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 Friends, this is an unusual email to you, but I wanted you all to be aware of and be praying for a very unique time in the life of our largest denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. Their President, Ronnie Floyd has led the charge regarding prayer and revival and it has lead to this amazing night this summer.  The details are below. Join me in praying for God to move in powerful ways!


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SBC 2016-BlogOn June 14, the entire Tuesday evening session of the 2016 Southern Baptist Convention will be committed to praying for spiritual leaders, our churches, nation, and world. There, perhaps, has never been a time in our generation when we have needed to pray more than now.

The Greatest Night Ever

Testimonies poured in from across the nation after last year’s national call to prayer, where 7,000 Baptists cried out to the Lord together. A common testimony was, “This was the greatest moment I have ever experienced in a Southern Baptist Convention.” God was with us powerfully and everyone present knew He was!

2016 National Call to Prayer

Last year was the first session, perhaps in our modern history, where an entire session of the Southern Baptist Convention was given to prayer. Due to the work of God among us last year, His present work today, the critical need of the hour in America, the state of our churches, the needs of our pastors, the status of our evangelism or lack of it, and the exponential lostness of the world while we are bringing home hundreds of our missionaries… it is time to pray.

Baptists need to pour into St. Louis by the thousands for this historic night of prayer. Those who can only attend this one night, please come. For the members of the 300 churches in the metro region of St. Louis, please come for this significant night.

Southern Baptists who are not able to come to St. Louis may join us as it is streamed live on the web at

3 Components of This National Prayer Gathering

1. Spiritual Leadership: We will pray for pastors and spiritual leaders in America… their lives, leadership, families, and ministries.

2. Revived Churches: We will pray for our churches in America… for racial unity in our churches and nation, and for the dry bones of spiritual life in our churches to come alive. Our God can turn any church around!

3. Nationwide & Global Awakening: We will pray for America… where we are in our nation spiritually, morally, politically, and for the next Great Spiritual Awakening in America as well as an explosion of the Gospel to bring about global awakening.

Please Review and Share This Graphic Across the World

At the present time, the persons who will help me lead this gathering are listed below. Others may join us in leading as well. Pray for these persons by name, gather the people, and let’s come to St. Louis expecting God to move in our hearts so dynamically, people will say as they did in Acts 17:6, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here too.”

2016 SBC Call to Prayer-Updated1
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NPC Friends,
I mentioned in an earlier email that IFA was leading a prayer call regarding the sanctity of marriage.  The information below tells you all about this and I would encourage you to distribute this widely.Read carefully before you distribute.  Some of this is just for you.  Beyond that, David Kubal has invited the NPC to help lead segments of this prayer call.  As you look over the schedule of the call, please chose one and send an email to David to let him know you'll take that segment. or



Sanctity of Marriage Prayer Conference Call
April 28th
10:00 – 12:00 ET

The purpose of this call: to provide the Body of Christ an opportunity to prayer in agreement for the protection of God’s definition of marriage.

Dial information:  We are limited to the 1,000 people on this call and may have that many during our entire time together.  We are looking into a second line, but you can distribute this to your networks.  It is critical that you correctly remember and communicate the dial information.  If anyone accidently shares the private line with their network the results would be incredible static.

Private line – to be used only by those assigned to prayer segments:

Public line – you may share this information with your networks:

Webcast:  We will be webcasting a central location (DC) for this prayer time.  Those taking prayer segments will have their audio only broadcast – this is to limit the technical complexity.  Webcast URL will be distributed soon.  

Structure:  The time table is critical.  This prayer time is not the place to preach a mini-sermon.  This prayer time is to involve the Body of Christ in prayer.  Please use the time you are allotted to briefly share want your prayer assignment is, share a scripture and then pray.  If you go long, anticipate being interrupted.

Assignments:  Within your prayer segment share what you are praying about, share a scripture, and then take the majority of your time to pray.

