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Anyone in prayer ministry is at the frontline of battle, and is constantly under attack. He or she has to survive. Anyone in prayer ministry is a diisciple of Jesus Christ, and wants to reach the end and win the glory, What do we do? We have win the battle; we have to race to the finishing line, hail and hearty.

The Lord gave me the word below, which I want to share with fellow warriors, just for edification and encouragement. Read on:



(A Word for the Disciple—John 15:5)


The disciple has a life-long project defined by God. God does not only define the project, but also the path to accomplish it. God sends the Holy Spirit to work and operate within the disciple. Along with identifying the project, the disciple should be conscious of the presence of the Holy Spirit within. With this awareness, the disciple carries out the project with grace and ease.


The Lord operated in our human form with all the concerns that we have and all the stresses that we go through. Did He give in to these? No. He was always in touch with the Father on the project. And every meeting keeps the vision clear, makes the road clear, and draws the end near.


What should the disciple do regularly?

  • Ask for knowledge; never presume you have it.
  • Ask for understanding; never presume you have it.
  • Ask for wisdom; never presume you have it.
  • Ask for the way; never presume it is anyway.
  • Ask for the how; never presume it is anyhow.
  • Ask for the timing; never presume it is anytime.
  • Ask for the strength; never presume you are strong.
  • Ask for perfection; never presume you have attained.
  • Ask for help; never be self-reliant.


Regular in His presence morning and evening,

   We meet His conditions, and

   Get to the end with verve.

We run this race with God alone,

   At no time do we plod along.

The way of the kingdom is a life with God;

   We cannot walk without His guide.

Race to the end with an even pace;

   Never drop for reason of strength,

   Nor limp to the finishing line.

Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi

(Mon. 26 July 2010)

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