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Agree / Disagree? ~ "The prayer life of a typical Western church is anemic at best"

"Frankly, many of our churches lack heaven's blessings because they no longer devote the time necessary to prayer. Many churches have abandoned congregational prayer and even the pastoral prayer. When was the last time your pastor and the congregation spent a sustained amount of time in corporate prayer?"

"The prayer life of a typical Western church is anemic at best."

"The weekly evening prayer meeting has gone by the way of the dinosaur or has been replaced by programs. And when we finally get around to praying,we focus on everything but the things of the kingdom."

"Now is the time for pastors and the laity alike to transform their congregations into kingdom-driven churches. A good place to start is with prayer."

R. Alan Streett, Heaven on Earth (Harvest House)

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Definitely agree
Amen and again I say amen! It was a sad day when we quit having services filled with prayer and testimony.

I also agree. 

Strongly agree. I have been trying to get ours off and running. But I do believe that we must first have an individual encounter with God through prayer first on a consistant basis first. Then comes the corporate prayer.

I'm reading Bonhoffer right now and I think it would be a wonderful thing to be taught by him.  He was a man of prayer and I am not certain there will be another one of his standards.  Shame on us for giving up God for the world.


I agree that we are lacking in our time of prayer as individuals and in corporate settings. It seems hard for people to come to the realization that prayer is a necessity for spiritual strengthening and sustainability. People seem to be consumed, preoccupied, distracted and uninterested when it comes to prayer. I come from a family of Christian believers. Believe it or not it is a challenge to help them understand the need to pray. Yes, there are Pastors, Evangelist, Missionaries, etc and still it is hard for them to come together in prayer. We can come together for other occasions but prayer is another story. So, I pose a question, "How can we encourage others to pray especially church leaders and Christian believers?" I believe the church, the body of Christ, is the leader in the earth when it comes to hope, help, healing, salvation etc. Whatever we are doing because we are the light and the salt effects the lives of others. Are we part of the problem or solution? Let's determine in our hearts and minds to stay committed and dedicated to prayer and encourage others to do the same. Then others will desire that which we have in Jesus Christ, eternal life.  We must come up with some strategic plans thats given by the Holy Spirit. It's getting real bad in the earth.  WE MUST PRAY! PrayOn!


Highly recommend If Men Would Pray by T.M. Moore.  A little booklet with punch and available at the Fellowship of Ailbe website,  

Yes - more prayer is needed, especially heart felt and sincere prayer.

I encourage all agreeing with this to help to encourage, lead, train, inspire, and model prayer. Don't just leave it to the Pastor, but help start the fire of prayer in your church and group.

Thank God there are exceptions - but sadly the assessment is true. Through the 90s we were serving in Ukraine as missionaries. God was giving glorious revival and church plants were reaping tremendous harvest. It was not at all uncommon for times of spontaneous congregational prayer to extend for an hour or more, demonstrating cycles of worship and celebration, weeping and repentance, and intercessory supplication. The Spirit was so powerfully sensed as God guided hungry seekers in prayer that this was often the very highlight of the services... followed by or punctuated with the reading and declaration of God's word. What wonderful times and the churches grew in grace and in number.  The sad thing was when we would come home on furlough and attend services with our 6 children... who were always amazed at and questioned the common prayer experience in most of the churches - which seldom lasted 1 minute and had about that much substance. I have been in many parts of the world and have witnessed both powerful and anemic prayer. The common reality that drives people to prayer is hardship and suffering that brings a felt need of God. It is then that people seek earnestly and God moves. We see that in scripture and in history. Yes, we are in need of revival. I certainly am.

For the most part I would agree with this.  Our church has fit this description for a while.  A few of us have been praying for the Lord to change this.  This morning some of us prayed for and in our newly renovated sanctuary to give it to the Lord.  As we prayed the group grew and people who had not prayed with us before joined our small group.  We still have a very long way to go but  with the Holy Spirit at work it is not impossible for things to change.  "Where two or more are gathered..."  A wise friend of mine once said that "ministry is one person at a time".  I have found that true for prayer ministry as well.

Strongly agree with this

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