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I wonder if any intercessors have faced times of control of people wanting you to pray a particular way?  What were your reactions and how did you respond?  To me, being controlled by someone, or a leader, rather than having the freedom to pray as God directs, would be a hindrance that would be hard to work with.

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Cynthia--There are many different forms of control. I posted the question to help us think about them. In some churches, unless you must do things the Pastor's way or not at all. In those situations, there can be a couple of reasons. One the pastor does not understand the roll of intercessors, or another is that self is in control--not the Lord. I find that it can affect how I pray if faced with those situations. It definitely does not encourage an intercessor. This list could go on. I did not mention spiritual warfare, where there is influence by evil spirits. Control might also be that you have to pray with a particular style.

Perhaps some others might want to share how they dwelt with the issue of control.

One other thing--if an intercessor has been faced with the control issue--I know we pray a lot--what have you seen the Lord do as a result of those prayers?

Personally as an intercessor, I do not want to be controlled except by the Lord Jesus and the word of God.

I appreciate what you have shared--some good points to consider. They are very helpful.
As an Intercessor, this happens often.I believe that if you ask God first, what should be the result for this person, and then wait.I think it's okay to tell the person that it is in God's hands, and that we can only pray for God's will for that person. Sometimes, it's not what the answer we want, but God knows better.

That is an excellent course of action, and something that we should be teaching intercessors as they mature in their praying. Often we personalize things, (even intercessors do that), rather than take all of our concerns to the Lord.

Thanks you for sharing.



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