Joy and Power

“When You’re Burned Out, Wounded and Overwhelmed”

By Dr. Gregory R. Frizzell ©


In nearly forty years of ministry, the Lord has graciously allowed me to serve in many places and groups. Yet of all the experiences, nothing gives me more joy than seeing God bring encouragement and help to pastors. Having just written a research book on pastor’s prayer meetings, I have thoroughly studied today’s global ministries to pastors. One of the very best is the National Pastors Prayer Network and the #ReimagineFORUM which were both founded by Phil Miglioratti. He is a long-time friend and fellow laborer for whom I have deepest respect. I am humbled and honored that Phil wanted to use this article in his powerful network of pastors and leaders. I earnestly pray it will bring encouragement and help to God’s leaders.

      Because pastors are facing unprecedented pressures, I sense this introductory article should be a testimony of encouragement and practical help. It is the story of how God’s grace transformed my life and ministry at a time of devastating difficulty and impossibility. My deepest hope is that our experience of God’s grace and deliverance will be an encouragement to pastors today. Absolutely nothing is more important than encouraging and strengthening the Lord’s shepherds. Pastors are the enemy’s primary target and God’s primary means for spreading Christ’s kingdom. They and their churches are the spiritual soul and fate of our nation and world. Loving and uplifting pastors is the burning passion of my heart.

Complete your reading here>>>

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