10:00        Welcome –
10:04        Importance of this time and opening prayer – Dr. James Dobson
10:19    Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
10:20    Praying for Question #1: Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a state to license a marriage between two people of the same sex? 
        The court room schedule:
•    10:00 to 10:30 a.m. – Mary Bonauto – well known same sex marriage lawyer who serve on staff with GLAD
•    10:30 to 10:45 a.m. – Donald Verrilli, Jr. – Solicitor General of the US and will  argue against God’s definition of marriage
•    10:45 to 11:30 a.m. – Joseph Whalen – TN Associate Solicitor General who will be arguing for a state’s right to limit marriage to one woman and one man based upon a 2006 TN referendum that passed by 81% of the vote
10:22    Pray for the attorneys listed above:________________
10:27    Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
10:30    Pray against outside influences of ideologies/strongholds:________________
10:35    Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
10:36    Pray for God’s Spirit to be in the Court room bringing His direction:________________
10:40    Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
10:41    Pray for freedom that states may retain the rights to make decisions:________________
10:45    Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
10:46    Pray that our Judicial system would dispense laws of righteousness and justice:________________
10:50    Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
10:51    Pray the Court would have God’s definition of marriage:________________
10:55    Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
11:00    Praying for Question #2: Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a state to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out-of-state?
The Court room schedule:
•    11:30 a.m. to Noon – Douglas Hallward -Driemeier  - attorney on record for one the central cases and the only lead lawyer with an established Supreme Court practice; will be arguing same sex marriages must be recognized
•    Noon to 12:30 p.m. – John Bursch – former MI Solicitor General will be arguing that states are not required to recognize 
11:10        Pray for the attorneys by name:________________
11:15        Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
11:16        Pray for the protection and restoration of God’s definition of marriage:________________
11:20        Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
11:21        Pray for the silencing of the vocal minority opposing God and an outcry of Believers:________________
11:24        Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
11:25        Pray for the same sex couples involved in these cases that they might come to faith in Christ and have a full understanding of the importance of this issue:________________
11:30        Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
11:32         Praying for the Justices of the Supreme Court of the US
•    Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. 
•    Associate Justices:  Antonin Scalia Clarence Thomas Ruth Bader Ginsburg Stephen G. Breyer Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr. Sonia Sotomayor Elena Kagan Anthony M. Kennedy
11:35        Pray for the Justices by name:________________
11:40        Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
11:41        Pray for wisdom and protection as they rule on this case:________________
11:45        Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
11:46        Praying for the Church
11:48        Pray for unity on the issue – personally and outwardly:________________
11:53        Unmuted line – all agree in prayer
11:55        Closing comments
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In my last email, I shared the concerns that so many have regarding the upcoming decisions of the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage. Immediately below this is a prayer guide I've prepared that you are welcome to use as we mobilize prayer around this issue.  In the box below that is the information from Intercessors for America and the various calls and initiatives they are leading.  Let me know if your ministry has something that should be shared with the rest of us in this area.

