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I have been tasked with building an Intercessors Prayer List for my church.  I knew exactly where to come and whom to ask for help with this task.  Thank you in advance for sharing.

Please pray and ask God for guidance then share what He gives you with others here in this discussion.

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What size church do you have?
Do you have small groups?
I can email a list of how developed our Prayer Ministry Team in our church.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Upgrade the prayer list – Have two lists: one with all the details for the prayer ministry group and an edited list for the congregation. Each entry on the prayer ministry list should also have: a date for when it was received, date of the most recent update, contact information, and weather or not the information is confidential. It should be a priority to keep this information up to date. If an item hasn't been updated; remove it or call the contact and update it.

  2. Keep the prayer list fresh and exciting . Advertise the prayer ministry in the community so you always have new requests coming in as answers are going out. When people give you a request, ask them to tell you as specifically as possible what they want the team to pray for then pray big on their behalf.

  3. Pray topically. Lead the team members to pray short prayers for one need at a time. This conversational approach to prayer is more natural and helps the group pray in agreement.

  4. Don't forget prayer team needs. Be an under-shepherd to them. Pray as earnestly for each other as you do for the folks on the prayer list.

  5. Keep your team connected to those they pray for. Provide postcards and stamps so they can write personal notes each week to a few of the folks they've prayed for. Keep track of who's contacted so everyone on the list receives a card every few weeks.

  6. Don't get in a rut. Plan your prayer times so they're a little different each time. Prayer Guide - A Manual for Leading Prayer could be a big help to you.

Hope that helps.

Lowell Snow

Karrol, is it a list OF intercessors? (people of prayer)

Or, is it a list FOR intercessors? (i.e. prayer needs)

If you are looking a list of things to pray for, here are some starters:

Pray for Kings and all those in Authority that they may have wisdom and govern well, regardless of their politics:

  • Pray for your mayor, city council, city manager, and their staffs (and employees).
  • Pray for your police, firemen, and ambulance drivers.
  • Pray for your governor, lt. governor, state legislators, judges, department heads, and their staffs.
  • Pray for your President, Vice President, Senators, Representatives, the Cabinet, all their staffs.
  • Pray for the military.


Pray that the gospel be preached throughout the world:

  • Pray for each of the missionaries that you and your church supports.
  • Pray for each of the organic missions that you and your church supports.
  • Pray for each of the unreached people groups (check out
  • Pray for everyone on your block, then the next one over, then the next one after that, etc. (check out

Pray for ministries:

  • Pray for your Pastors and associates, pray for the department heads, the support staff, all the volunteers. Pray that they are all filled with the Holy Spirit, Wisdom, and Understanding. Pray for their health and well-being (and for their families.)
  • Pray for the Mission America Coalition and each church or organization listed on their website (especially pray for Paul Cedar and Phil Miglioratti). Pray for the board of directors.

Pray for your relatives:

  • Pray for your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your siblings and their spouses, your nephews, your nieces, your aunts, your uncles, your grandparents, etc.

Pray about current events:

  • Get a newspaper. Every article will give you many opportunities to pray for God to act in that situation to expand his kingdom.

When praying for unbelievers you can pray for these things:

  • You can pray that God will call them to Him.
  • You can pray that God will send workers across their path; workers filled with the Holy Spirit, who can boldly and clearly proclaim the word of God.
  • You can pray that God will draw (compel) them to come to Him.
  • You can pray that their ears will be opened, so they will hear the word.
  • You can pray that their eyes will be unblinded, so they will see the power of God.
  • You can pray that hearts will be softened, so they will understand the words they hear.
  • You can pray that their necks be un-stiffened, so that they will repent and bow down to Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

And that's just the warm-up.


Some things that have been helpful to me as I've kept our class prayer list over the years:

1. Put a note at the top that requests will be kept on the list for a period of time (one week? one month?) and then automatically removed unless an update has been provided (by phone, email....). This relieves you of making the decision who stays on the list, and keeps the list from growing too long.

2. Put the date the request came in at the end of the request. (2-20-14) Helps you know when to remove from list.

3. Group the prayer requests under topics for prayer, i.e. salvation, ministry, healing, etc. Makes it easier for people to pray for similar issues at the same time. Leave one topic as 'other needs' or something general for requests that don't fit in other categories.

4. If people submit email or other written requests, edit them to as few words as possible, ideally one line, two max.

5. It would be helpful if you would include suggested Scriptures to pray for the topics, or as a separate list that could be updated and freshened.

Hope this helps.



