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Just released by prayer leader Ginny Kisling ~

  • For the 5%'ers who have a (super) natural passion for prayer
  • AND for the 95%'ers who are seeking to grow in their prayer life

Do-Able Prayer

Do-Able Prayer

Seeing God's Reflection on Earth

Authored by Ginny Kisling 

Does God care if I pray? Why pray for needs at home and across the world? Does prayer really make a difference? Do-Able Prayer is a fresh, engaging, unexpected approach to simplify everyday prayer. Whether you're a seasoned Prayer Warrior, a Pastor, or a Pilgrim new to prayer, Do-Able Prayer will surprise you, encourage you and enlighten you. Walk along this freshly blazed trail with our author and enjoy the journey as she illuminates story after story of how everyday prayer has transformed lives, including her own!

This book has been described as a "game changer" with hidden treasures of wisdom, each one well worth the 'price of admission.' Easy to read, easy to enjoy, easy to do - that's why it's called Do-Able Prayer. Scripture, stories and studies will take you to new heights in your tender moments with the Lord.

Do-Able Prayer is filled with Biblical references, an optional study guide and free downloadable sermon outlines which are being developed. It is an inspirational resource for the church with easy, simple, do-able ways to pray in the traffic and intersections of life.

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Would love to review this book for my church! Pam Walker. P.O. Box 1544, Sequim WA. 98382

The book is on it's way!

Estimated arrival on/near August 22nd.

Please post your review here:

Please review these guidelines:

Many thanks for serving the Pray! Network community,


Oh great! Looking forward to it. Thanks

At 7:08pm on September 6, 2012, Ann Brocksaid…   

I have just finished reading your book Do-Able Prayer and enjoyed it very much. I especially enjoyed the chapters regarding the 5% and 95%. It answered questions that we have had in becoming a House of Prayer - that there are those who pray for issues as prompted and then there are those precious ones who eat, sleep and breath prayer and intercession. Helped me to see that not all will be "on the team", but yet they pray. The book also confirmed some areas of prayer and worship that we have established in our small fellowship - such as praying aloud the scriptures over our families and the Church in our area; the spoken blessing; each person finding their sphere of influence for prayer rather than thinking they must cover every area; and praying globally.Thank you for hearing His voice and sharing with the Body of Christ. God's Blessing to You and Your family. Ann Brock, Prayer Pastor, Providence Church, Lake Providence, LA 71254

Do-able Prrayer, Seeing God's reflection on earth.
By Ginny Kisling
Published by Zondervan
This book is about bringing prayer to everyone with easy and simple ideas to try and think about.
The author tells us about her 5/95% concept, that "prayer warriors" etc., are of the five percent and the rest of folks that are not super naturally driven to prayer can find an easy way to put into action the command to live a praying life.
Ginny tells several stories of prayer and answer, that make prayer tangible and real. She, herself is of the 95% category, and therefore can relate to and give prime examples that speak to the average Christian.
She spends time explaining how the church could be so impowered if everyone found their special place in prayer that God has designed just for them. We all are called to pray even if we aren't specially gifted to pray.

I personally enjoyed this book. I am one of those five per centers that have been called to intercede, and to read Ginny's description of others like me (based on talking to many) was interesting and affirming.

I believe this book would be wonderful for a small group setting or even for a Sunday school class. I do think it is targeted to those who do not find prayer to be easy or especially comfortable.

Well written and easy to read.

Thanks Ginny for all you work.

Hi Pam, thank you for your well thought out review. Really appreciated it!

It is interesting to note that my church has been both preaching through the "Do-Able Prayer" series as well as forming small groups using the book since the beginning of August this year. There is a mix of folks that are both mature in their prayer life as well as those who are not so comfortable with praying in addition to very experienced prayer warriors.

The feedback we are getting from all the groups is that it has produced rich lively discussion in a safe envrionment and answered a lot of unspoken questions for people. We are witnessing spiritual transformation right in front of our eyes and many testimonies for how this has helped people in their prayer lives. It has been very exciting to see this take place in our church.

Let me know if I can be of any help to you in igniting prayer in your church.

Blessings, Ginny Kisling,



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