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Agree / Disagree? ~ "The prayer life of a typical Western church is anemic at best"

"Frankly, many of our churches lack heaven's blessings because they no longer devote the time necessary to prayer. Many churches have abandoned congregational prayer and even the pastoral prayer. When was the last time your pastor and the congregation spent a sustained amount of time in corporate prayer?"

"The prayer life of a typical Western church is anemic at best."

"The weekly evening prayer meeting has gone by the way of the dinosaur or has been replaced by programs. And when we finally get around to praying,we focus on everything but the things of the kingdom."

"Now is the time for pastors and the laity alike to transform their congregations into kingdom-driven churches. A good place to start is with prayer."

R. Alan Streett, Heaven on Earth (Harvest House)

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I don't truly know what other churches do, but my sense is that this is correct.  ugh, programs replacing prayer, and Bible study and etc.


Yes, completely agree.
It seems many people are shy about praying in groups. I was that way but by making an effort to show up and participate I have learned to trust the Holy Spirit that He will help me with the praying aloud in front of other people. I think I was more afraid of making a mistake in front of people than I was of not obeying God Who wants to hear from us individually and as two or more gathered together . It seems in my church that there is a core group of people who are coming to prayer group time. It would be great if prayer could be the top priority with no other programming set to conflict with prayer hour. I do agree that many churches are lame in respect to prayer. The church I am in now is the only one that has had an ongoing commitment to a weekly prayer gathering.
My church also offers for deacons to pray with people directly after the main Sunday service. I really appreciate knowing that prayer is readily available when needed.

I agree with you, Jay Becker.  Prayer should not just be left up to the Pastor.  My heart's prayer is that each church body  will strengthen prayer in their own private time, as well.

I wholeheartedly agree!!!  And God will add other assignments unto it!  I personally have needed to simplify my life too and pray to be able to do it with abandon to God so that I'm on his sure foundation.  Thank you for this discussion.

I have to agree. I am the prayer co-coordinator for our little church and we no longer have corporate prayer every other week and we've not had the beginning of the year 40 day fast the past two years. The way  I have to keep people  praying is gathered a group that  volunteered to pray for pastor every day and I frequently send out prayer needs that I am aware of along with a little lesson on  what prayer, specifically how powerful corporate prayer is. I pray that the Holy Spirit will put in on pastors heart to get back to basics in our church prayer life. I know my pastor hears from the Lord and I fully expect our church to become a house of prayer and worship.The other problem I see is that people don't ask for prayer. I find out people have been struggling and never ask for prayer. I had our IT person put on icon on our website for prayer request about 3 months ago and received only 3 prayer requests. Prayer is the most important and powerful tool we have and it truly gets me closer to my Lord. 

I agee with you more than 100%. God called me and commanded me in His Holy Voice to pray. Voices camme for more than 35 times . Every time the voice came I noted it down because I wanted to check if it was not from the underground power. In any case I wanted to be sure of the source. Finaly He sent me to pray for an christian organisation known on internatinol level! I was with them for 12 years as an intercessor. The organisation became powerful and wealthy miraculously.
Justl recently God visited me and gave me Jeremiah 7:16; 14:11,12 and Revelation 18:4. God's voice ordered me to leave the job He had given me. He explained to me that the organisation had turned the back to Him - Ezekiel 8:16. I left the job.
The problem is not" A good place to start with prayer" It is with Hearts of those people in prayer. God bless you!
However, the organisation prays on and is well known for its success but God knows their hearts( emotions, wills and intellects. I am writing fro Central Africa.Tell us how to change hearts for God.Or God will do it Himself!?
Over the past 10 years or so our oldest son has suffered from the ongoing effects of ulcerative colitis. This has resulted in numerous spells of hospitalisation, weight loss, extreme pain and a whole raft of other issues. His testimony can be found here:
He had a colostomy (irreversible) operation last Friday. The prayer support from the church has been overwhelming.
On Thursday evening a group of ladies who only know Philip by name got together and interceded on his behalf. We came home Friday evening to a phone call from a pastor in British Columbia telling us the church was praying for Philip - again they have never met him.
Locally in Scotland homes have become houses of 24 hour prayer for Philip. A close friend organised prayer groups around the world - Indonesia, Congo, France, USA and many other nations - to cover Philip.
We have been so humbled as we have received phone calls, texts, messages on FB all saying the same. We are praying for Philip. I have to say in my network of friends and churches prayer is powerfully alive. Praise God :-)
Sadly true ...
Isaiah 56-7 "for my house will be called a house of prayer". Yes churches have been lax at following Jesus's directives regarding prayer. He expects us to be in relationship with him and the only way we can fulfill this expectation is through spending time with him getting to know him better through prayer . If we truly want him to start a revival through our churches we must be on our knees praying.

Shalom, Amen to that R. Alan Streett! Your statement:  "The weekly evening prayer meeting has gone by the way of the dinosaur or has been replaced by programs. And when we finally get around to praying,we focus on everything but the things of the kingdom." is so very right on the money. Prayer meetings that are more like Bible Studies or mini sermons take us away from what The L-RD truly desires us to be, a people of prayer. When I was a lad we would go to my Aunt Mae's home every Thursday for what they called Cottage Prayer meetings. Arrive there at 6:00 P.M. and leave sometime near 11:00 or so. At least my mom and dad and an couple other folks would leave, a few of the other folks would stay way longer. Prayer is the fuel that fires a fellowship. Sadly now it's no more than the little slips of paper in the little loaf box on the table that counts as  reading The Word.

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