Prayer for Supreme Court Marriage Decision
The eyes of many in the Church are watching closely an anticipated ruling in June by the Supreme Court of the United States regarding same-sex marriage. Many believe that this battle for the family and a traditional biblical view of marriage is already over. From a worldly perspective, that may be true. But we are a people of faith who put our trust in the Lord, not in courts, or presidents, or public opinion. The Word of God is filled with examples of God responding to the prayers of His people in miraculous ways that surprise a watching world. May He do it again as we humbly come before Him in prayer. We encourage you to pray though these points and scriptures regularly.
Here are some ways we might pray:
1.Thank the Lord for the gift of family. Express your gratitude that family is God’s by design and not human invention.
2.Ask for forgiveness on behalf of the Church for failing to model godly families before our society. We bear much blame for the deterioration of marriage and the family. (1 Timothy 5:8)
3.Pray for help to live out God’s intent for the family. May our homes become outposts for God’s kingdom. (Acts 10:2)
4.Confess our sins of responding to those caught up in a homosexual lifestyle with anger or hatred. Ask for help to love as Christ loves. (John 8:11)
5.Pray that the Lord would show us in practical ways how to speak the truth in love according to His Word. (Ephesians 4:15)
6.Ask God to pour out His wisdom on His people that we might see clearly the attack of the enemy on His design for marriage. May God’s wisdom give us insight into the results of tearing down traditional one man-one woman marriage. (James 1:5)
7.Plead with the Lord for divine intervention upon the Supreme Court. Pray that He would give wisdom and courage to these jurists to respond in righteousness. (Job 21:22; Job 9:24; Isaiah 1:26)
A Model Prayer
Father, we are grateful to be able to call You that. To know that through Jesus, we have been brought into Your family. Thank You that our earthly families, as imperfect as they are, are a reflection of the eternal family for which You are our forever Father. Forgive us Lord, for not being better pictures of what the family is intended to be. Help us Lord to live out our lives in families with godliness, love, purity, and truth.
This broken world has affected all of us in so many damaging ways. We thank You for accepting us in our brokenness through Jesus, and for Your commitment to bringing us to spiritual and emotional health and wholeness. Forgive us as your people when we have gone on the offensive against those caught up in any sexual sin. Teach us how to live as You lived as You walked among us, Lord Jesus. We want to love as You loved and speak truth as You spoke truth.
From a place of humility before You, we plead with You Lord, to intervene to preserve Your intent regarding marriage. From the High Court of Heaven, would you step down into the Supreme Court of the United States to bring about Your will and purposes regarding the family? Give that wisdom which only You can give. Pour out righteousness upon our land. According to the word of the prophet Isaiah, would You restore our judges that they might rule according to Your purposes and desires? We ask this, for your honor and glory, in the majestic name of Jesus. Amen!
Prepared by Dave Butts
Chairman, National Prayer Committee
President, Harvest Prayer Ministries,
© 2015. Permission granted to reproduce as long as web address and copyright statement is included.



First Friday Prayer Conference Call 
When:  4/3
Time: 12:15 – 12:45 ET
Info: 712-432-0075 then 1412452#
Details:  TN State Senator Bill Dunn will be our featured spokesperson.  He offered the 2006 referendum to the TN State Legislation that was then passed by 81% of the state population.   It is this TN state referendum that is at the center of the SCOTUS case being argued on 4/28/2015 in Tanco v. Haslam.
National Sanctity of Marriage:  5 Days of Prayer and Fasting April 26-30
When:  4/26-30
Details:  Join others in five days of prayer and fasting by signing up at  to receive daily devotions and prayer points.
Sanctity of Marriage Conference Call
When:  4/28
Time: 10:00 – 11:00 ET
Info: 712-432-0075 then 1412452#
Strategic Prayer Guide for Sanctity of Marriage: available for download at (Attached)



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Our mailing address is: 
Harvest Prayer Ministries
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Add us to your address book


Seeking God’s Face for the Deliverance and Destiny of America:
An Invitation to the National Prayer Assembly
October 27–28, 2016 in Washington, D.C.

You are invited to an assembly of national prayer, denominational, and kingdom network leaders from across the nation. America is at a historic crossroads with growing threats within and without. It is a tumultuous election year and an absolutely pivotal time in our history. A dysfunctional and divided government has become increasingly ineffectual in dealing with our growing national problems, including a $19 trillion debt hanging over our heads. In addition, our society is becoming progressively apathetic—even cold to the things of God. Surely, we need a new Great Awakening to turn America around. A critical component in this pursuit of awakening is the coming together of both America’s prayer and denominational movements to seek His face. We need to join forces, praying with one heart and mind for a fresh, massive outpouring of His Spirit that will bring revival and transformation to the United States of America.

