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I have a group of prayer leaders who meet monthly with me.

They have asked that we study a book on prayer this year as part of our monthly meeting.

What is a modern "classic"? I'm especially looking for missionary illustrations if possible.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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Chuck, please clarify ...

Are you looking for stories of missionaries and their answered prayers?

You can search this site - hundreds of prayer-related books:

Yes, I've been there.  

I guess as far as the illustrations, I'm looking for a book with illustrations of answered pray regarding community transformation, missions advance, etc. mostly ... as a vehicle for motivating prayer and instructing in prayer.


Try a few searches on this site ... just might find something ...

I have a well read colleague who may have an idea - back to you if he comes up with something,


Thanks Phil. I appreciate it. 

Here is some suggestions.  (linking to amazon, just for clarity)

George Muller is one of the classic ones, but might be too old

Paul Miller's A Praying Life is not directly on this.  But instead is a guide to prayer.  But he spend a lot of time talking about how he prays and how he has seen prayer answered through those prayers.  Here is a review that I wrote on it a few years ago.

Reese Howell Intercessor by Grubb is what I would consider a modern classic. I read it 20 or so years ago and still think of it frequently.  It was out of print for a while and I couldn't find a copy, but it came back in print and has ebook versions.  

One of the problems with this type of book is independent verification.  I am somewhat hesitant to recommend (and just haven't read a number) because like miracle stories, they often fall apart once investigated.  The other problem is that some of these types of books become 'prayer as magic' books, which clearly is a problem.

But the three I recommended I think are all worth reading and looking at.

Thanks Adam, I know Paul Miller... I'd say it's a modern classic in many ways but not quite what this group needs.  I appreciate your help and will certainly add them to my list!

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