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I'll start this by asking if anyone practices this, and has seen God answer?

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Our prayer family does practice praying for God's healing in the lives of the sick, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual and have seen healings happen. My own daughter was healed of cancer when she was eighteen and again when she was 30, she is now 36 years old. All praise to our most high God.
It is amazing to see God answer prayers like that, especially when it is someone in your immediate family. It is also humbling to know that we have an awsome savior who cares that much about each one of us.

Genevieve Bishop said:
Our prayer family does practice praying for God's healing in the lives of the sick, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual and have seen healings happen. My own daughter was healed of cancer when she was eighteen and again when she was 30, she is now 36 years old. All praise to our most high God.
I am 48 years old, from a child I remember my mother sending us to get the oil from the mantle over the fireplace in the livingroom, so she could anoint us and pray for healing whenever we were sick or in physical pain. This was the norm in our home, as a child i saw my cousin heal from some type of breast disease as my mother and aunt prayed for her. I grew up in a pentecostal store front church in the inner city of NY and I witnessed so many people healed by the power of prayer. I thank God for a praying mother who taught me the importance of prayer and time with God. I learned that there is always hope for dire situations and with God all things are possible
I was just healed this weekend. It was the first time that I experienced the hand of God directly. How humbling it is to know that the God of the universe actually cares about us so deeply. PRAISE GOD!!
Wow Eric, What a thrill to be a part of a miracle healing across the airwaves. It is amazing to watch God work where I live but much more to see His mighty hands extended earth-wide. May the healing on your life be just the beginning of healing's you will witness, and may you experience they same humbling and joyous effect every time. Blessings to you, in Christ, Genevieve.
I've been participating in facilitated healing prayer for 2 years and have seen God transform my life. The more that I allow Him to enter every area the more healing He brings. I'm grateful for the women who walk with me but most of all for what I know of God as my healer. He did come to heal the brokenhearted and to set the captives free. I'm a former captive that is grateful beyond words!

Dear friends,

Please pray for Janet. She has lymphoma and the cancer is spreading over her chest. She's having a hard time breathing.

She's a believer in Jesus. Please pray for her healing. Thanks. Jasmin

Father God Father of our Lord Jesus who is our brother,redeemer and healer

Life is so precious and you are the creator of our lives, you were present when we were being knitted together in our mother's womb watching with your loving eyes. Today Janet's cancer is spreading and I ask you in the name of Jesus to lie across her body not with the weight of cancer, but with your healing power to do in her body what doctors cannot. Be especially close to her and let her know of your divine and loving presence. Do a good work in her knowing where she is in her life's journey. Keep out all complications, help all involved with her to only touch her with love. Always keeping them mindful of her pain and giving her support during this time. Lord continue to touch her until she is healed rather it be here in this time and space or complete healing that would bring her into your loving presence. Hold her in your arms and keep away any pain as healing takes place. I pray for all who love her and ask that you would help them through this time of trouble. As we know Lord you are a God of miracles and your word says that by your stripes you are healed. Heal her and her family, and friends. You said that where two or three are gathered together in you name there you will be in the midst of them. We trust you completely with Janet as we lift her up to you now. In the Sweet Name of Jesus we Pray Amen.

Inner Healing
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Father God in Heaven in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ.  I come first with a repentant heart, asking that all unrighteousness in me be forgiven.  I repent of the hidden things the secret things that go against Your Righteousness.  Father, I pray for anointing, gifts and words of knowledge to go forth now in Jesus Name.  I ask You Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus that healing of all diablities and affliction be the normal when we step into the place Your desire for us and can operate through us with miracles.  We send forth Your Word of Healing to all who are weak and need strength right now, to all those whose mind has been infected with the cares of this world, distrations and frustrations.  I speak strength in Jesus Name to intercessor who stands in the gap.  I bind up depression, heaviness and loose the Joy of the Lord upon all who carries this cross and I pray that we will let the Peace of God RULE in our hearts today, starting right now.    In Jesus name....I decree and declare that it is so...Amen

If you are not aware of SOZO training, please check this out. It is an amazing tool. Just taking the training has opened my eyes and transformed my life.

I have seen God heal paralysis, MS, cancer, emotional trauma, arthritis, etc. as I prayed for people.  As for cancer, I send them to the doctor to get a x-ray to show they are healed.  I pray as the Lord leads until the Peace of the Lord comes upon me, giving me faith.  I then stop and ask the person how they feel.  Their answer is always "It's gone." 

If the Peace does not come, I appeal to the Lord in other ways, such as deliverance, inner healing, renunciation of occult involvement, generational healing, and even checking to see if they really want to live.  Like the widow pleading her case before the unjust judge, I try every way I know to appeal my client's case.  Few cases are lost, doing it this way.

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