A Community of Prayer Champions, Praying Churches, Prayed-for Communities

Inner~View #77

Your Journey to a Prayerful Life

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Barb Schutt, author of Your Journey to a Prayer Life

Inner~View #76

A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Jim Belcher, author of Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional

Inner~View #75      Compelled by Love to Pray, Care & Share

Phil Miglioratti, IBSA Prayer Consultant, interviewed Philip Nation, co-author of Compelled By Love

Inner~View #74

Reaching Your City, Part Two  

Phil Miglioratti of the National Pastors' Prayer Network interviewed Francis Frangipane, a pioneering pastor in citywide unity.

Inner~View #73

Pastors Reaching Their City   Francis Frangipane interviewed Phil Miglioratti   (En Español)

Inner~View #72  

Phil Interviews Warren Duffy: Rock & Roll Radio Pioneer, Beach Boys PR Director, Christian Talk Show Host

Inner~View #71 

Practical Insights on Changing Corporate Prayer (for the better!)

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Andrew Wheeler Co-Director of the prayer ministry at Willow Creek's  regional campus in McHenry County, Illinois 

Inner~View #70  

National Prayer Leader Discusses the Sad State of Prayer in the Church (Phone Inner~View  WAV File)

Inner~View #69 

Mittelberg on the Prayer-Care-Share Adventure

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Mark Mittelberg, co-author (with Lee Strobel) of The Unexpected Adventure

Inner~View #68 

Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor

Phil Miglioratti of Praying Pastor interviewed Mark Elliott, author of “Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor: What Pastors Wish They Could Tell You.” 

Inner~View #67      Connecting People & Community

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Stan Dobbs of Apartment Life

Inner~View #66 

Transforming Power of a Personal Prayer Retreat Come Away with Me.   Pray! Magazine's Guide to Prayer Retreats by Cynthia Hyle Bezek

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Cynthia Hyle Bezek editor of Pray! Online ...

Inner~View #65 

Seasoned Leader on How to Make Prayer the Heartbeat of Your Church

Prayer Leader's Phil Miglioratti interviewed Doug Small on the release of Prayer: The Heartbeat of the Church.

Inner~View #64 

Teaching People to Pray As They Pray

Interview with John Franklin, national prayer leader and author

Inner~View #63  

Children X Prayer = Discipleship

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Debbie Salter Goodwin, author of The Praying Parent and Raising Kids To Extraordinary Faith.

Inner~View #62 

Training Nationals to Reach Their World

Recent interview with Jorge Romero of Titus International: Training Nationals to Reach Their World.  Interview by Phil Miglioratti

Inner~View #61        Strategic Approaches on National Day of Prayer

Phil Miglioratti interviewed John Bornschein, Senior Director for the National Day of Prayer Task Force 

Inner~View #60      

1,000,000 Praying Pastors?

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Dean Gambill, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Praying Pastors Project 

Inner~View #59

Practical & Personal Insights on Solemn Assemblies

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Pastor Keeney Dickenson

Inner~View #58       

Rethink the Gospel 
Phil Miglioratti interviewed Todd Hunter, author of Christianity Beyond Belief

Inner~View #57  

Urban-Suburban Partnerships                         

Phil Miglioratti interviewed two of the authors of Linking Arms, Linking Lives:
How Urban-Suburban Partnerships Can Transform Communities

Inner~View #56  

The Impact of Influence on Transformation

 Phil Miglioratti interviewed MaryKate Morse, author of Making Room for Leadership: Power, Space and Influence


Inner~View #55      

Honest Talk About Honest Prayer

Pastor interviewed Peter Lundell, author of Prayer Power: 30 Days to a Stronger Connection with God (Revell, January 2009)

Inner~View #54 

Kids … Untapped Prayer Power

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Kathleen Trock of Pebbles and Stones --

Inner~View #53  

Wisdom for Spiritual Warfare from a Spiritual Warrior

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Eddie Smith, author of Making Sense of Spiritual Warfare.

Inner~View #52       

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Kent Humphreys, author of Shepherding Horses: Understanding God's Pan for Transforming Leaders

Inner~View #51      

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Zach Eswine for Praying Pastor, author of Prayer. The Antidote to "Unmeditated" Sermons

Inner~View #50      

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Debbie Przybylski, author of Intercessor Arise: Personal Prayer that Changes the World


Inner~View #49  

Praying Pastor ~ interviewed Daniel Henderson ... “Daniel how did you become involved with Peter Lord, the original designer of this resource?”

Inner~View #48      

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Mary Ann Bridgwater, author of Prayers for the Faithful:cFervent Daily Prayer & Meditations for Christians Serving Around the World

Inner~View #47     

A Praying Pastor Leads His Church Deep Into Prayer 

Inner~View #46  

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Liberty Professor, Dr. David Earley, author of a new book on prayer 

Inner~View #45  

Sharing the Gospel; from Four Laws to Five Thresholds –  “I Once Was Lost: What Postmodern Skeptics Taught Us About Their Path to Jesus” by Don Everts and Doug Schaupp 

Inner~View #044    

A national perspective from a national prayer coordinator

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Elaine Helms, National Prayer Coordinator for the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and author of several books on prayer leadership. 

