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2nd Vision Action Plan Revealed!

August 18, 2010

God is moving by His Spirit, and the time has come for us to reveal the 2nd Vision Action Plan so you can begin preparing and help us get the word out! This is a very critical and strategic time in America, and in this Campaign.

In May of 2009 came the Vision of a Great Awakening sweeping from the West Coast to the East Coast. Then, January 12th of this year came a 2nd Vision showing a key strategy we believe will have great impact on America. If Christians and churches all across the nation will participate, not only will we touch God's heart and move His hand, but it will capture our nation's attention, as we take prayer into the streets of America.

Imagine...All across America from the West Coast – East Cost... God’s People gathering at flag poles, praying for our nation. Relentlessly EVERYDAY – until we see God pour out His Spirit, like rain upon America!

What: A Call for all Christians to begin DAILY Prayer at the Flagpoles across America until we see a Great Awakening as described in the 1st Vision.

When: Christians everywhere join the "Pray, America! Pray!" Campaign on Wednesday, September 22nd as we (in conjunction with the "See You at the Pole" event) kick off the DAILY Prayer Campaign at the flagpoles across America. We are asking Christians everywhere to make a commitment to PRAY EVERY DAY at the flagpoles until we see God come and pour out His Spirit across this nation. See the 1st Vision Video of the Great Awakening here. Also see "The Course of a Nation is in our Hands...Pray!" message.

Where: Flagpoles at Government buildings, Schools, Businesses, Communities, etc. – everywhere there's a flagpole with an American flag.

Who: Mobilization of Christians and churches across the nation. If your Church is not yet participating, then please encourage them to connect with us here.


2nd Vision: Logo and Flagpole Vision
January 12, 2010
It was several months after the original Vision of "Pray, America! Pray!" that I was in an intense time of prayer regarding the Campaign. I was asking God, “God what do you want this to look like? Show us Your heart. Show us the details.” And, as I prayed, I began to see the Logo, I saw the words PRAY, then a Flagpole, and then AMERICA PRAY. The Flagpole really stood out to me, and then God began to show me what I believe is His Strategy.

The Flagpoles would become like an icon of this Campaign as they represent America, and are everywhere. He was showing me they are in every Community, at every School, every College and University, and at every Government building. All these are public places where we can gather legally, whenever we want to. They also represent the key areas in our nation that need to be saturated in prayer, such as Government and Education.

I could see God’s plan to call His people to rally for daily prayer across the nation, at the flagpoles until we see a Great Awakening in America. And, as I prayed I saw the Logo with a Nationwide marketing campaign and Media Blitz, including a strong Publicity Campaign saturating America so it could not be missed. I could see it on Billboards, Buses – everywhere – so no one could miss it.

This is where we take the Campaign into the Streets for all of America to see and hear God’s cry for our great country to turn back to Him. As all of this takes place, we believe the Spirit of God will be moving, and the unsaved and prodigals will be drawn to God, by His Spirit.

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See the 1st Vision of a Great Awakening

To see an overview of the full "Pray, America! Pray!" Plan & Strategy click here.

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