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"Prayer works!" might be a catchy bumper sticker phrase but in reality, if the act of praying is the source of people being helped, healed or given hope, then it is more magic than authentic conversation with God.

Agree or disagree below . . . with a statement, a story, a scripture . . .

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I agree.  Prayer does not work. God is at work.  The emphasis is God.

Hi Phil.  I strongly agree that it's not prayer that works, but God that works when His people pray--and submit to His perfect will.  The scene in the Bible that came very vividly to my mind as I typed those words is Jesus on His knees in the Garden of Gethsemane praying earnestly to be released from what He knew would be the excruciating separation from His Father and bearing the weight of mankind's sin.  He concluded His prayer with "May your will be done."  May that be our prayer, as He is our source of hope.

Prayer begins when we say, You are God, and I am not.”  Prayer begins when we acknowledge our frailty.  We may say many prayers before that moment, but we only begin an authentic conversation with God when we realize our utter dependency upon Him.

I've heard an atheist support not believing in God partly because "prayer doesn't work." So there are many who could benefit from this discussion. Most on this site would agree there is no power in prayer without God working through it. If the believer who prays aligns their prayers with God's will as revealed in Scripture then I trust He is working on the prayer request even if the answer is not fully revealed for years. We ask for healing even when the ultimate healing of salvation has already happened. So if God lets a loved one who is a believer pass on to heaven can we justify saying God did not answer our prayer or that prayer does not work?

I only can say that if you consider prayer magic, then your relationship with God is minimized considerably.  In the bible, I find many verses related to prayer... pray unceasingly, whatever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive, in everything by prayer, prayer of faith shall save the sick... and so many more verses.  In my personal life, my oldest daughter (teen at the time) was in crisis.  Every day I took her to prayer over something and every day my prayers were answered... so much so that people around me wanted "what I had" and I told them I had God at my side.  No, prayer works and it works because we ask in faith, it works because it falls in God's plans and it works because God promised... and today, my oldest daughter is a child of God's and raised her children to love God with all their hearts.  God knew.  I only had to dedicate her problems to prayer, a conversation where I asked God to help and it was His will to do so.  Prayer works. 

Perhaps you should say "We pray. God works." I keep reading and re-reading your statement and think it isn't Biblically logical. Jesus taught us to pray for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done -- that includes people being helped, healed or given hope. God is all powerful, but He moves in response to our prayers. He could do it all on His own, but has chosen to use feeble and frail individuals, His creation, who come to Him with all our requests. What He has promised is His perfect peace as we make our requests with thanksgiving and without anxiety, knowing He is near -- whatever the outcome, He is near. Our attitude is everything. If we come before His throne clothed in the righteous robes of Christ because we abide in Him, our hearts will cry out to Him for the very things that are on His heart. If we come to Him demanding our own way, not so much!

Prayer isn't magic.  God is sovereign and He has a plan for our lives.  He loves His children and wants to hear from them and he wants to bless them.  When we place our lives, problems, etc. in His hands through prayer, we are recognizing that He is in control and He has our best interests in mind - even when He answers with  "no" or "not now".

As a believer and prayer warrior, I have learned to express the desires of my heart to God in prayer and then to tell Him that what I truly want is His will for the situation - whatever it may be.  I recognize that His ways are better than my way, so I yield my will to His.  At the end of the day, I am at peace and He has not disappointed me yet - even when the answer is different than I would like. 

God answers prayer in the morning, at noon, in the evening. So, I'll keep my heart in tune with HIM!!
We should always pray and not faint.

I wholeheartedly agree.  Prayer truly does work if we are not praying amiss. We must be true to God alone.  I believe God answers all prayers in His perfect time and way.  Sometimes the answer is "yes", sometimes it is "no" and other times it is "wait."  Many times in my life the answer has been "wait" but I know a delay is not a denial. Praying to God does work and it will definitely bring hope to a weary soul.

Agree, Philippians 4:6-7.

Many believe that prayer works, "if it is God' will". Instead, prayer works when we ask for things that can't be done otherwise. Prayer is where faith starts. Each believer is given of the Holy Spirit according to two things, how much they ask for and how much they use and as we use our faith it grows. Imagine this, LORD God Almighty had so much Holy Spirit he decided to share it with created beings for the sole purpose of relationship through action. Anointing comes when someone with great faith, gives some of their faith to someone else, this is sadly lacking in much of the church. Paul talks about faith without action is dead, I agree. We as believers are like doctors. We allow doctors to practice on us. As we practice on one another and unbelievers our faith grows. Don't be afraid to take action as long as your willing to humbly learn and grow. Dream big dreams, the guy with no arms and legs did, Bethany Hamilton did, Derek Robello did, so am I. Part time street corner evangelist, civic activist, You Tuber with 1100+ videos Floraspec, tea (together everyone advances) party, Freedom Works, Oathkeepers, plant propagation, fruit tree maintenance, etc.

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