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Sometimes the student in a class who asks a lot of questions is labeled as a “wise guy.”  Instead of that negative label, I believe that questions generally lead to better understanding. For example I believe good teachers encourage asking questions, and they generally respond positively to good questions from their students. I take the opportunity to ask a few questions in my Thinkables and will do so today. If I am doing a good job of encouraging you to think some new thoughts, then you will likely come up with some good questions.

This year I have asked quite a few people to think about examples if they believe they live in a broken world. I can’t think of anyone who was unable to think of some examples. A good question for someone who lives in a broken world is, “why wouldn’t a powerful and caring God fix a broken world?” Have you ever asked that question? What is your answer? This survey alone should be enough to cause many to want to see what God says in defense of himself in the written record he has provided us.

I have presented his answer to quite a few people, and although some have delayed applying it to their lives, no one has yet argued against God’s answer. Certainly no one has come up with a good alternative answer.

So here’s another question for you. I find that most people are too busy, or have other excuses for not searching God’s word in order to know where they stand with him and what kind of a future he has prepared for them. I find it very strange that we spent a lot of time, money, and effort, to investigate things that are high up on our interest list, but many shy away from any serious investigation of where they are going to spend eternity, and what it will be like.

So here is an offer for you. Please spend 15 minutes this week pondering any practical question you might have about eternity and how to gain confidence regarding possibilities and plans pertaining to your own destination. If you will email me a question or two, I will do my best to provide answers, and the basis for my answers.

When Joseph was imprisoned for 13 years he impressed inmates and officials with his demeanor, positive attitude, and godly answers to their questions. This reputation eventually led to Joseph being appointed number two man in all of Egypt, where he saved thousands from starvation in a widespread famine. I have a friend in the Bonham jail at this moment who has a similar well-deserved reputation. The evidence of this is that 12 of 13 inmates in his POD attend his daily Bible study, ask him to pray for them and their family, and seek his spiritual guidance.

God honors our questions as you can readily see by reading the book of Job. He loves to answer our serious questions, even though his answers often differ from what we might expect. I’m not aware of a downside if you choose to take me up on my offer. God loves us enough to give us free choice, including our freedom to reject His provision to develop a personal relationship with us (should we choose to initiate one}.

I am waiting to hear your questions.

Note: you can access feedback interactions from Q&A at!forum/thinkables  see replies and perspectives on Q&A Thinkable feedback

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