Is this a list of prayer requests from the congregation? If so form teams of intercessors depending upon the amount of church members. Team leaders create a list of edited requests, short and to the point. Example 10 intercessors to a team. 30 requests to each team to be prayed for during a months time. Team Leader holds the original requests that supply name and contact info. End of month team hands in encouraging words with Scripture reference to leader who passes them on to the people who requested prayer. Team should meet once or twice during the month in person or by conference call. Pray for peace of jerusalem, all in authority in the nation, states, cities, for schools, pastors, for revival, for those on their list, for each other. Also for anything of importance going on in the world. Simplicity is key. Give room for Holy Spirit

Wonderful prayers...thank you so much!

I am a little wary of prayer lists because they can become the focus of the prayer, rather than God Himself.  There are a couple of things you can do to prevent that though. 

First, approach the list of prayers from the perspective of one or more of God's attributes.  For example, praying for someone about to have surgery takes on a different tone when we focus on the God who heals, or the God of compassion, or the God who is Love, rather than on the surgeon or the sick person. Think how will it change how people pray for our government leaders if they pray from these perspectives.  Or if they pray to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for that surgeon or their mayor?  Sometimes when we spend more time reciting all the details of a problem it seems we are worshiping the problem rather than the One who is the solution and source of hope for all problems.

Secondly, praying scripture will keep things God-focused as well.  Perhaps you could have a focus verse for the list that changes each time the list is updated.  Or even better, have a verse for each request.  It has been a great help to me to ask people what verses they are praying for the difficult situations they are going through.  That knowledge unites our prayers in such a significant way!

Dr. Terry Teykl has written many good books on building a prayer ministry.  Blueprint for the House of Prayer is a good book to begin building your church's prayer team.  I believe he still gives seminars to give your church a jump start.  Those who attend who be good prospects for your intercessors prayer list.  Another thought is to have a Sat. moringin breakfast open to all who are interested in praying for your pastors, church staff, and others (for some intercessors may be an unfamiliar or scary word).  At the breakfast you could explain your goals and have people sign up.  Email is a very effective way to distribute prayer concerns.  Harder to get people to come together and pray as a group but more powerful.  If you are wondering where to get prayer concerns, we have a place where people can write prayer concerns listed on the back of attendance form.  We used to have separate forms that were placed in pews for people to write their prayer concerns or joys.  

An excellent book on prayer individually and as a group is "The Sword of the Spirit: The Word of God" by Joy Lamb.  It is devised to pray for large quantities of requests regularly.  It includes over 30 prayer topics and gives you prayers based upon the Word of God.  It was prayed into existence to meet the intercessory demands of Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, Florida by an intercessor, Mrs. Joy Lamb.

I grew used to using it over ten years as a volunteer there.  When I branched out and started the Order of Saint Patrick, I used some of the ideas in the book for my global intercession efforts. Here's my efforts:

We have a bulletin insert weekly, with prayer requests under these headings:  Healing, Safe Pregnancey, the military, the shut-ins/home bound persons, the leadership of our church and our nartion, those bereaved. There is a form to fill out and give the secretary with a note as to how long to keep it on. It is cleaned up and re-started every January. This works in a small church.

  For a prayer team, I have read that a small file-box, with each request written on a card, and filed alphabetically by name will work, The box is put in a prayer room, and either the room or the box is locked so only prayer team members have access. Each time someone prays for an individual request, they note it on the file card with a date, answered prayers are also noted on the cards. If you have the luxury of a prayer room, it can be decorated with candles, nature items, a small fountain, cross, and other symbols that are "right brain" enhancing.  Hope this helps.

Blessings of our Lord Jesus upon you and your ministry,

Lynn Hantel

Wow what great response and such awesome suggestions. 

Church Background: Our church was once a large church in a neighborhood of Houston that has undergone a change. The neighborhood has increased in the amount of crime and drugs. The church began to die but still maintains all of the facilities and staff .  They just recently began two services and have had an increase in membership. 

These are signs that God is doing a work in our church and neighborhood.

I believe that we can be a vessel of love, spread the gospel and be a viable asset to the community we are in.  But the people we are reaching out to are not the "pretty" people. They are the lost, hurting, angry and yes even at times hostile.  But that is nothing for our God to whom nothing is impossible. 

When I visited the church for the first time I asked in my spirit, where are the intercessors.  When the pastor came to visit I found out that they do not have intercessory prayer groups or really any form of established prayer support.  They are currently working on forming some small groups and I have offered to host a prayer group in my home and to help the church by building up a solid group of intercessors.  Of course all of this is under God's guidance and direction. 

Thanks so much for sharing

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