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Agree / Disagree? ~ "The prayer life of a typical Western church is anemic at best"

"Frankly, many of our churches lack heaven's blessings because they no longer devote the time necessary to prayer. Many churches have abandoned congregational prayer and even the pastoral prayer. When was the last time your pastor and the congregation spent a sustained amount of time in corporate prayer?"

"The prayer life of a typical Western church is anemic at best."

"The weekly evening prayer meeting has gone by the way of the dinosaur or has been replaced by programs. And when we finally get around to praying,we focus on everything but the things of the kingdom."

"Now is the time for pastors and the laity alike to transform their congregations into kingdom-driven churches. A good place to start is with prayer."

R. Alan Streett, Heaven on Earth (Harvest House)

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This is sadly true. I see it in mega churches and small traditional churches. Movements that started as houses of prayer have become dysfunctional family businesses focused on image and survival rather than on Jesus. Repentance and returning to God is our only hope.

In most churches, there's no 'living memory' of true congregational prayer so they have no idea how to do it. The pastor didn't grow up in a praying church. He wasn't taught how to lead congregational prayer in seminary. So even when he makes attempts to call his congregation to pray, he fails and begins to believe that the congregation doesn't want to pray. 

Truth. So those of us that know this.. Need to pray for God to revive the hearts of our pastors and leaders.. It is God who changes the hearts of kings... In Jesus Name... I believe God will do it!!!
Yes, this is for the most true. Anytime the Church has lost her way she has lost her heart to pray. When the Church has lost her heart to pray look to the Pulpit and find perfunctory praying. This disconnect from the "Author and Finisher of our Faith".
We have lost our since of need for anything beyond ourselves and our abilities. Prayer becomes a psychological comfort or a way to manipulate people without expectation that anything more would come of it makes the powerless Church hopelessly disconnected. When commitment is called for the usual is to attempt to guilt people in the Church to begin again to build a list of people and needs we can take to the LORD and ask for Him to deliver to our demands. We desire to get people to "pray down God's presence and power" to meet our neglected needs. We get convinced that what we need is to attempt to convince God that we have needs. People grow weary of the demands, the need to keep updated, and the overwhelming numbers of needs and people who desire to be prayed for.
We are so disconnected that the idea of seeking Him first is not in the conversation. Our disconnect makes Praise just an element of the "proper program of correct praying" instead of the very heart of becoming a humble surrendered servant of the All Powerful, Almighty God, who seeks out those who's hearts are fully given to Him. Our Loving Heavenly Father cares more that we will ever care. Getting in line with His heart is a vital way to see the power of God unleashed in answer to our prayers. Prayer begins in our relationship with the Father not in keeping a set of rules. Prayer is a conversation with the Creator of all the Universe. Please take time to include the Word of God when praying so The Lord may speak to you through His Word. Knowing His will comes foremost in knowing His Word, the Bible. Prayer begin with the Greatest Commandment, Loving the LORD with all your heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit. When this is true in us it becomes evident in how we treat others, fulfilling the second Commandment, to love our neighbor as ourselves.
This vital, vibrant, personal relationship relationship with our Father that is real and intimate needs no encouragement to pray. Being in continual prayer also is not something that needs "worked on" it become the natural outgrowth of this intimate relationship. Seeing prayers answered become more the norm than the exception. Seeing the hand of the LORD at work in and around you becomes so very humbling. The idea of having a strained relationship with another person would become a threat to the open relationship with Jesus and cause me to seek reconciliation immediately! Jesus said if you come to the Altar and discover you have a need to be reconciled with a brother or sister, He said leave and go become reconciled immediately and then come back. Without knowing what the problem is I would go and seek reconciliation. This was usually meet with restoration of relationships. After we usually talked about their reason for feeling hurt by me and found reason to reopen a good relationship moving forward.
Seeking Him first through praise and thanksgiving gets my heart and mind easy to hear what He has for me. Hearing what is on His heart and what needs He would have me word back to Him. This bring anticipation for the answers. Then in light of His heart I may bring those things that are on my heart to His hearing. I enjoy coming into His presence.
Praying & Preparing for Awakening,

Yes I agree, because we don't pray in church or have prayer meetings as much, how can we teach our young people how to pray? or show them how important it is? Or talk about answers to prayer much more see the answers.

So many people think they have to have right words or long sermon like prayers and are afraid of what people

will think of their prayer. We forget it is just talking to our Heavenly Father. And so much more important these days

we are talking to the commander and chief or the Heavenly armies, who helps us fight evil, and gives us strength and protection as we do.

Agree. I was told the reason one church I am familiar with didn't have prayer meetings was few came so it was felt not profitable. I often think that is why Matthew 18:19-20 is in our Bibles. Anywhere we can garner the presence of our Lord is always profitable. He is not into numbers.

Yeah Debi!
very strongly agree. Sometimes throughout a service in some churches, the only prayers said are one-or-two sentence prayer before sermon and the grace at end of service. Oh sorry, another little prayer before the offering! Its very very sad!!
This is so true. Our nation is in trouble because the church in America no longer uses the house of God as "the house of prayer". If we turn to God's house and determine that it should be more praying in there then God will restore our nation, churches and we will see revival and transformation in the land again. I have been preaching to open the eyes of my own congregation and unfortunately they still do not understand. Thank God for two other men who understand and gather 5 days at God's house for prayer. Thank God for two godly sisters who encouraged their Pastor to invite us back to the alter on Sunday. I am committed to this task! As a church we do gather every Sunday before worship to pray. It is about 3-6 people and we have seen God do some awesome things.

K. Gerone Free

Gerone, as our churches prayers coordinator I have tried and tried, but not much happens. I am by myself in the prayer room on Sunday morning before the service begins to pray for the service. I pray throughout the worship and preaching. I so long for our church to be a house of prayer and worship. We are working on  getting our own building and I tell them once we have our own church, not leasing a building, they will come and are we going to be ready? I have a precious lady that on board with me. Thank you for sharing, I don't feel so alone, not that I am, because I do have the Holy Spirit and of courser our greatest intercessor - Jesus. God's blessings be with you. Martha.

I have experienced this as well when I was prayer leader. Fortunately, God always showed up! :-)
I attended a talent show last night at the church. It was well attended with a much larger group than our prayer meeting ever has. This thread got me to thinking about what God thinks about people spending so much time developing and appreciating the gifts He gave without any time spent in prayer. I realize people probably do pray individually, but wouldn't it be sweet to see Him glorified and accredited with the abilities and resources that have given people such abilities? Just considering,,, Thanks be to God for all I and others daily take for granted.


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