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After 6+ years of careful study and research of Hebrew letters and Names of God, learning the meanings of the Hebrew letters, and applying those meanings to determine Ancient Meanings of Names of God, this research is finally published! Some of you have followed my work on this project here on Pray.Network.  I am happy to say that it is available on Amazon in its completed form. 

The title is ‘31 Names of God’. I, Lewis Turner, am the researcher and author.

31 Names of God were chosen for the study, and the book was organized so it could be used for a devotional for a month. I invite you to use the book in that manner. This study is helpful in learning the ancient meanings of the Names of God, and it also helped to use them in giving praise to God!

If you are inclined to make a detailed study, there is a lot in this book that can help you.

Here is a review that Pastor Phil Miglioratti made:

It is obvious this study is the result of your obedience... and a labor of love.

You have produced a resource that is research-based yet user-friendly.

The format provides translation information but also challenges personal application. This is a discipleship tool; guides seekers but also matures followers.

The appendices are each useful but as a whole, they give credibility to your scholarship; a confidence builder for seeking-disciples and following -disciples.

This is a personal opinion of mine; and I am NOT a Hebrew language scholar!
When Moses asks God to reveal God’s name, God says (paraphrase): “I AM.” In space-time past, I AM; in your present moment in space-time, I AM; in space-time future,I AM. Self-existing. Inescapable. Wholly and holy other.Unfathomable.

In my humble opinion, God is not revealing a name but is directing us to recognize the core ‘DNA’ of all His names and attributes. God always IS; alive, life-giving, outside of and in control of time. Yahweh is more a descriptor than a definition or name. God is the verb ‘to be’ so God’s nature/essence/reality is the source of everything, in every place, in every moment of time.

The many names attributed to God are each expressions of this descriptor and all stem from the only God who can claim to ‘be’ the source of space, time, and matter.


It is available in Paperback and in Kindle format. 

I would ask if you purchase the Kindle format, please let me know how the type appears.  Conversion from one format computer to another--interesting things happen.  I personally do not have kindle, and I need help in ensuring that it looks good. I saw one version where a few returns did not work in the table of contents.  I want to ensure the best copy is what you get.  You can let me know through contacting me through This would be a Great Help to me.

I just receive my printed Author copies, and Amazon did a great publishing job.

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