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Recently, Jonathan Friz (a featured member of our network and a prayer leader colleague) asked an important question ...

"I would like to hear your heart for i'm really bad at social media (not even on facebook), but i'd love to hear more of your heart for it."

My Response - This is exactly what I hope every member is asking ... and praying: "Lord, what is your purpose and plan for this network of prayer-focused, prayer-driven people? How can I best benefit and how can I make a significant contribution to the Body of Christ?"

As I have been praying and listening, these hopes and dreams  flood my mind and heart:
  • You are correct. offers many of the same tools that are available on most social media sites. But. While our purpose is similar (community built out sharing life information), our focus is radically different. "Social media" is, well, social, Fun, friendship, sometimes foolishness. We utilize social media tools to build a community that results in worship (adoration of our Lord), discipleship (scripture-rooted transformation into the image of Christ), fellowship (with one another in the Spirit), leadership (prayer champions are desperately needed in our congregations and ministries), stewardship (more effective use of spiritual gifts to serve so many have to explore and experience life-giving prayer), partnership (congregations and ministries living out the unity Jesus prayed for in John 17), and citizenship (relating to our culture through a praying, caring, sharing the Good News lifestyle)
  • I see clearly the need for a transition from a passive archive (and a very good one, at that) to an active learning community. Each member enjoying the benefits of reading, reviewing, researching on the site but also taking more seriously the opportunity of reaching-out and blessing others by posting, commenting, uploading - In other words, an active learning community.
  • I want to one day be the home of 250 prayer-driven or prayer related ministry organizations (publishers, trainers, resource-ers) and 250 of the best prayer champions (authors, pastors, prayer coordinators, conveners and coaches) from North America and across the globe. Each one contributing at least monthly.
  • Yet, I want the members of who have not published a book or produced a nationally renowned prayer guide, are equally valuable. The question they ask, the comment they make, the article they link us to, may just be what the Lord chooses to use to build up another believer. Maybe when that woman or man, senior or student, needed it the most. 
  • At 5 years old, we have only just begun. We need a continuing increase from our current levels of 4794 members (how many thousands of prayer-starved Christ followers would be transformed from the fresh thought and best practices already available on, 1244 (most-of-them) inspiring photos and 255 corporate-prayer-prompting videos, 1162 roundtable disciple-making discussions, 1866 thought-provoking blogposts, 364 prayer-related events, and 93 affinity-focused groups.
  • One day I hope a new member, when asked how they found our learning community, says something like: "My friend/pastor/Sunday School teacher/Bible study leader/prayer team captain ... The book I was reading/website I was reviewing ... recommended as a one-of-a-kind place for all-things-prayer. It did not promote one person's ministry or one specific company or product; it promoted everyone and every group who "promote" Christ-centered, biblically-based, life-changing, community-impacting prayer. And they were correct." is dedicated to serving the Holy Spirit's Prayer Movement, which is why I invite every prayer champion, prayer coordinator, praying pastor, prayer author, to bring us their comments and questions, guides and newsletters, sermon and seminar notes. Plus, that devotion to prayer, causes me to send "friendly invitations" to stranger and friend alike, because I know they will find something or someone that will help them be "transformed by the renewing of their mind about the purpose and pleasures of prayer.

If we become average or stagnant, it is my fault. If we thrive in learning to love greater the one to whom and with whom and through whom we pray, our community has succeeded. Succeeded in serving well the prayer movement at an increasingly desperate time in global history. 

Will you change history with me, with us?

Phil Miglioratti
Your servant

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Comment by Bernie Lutchman on January 12, 2015 at 7:22pm

Amen brother Phil! This is an amazing vision and I am along side you as much as I am able! Praise God for what He has given you as this ministry will grow and grow to touch many hearts for Christ, in Jesus' Name amen.

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