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I just received this very encouraging newsletter from Steve Cleary, CEO/Founder, RevelationMedia:

Dear Friends,

Today, I have some exciting news!

This week, I worked on Chapter Four of iBIBLE. It reveals God’s call to Noah to build the ark. As I was going through the edit, my son Jordan (28) was watching behind me. I was shocked by what he said. 

But first, a little background. Jordan grew up in a Christian home. He has seen all of my ministry projects. He respects what I do, and he is more than willing to offer his opinion.

However, he is the type who would rather spend his days on his phone, and not reading a book. Unfortunately, he has lost interest in church activities. While he has his faith, engaging with the written Bible is not at the top of his list of priorities. I suspect this scenario is true for many Western people in younger generations.

But, after watching a chapter of iBIBLE, he said, “Dad, I am not going to read the Bible. Even when I try to read it, I don’t understand it, and I just get frustrated. But, I will watch your version of the Bible. This I can understand! When can I see more?”

"This I can understand. When can I see more?"
I couldn’t have been more excited by his comments. When I think of the iBIBLE, I often picture a younger audience engaging with it. Younger generations, more prone to be attached to a phone or an iPad, are looking for ways to engage with the Bible that speaks their language of sight and sound.
In fact, 70% of Christian millennials read Scripture using a screen, and over half of them watch faith-based videos online. Engaging with Christian content using screens seems to be a common theme among younger generations.

Today, I want to share that same chapter with you. I welcome you to share it with your family. It is not the final edit, but it is close. This version is not the one we will use on the app where users interact with each page, rather it is the version for DVD and online viewing. 

After showing it to Jordan, I showed it to one of our partner ministries. Even before talking about how they can use it on the mission field, one of the workers told me, “My 13-year-old daughter just said to me, ‘Mom, don’t read me the Bible, show it to me.’ I need this ASAP for my daughter!” 

"My 13-year-old daughter just said to me, 'Mom, don't read me the Bible, show it to me.' I need this ASAP for my daughter!"
Rejoice with us as we get closer and closer to releasing chapters of iBIBLE. View a prerelease of Chapter Four (Noah, Part 1) below. Chapter Five will be released soon as well. It shows the second half of Noah’s story. Chapters One through Four are also nearing release, and 10 more chapters are in different stages of development. 

We are so thankful for all of those who have faithfully donated to iBIBLE even before seeing any of the competed work. I pray that God blesses your faithfulness in walking through this vision with us. And, if you haven’t signed up as an iBIBLE producer, now may be the perfect opportunity. 
One of the most important aspects of the iBIBLE is that it ONLY uses the Bible for its script. We do not add dialogue that is not in the Scriptures. We do not add theology based on our own views. Our scripts are a compilation of three of the top Bible translations, and are compiled in chronological order in a story-telling format. I believe it is the first of its kind. 

Let’s bring the Word of God to our children, grandchildren, and the global missions community in a sight-and-sound format they will want to engage in!

Let's bring the Word of God to our children, grandchildren, and the global missions community in a sight-and-sound format they will want to engage in!

Thank you for partnering with us.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Steve Cleary

iBIBLE to Reach Over 20,000 Churches in the US

Dear Friends,
 Please rejoice with us!
 As you may have seen earlier last week, we shared our second prerelease of iBIBLE Chapter Two: “The Fall.” We have four more chapters coming in the weeks ahead. As they are finished, we will share them with you!

We have shared these chapters and the vision of iBIBLE with RightNow Media, the largest church streaming service in the world. They have been excited to watch our progress and have considered adding iBIBLE to their lineup of Biblically based content.

I am excited to report that we have signed an agreement with RightNow Media, and the first six chapters of iBIBLE will soon be available on their platform that is enjoyed by over 20,000 churches across the US, reaching millions of Christian families.

The first six chapters of iBIBLE will soon be available on the RightNow Media platform that is enjoyed by over 20,000 churches across the US, reaching millions of Christian families.

This is the first of many partnerships to come, but I want to share this exciting news with you first. If you have prayed, if you have financially supported this project, if you have shared our vision with others, then you equally share in this exciting news.
Platforms like RightNow Media host thousands of hours of great Christian content, but iBIBLE will be the first of its kind that leads viewers through the entire Biblical narrative!
Debra and I, and our entire team at RevelationMedia are so thankful for your faithfulness in partnering with us and watching as the vision for iBIBLE comes to life. We will have more exciting news in the weeks and months ahead. Together, we can help impact the next generation and the entire global missions community with a Bible that viewers can watch, hear, and read for FREE!
You can view two prerelease chapters of iBIBLE and get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of iBIBLE online by visiting www.i.BIBLE.
Thank you for partnering with us.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Steve Cleary

iBible Revelation Media prerelease of Chapter 1: Creation

10 min video

Latest newsletter from Steve Cleary of iBible:

Are Children the Door to the Unreached?

Dear Friends,
  Brother O, a missionary who leads an underground printing press in a highly restricted nation told me of his great success printing Christian children’s materials. He shared how easy it is to give a child an illustrated storybook. They are not judgmental. They are not persecutors. They offer no opposition. They love the full-color storybooks and want to learn the stories from the Bible. And, when they bring these books home, they often ask their father or mother to read it to them!  Brother O shared how multiple families have given their lives to Christ through reading the Christian storybooks that he prints!
 I remember many years ago working in the red zones of South America. We were doing a Christmas outreach to the children of the opposition. We met in the middle of a school soccer field. The armed men were in the wooded hillside, and they sent their children into the field. They could see us, but we could not see them. The military was about 100 yards behind us; they were there for our protection if something were to go wrong. However, both had agreed not to interfere with our Christmas outreach.
 I watched as the children came out of the jungle. We gave each of them a backpack filled with school supplies, toys, and an illustrated Bible storybook. The first item they pulled out of the backpack was not a toy—it was the Bible storybook! And they brought them back into the jungle with them.

Of course, the phone app and video versions of iBIBLE remain our top priority, but when I heard the testimony of Brother O and remembered what I experienced in the jungles of South America, I knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t overlook. We are already creating the artwork for the iBIBLE app and videos, so recreating them for an illustrated storybook is quite simple and very affordable.
 While iBIBLE is not specifically a children’s resource, I believe it will be a powerful tool in reaching families for Christ. Children love the vivid colors, young adults love the animation, and I love the fact that we only use the Bible to create the scripts. God’s Word will go forth in a new format that will be freely available to the world.

Thank you for standing with RevelationMedia and supporting our many projects including iBIBLE. I look forward to sharing more as we begin production and distribution of the iBIBLE illustrated storybooks.
I believe children are the doorway to reach the unreached!

Have a blessed Sunday.

Steve Cleary

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