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I'm on our church prayer team and a issue we have is getting more people excited about prayer and participating in prayer events.  For example, we are hosting a prayer vigil next week and nearly everyone who has signed up is much older.  However, a recent healing prayer service where individuals could request prayer for personal issues (physical, mental, or spiritual healing) was a packed house.  It seems we have a disconnect that people are more than willing to pray for themselves but not willing to pray for others.  Suggestions?

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our church in SE london is small, 120 adults aprox. our weekly prayer meeting is attended by 1-10 members when no annpouncement is made regarding the topic for prayer. however, 2 years ago god gave me a 6 weekly focus. the first was to be for our prodigals. we announced it every week on sundays and gathered the names of prodigals known to members. those 1st 6 weeks were attended by up to 30 people!. then another leader wanted to take on the vision and lead. the vision was a tad different from the original, and was not well advertised and the numbers dropped right down again. what have i learnt? to go with the original vision and stick with it. dont let it be watered down. keep asking god if you are still on the right track. be bold and ready to change tack only if it's from god. (the other leader was more senior, and i felt i should defer to them, but maybe i should have talked with them, and prayed with them before handing over the "reigns"). i hope this is a help to someone.


I was recently introduced to a prayer study entitled "Seven Days of Prayer with Jesus" by john Smed & Justine Hwang.  John is the pastor of Grace Vancourver Church, Vancouver, BC.  (

It is a study of the Lord's Prayer.  The focus is on Kingdom Issues.  The idea is that since it is the Lord's prayer, there isn't anything important to the Kingdom that is not touched on within this prayer.  John and Justine break the prayer into 7 phrases and focus a study on each one.  It really lifts us up to seeing God at work and the importance and necessity of our praying for the growth and progress of His Kingdom.  1) Our Father in heaven, 2) Hallowed be Your name, 3) Your Kingdom come, 4) Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, 5) give us this day our daily bread, 6) forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, and 7) lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

I would encourage you to order a copy and hang on as God broadens your vision as to what he is doing and how you can be a part of it with and through prayer.

By His grace,


That's a great article.  Seems like too often we think people are going to learn the basics of Christianity through osmosis or something, or we assume that everyone knows this stuff.  It's so exciting when people pray for the first time or when they feel a sense of mastery because they can find a verse or two in Scripture.  It's much like watching a child walk for the first time.

Learning styles influence what kids of activities people respond to. When we plan corporate prayer, we should think about auditory, visual, and kinetic learners - each connects in a different way.



pray Francis Chan: Christians Not Praying How God Intended 
Many Christians today are praying the wrong way, all too often focused on themselves than on the mission of God, influential preacher and bestselling author Francis Chan lamented.

As the prayer director, our congregation have done all night prayer. We posted names all over the walls of church. Our prayer focus was praying for every name on the walls. God moved in a very powerful way and we received testimony after testimony. Some of our church family, family members and friends were saved, delivered, and healed. We also incorporated a 24 hour prayer chain. The congregation prayed for specific needs of our pastor and church. People signed up to pray in 15 minute incraments. Several people work nights and some are up late nights and early morning--on social sites. We fasted from the social sites and each individual prayed at a certain time---every day for at least 15 minutes. In fact, we bought and moved into our new church building three weeks after we started the prayer chain..Miraculous!!!!!  

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