It is time to gather ministry leaders for two days of concentrated intercession, listening, and sharing what God is saying to us. As in the National Prayer Assembly of October 2014, we will have brief reports from experts on the critical issues facing the nation. Our approach will be to pray at least twice as much as we talk. Earlier assembly participants felt this was the right balance, so we will endeavor once again to let the Spirit of the Lord reveal, inspire, and pray His heart concerns through us for our nation.

Listed below are preliminary issues for our prayer focus at the NPA. If there are others you think are essential to be included, please send them for consideration to Dave Butts (National Prayer Committee) or John (International Prayer Connect). You may also communicate with others on the NPA planning team listed below.

The NPA is by invitation only, so please do not forward this invitation to others unless they serve as leaders or coordinators of prayer ministries, national or denominational ministries, or kingdom networks.

We look forward to your being with us for this crucial time of encountering the Lord together on behalf of our beloved country.

Every blessing in Christ,
John Robb (International Prayer Connect)
Dave Butts (National Prayer Committee)
Rickie Bradshaw (Pray Houston)
Pierre Bynum (Family Research Council)
Paul Cedar (Mission America Coalition)
Lisa Crump (National Day of Prayer)
Kay Horner (Awakening America Alliance)
Dave Kubal (Intercessors for America)
Daniel Lim and Doug Conder (International House of Prayer)
Prayer Assembly Participant Details:
*      Time:
§  8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, October 27, 2016
§  8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, October 28, 2016
*      Registration fee:  $120 per person. You must register each person individually. The fee will include beverage service throughout, lunch on Friday, and our meeting space overlooking Washington, D.C. We are encouraging both prayer and fasting as part of the Assembly and a 40-day call to fasting prior to election,
*      To Register:
*      Venue: Sheraton Pentagon City, Arlington, VA
§  Reagan National Airport (DCA) is nearest airport.
§  Shuttle service is provided to hotel.       
§  Special conference rate is $179/night.
*      lodging: To reserve your hotel accommodations please click here:
For other questions about logistics, please contact Lisa Crump with the National Day of Prayer Task Force via email:
Preliminary Prayer Emphases for the NPA:
·         Repentance for
o   Corporate sins of America
o   Sins within the Church
·         Reconciliation and healing of
o   Leadership division
o   Racial division
o   Restorative justice
·         Restoration of
o   Spiritual revival and morality within the church
o   Truth in media
o   Morality in arts and entertainment
o   Integrity and blessing in marketplace
o   Protection for marriage and the family–an institution under assault
o   Truth and protection in educational institutions
o   Sanctity of human life and protection of the unborn
·         Reaching and evangelizing the lost
o   Prayer-care-share lifestyles among Jesus followers
o   Provision and mobilization of missionaries
·         Government and the national election
·         Religious freedom
o   Court decisions
o   Legislative actions
·         Prayer movement
o   Unity
o   Strength
o   Mobilization
o   Engagement
·         Next generation
o   Children
o   Youth
o   Emerging Leaders
·         False religion and the occult invasion
·         National security issues
o   Military forces
o   Law enforcement
o   Homeland security 
o   Radical Islam and ISIS threats
·         Restoration of supremacy of Jesus Christ
o   In church
o   In society


   The National Day of Prayer is fast approaching!  I trust you are praying for maximum spiritual impact for this very special day. Though our NPC is scattered throughout the nation leading in prayer on this day, our hearts are united with the desire to see Jesus exalted in the midst of His people. For those who will be in Washington DC, I want to remind you that though the dinner and reception on Tuesday and Wednesday are not organized by the NPC, it is our membership in NPC that allows most of us to participate in those events. 
    On Wednesday noon, following the men's and women's prayer meetings, the NPC will meet for lunch at FRC and will meet through about 3:30pm the afternoon.  It is a great opportunity to "touch base" with one another. I also want to remind you of the importance of the "local expression" of the National Day of Prayer that happens at 4:00pm on Thursday on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building. Don't miss it! See you soon.
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Our mailing address is: 
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