Inner~View #043  

Growing Your Pastor

Praying Pastor interviewed Ron Gordon 

Inner~View #042  

ReFresh Your Church with Fresh Prayer Ideas & Activities

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Diana Davis author of Fresh Ideas 

Inner~View #041 

Prayer of Jesus Author on "Kingdom-Focused Prayer"

IBSA Prayer Ministries interviewed Ken Hemphill

Inner~View #040   

Praying Pastor interviewed Pastor David Hoffman of Foothills Christian Church

Inner~View #039   

Phil Miglioratti interviewed David Horner

Practical Guide for Life and Ministry, A: Overcoming 7 Challenges Pastors Face

Inner~View #038  

Prayer Leader interviewed Ernie Frederick, Director of the Pittsburgh Prayer Network

Inner~View #037   

Prayer Leader, Phil Miglioratti Interviewed Toby Dagenhart

Inner~View #036  

Phil Miglioratti interviewed Dr. Dan R. Crawford

Inner~View #035  

NPPN interviewed Bill Zipp, Professional Coach

Inner~View #034   

NPPN  interviewed Jacky Minard

Inner~View #033   

Phil Miglioratti of the Church Prayer Leaders Network interviewed David Mains on topics ranging from a new series he has authored on prayer to issues on modern revival in our land...

Inner~View #032   

NPPN Interviewed Eddie Smith, President of the US Prayer Center and Co-Author of "Strategic Prayer: Applying the Power of Targeted Prayer"

Inner~View #031  

NPPN Interview with John Bornschein ~ Leader of National Day of Prayer

Inner~View #030   

Praying Pastor interviewed Fred Hartley, author of Prayer on Fire: What Happens When the Holy Spirit Ignited Your Prayers

Inner~View #029    

LC2C Interviewed John Barcanic, President, Barcanic Coaching and Training

Inner~View #028  

Does Your Family Have a Pastor Praying for Them?    Praying Pastor interviewed Sammy Tippit

Inner~View #027    

Prayer Leader interviewed Mike King, author or Presence-Centered Youth Ministry....Guiding Students into Radical Prayer 

Inner~View #026     

Prayer Leader Interviewed Steve Loopstra on a "Developing a Culture of Prayer"

Inner~View #025    

Prayer Leader interviewed Bill Allison of Cadre Ministries

Inner~View #024   

Prayer Leader interviewed Carolyn Fuqua, Prayer Ministry Coordinator @ Biltmore Baptist Church

Inner~View #023    

NPPN interviewed Jim Tomberlin

Inner~View #022   

NPPN interviewed Bob Griffin....Rockford Renewal Ministries...

Insights to Guide Praying for Revival

Inner~View #021    

NPPN interviewed Mike Sparks....Pastors Heart 2 Heart    Serving Your Pastor 

Inner~View #020    

NPPN interviewed Eddie Smith of the US Prayer Center

Inner-View #019   

Prayer Leader Interviewed Lowell Snow

Inner-View #018   

Praying Pastor interviewed Dr. Ray Pritchard 

Inner-View #017    

Praying Pastor interviewed Pastor Alfred Poiner

Inner-View on the Blog  

Phil Interviews Marc van der Woude on the Culture of Networking

Inner-View #016    

Glenn Barth Interviews Terry Tekyl

Inner-View #015    

NPPN interviews Rhonda Hughey

Inner-View #014     

NPPN Interviews Daniel Bernard, Author of the recently released  City Impact: How to Unify, Empower and Mobilize Gods People To Transform Their Communities\

Inner-View #013    

CHRIST ROUNDTABLES - NPPN Facilitator Phil Miglioratti Interviews David Bryant

Inner-View #012    

Roger Johnson of CItyVoices Interviews Dr. Carl Dudley. 


Inner-View #011   

Rick Warren Interviews Bill Bright

Inner-View #010    

Ed Silvoso, Harvest Evangelism    Topic: Marketplace Ministry

Inner-View #009   

NPPN Facilitator Phil Miglioratti interviewed on the January 16, 2003 Mission America Coalition Cities & Communities Conference Call.

Inner -View # 008  

Mell Winger, National Director of Church Relations

Inner -View # 007  

Jonathan Graf, Editor, Pray! Magazine

Inner -View # 006  

Thomas Wright,   PrayTimer

Inner -View # 005  

Pastor David Hansen - "Long Wandering Prayer"

Inner -View # 004  

Jim Weidmann      National Day of Prayer

Inner -View # 003  

Eddie & Alice Smith       US Prayer Center

Inner -View # 002  

Jack Dennison      Reaching You r City For Christ

Inner -View # 001  

Pastor Phil Miglioratti        NPPN Facilitator


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