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Praying Together Course - Update and Praying for Government and Prayer for the Nation

The Syllabus for the Praying Together Course is posted here for those not in the course, who may wish to take the course.


Praying-Together Course



Lesson Plans


     Module 1 Praying Together         

          Lesson 1  Class Purpose, Prayer Basics, and Foundation

          Lesson 2  Prayer, Tying into God’s Purpose Using Keys Found in the Scriptures to Help Us Pray 

          Lesson 3  What Does Prayer Involve, and Why Can it Be  Difficult?

          Lesson 4  Head Prayer? Or Heart Prayer?

          Lesson 5  Preparing Yourself for a Prayer Partner                            

          Lesson 6  Personal Preparation Before Prayer with a Prayer Partner

          Lesson 7   Finding a prayer partner

          Lesson 8   Encouraging People to Pray    

          Lesson 9   Developing Relationships and Prayer

          Lesson 10 Groups

          Lesson 11 Group-Praying Formats

          Lesson 12 Power of a Praying Church

          Lesson 13 Developing a Prayer Culture in the Church

          Lession14 Course Reflection week (was lesson 18)


A Note from the Facilitator/Writer of the Praying Together Course:


A few month’s ago, we completed the first offering of the first module of  the above course on Pray!Network.  About 2 months ago more wanted to take the course, and now we are reposting the reflection questions with a link to the lesson.  The reposting of the reflection questions is done to help a person to move forward in working the lessons.  We are not very far into the course, and it would not take long for any who want to take the course to catch up with others already started.  To allow some time for catch-up, the next scheduled posting will be around the first of September. 


I would like to share from my observations of those who have gone through the course, what has helped.


  • First--commit to working the whole course--those who made the commitment to work EVERY lesson—learned the most.  This commitment took humility to come and ask the Lord to teach them through the lessons of the course; and to let the Lord worked in their hearts in a manner that helped them in their relationship with the Lord; and help them in being able to pray with others. 


  • Work every lesson—look up the scripture—some in the course have tried to just read the lessons, but reading lessons is not enough—the best way is to work every lesson, even if some lessons seem very elementary to you.  This may be true in some of the first lessons designed to take those with little training and help them.  Still the Lord can use those lessons will help you, especially as you move from one lesson to the next.  Again—those who worked the lessons, learned the most, and the Lord used that learning to help them grow in their Christian life, and in prayer.


  • Work the Reflection Questions--I highly encourage anyone taking the course to take the time to respond to the reflection questions.  Putting your thoughts down on paper and responding in the comment sections of the Praying Together Course discussion on Pray, can be a challenge for some.  However, I personally have found much encouragement when I have done the same in sharing my reflections.  There are those in the past who took time to work the reflection questions and humbled themselves before the Lord.  They found the Lord helping them grow in their Christian walk with the Lord.


  • A Completion Certificate is Available—when the course is completed, for those who have taken time to work reflection questions, and completed the course.   This Certificate is from Wheatland Ministries, who developed the course.


I encourage all of you to take the challenge, and take the course.  My wife and I wrote this course to encourage others to pray together, which is what we believe that Christ wants.  I know the Lord will take the scripture in the course and course instruction to work His plans for each of us in Praying-Together as we work through the course.



Special Lesson:   Prayer for Government and Prayer for the Nation

Anytime we have a major election in our nation, many wonder how they should vote.  This lesson does not tell anyone how to vote, but focuses on scripture that can help us pray God’s way in upcoming elections.  It also challenges us to search the scriptures as the Bereans did in Acts chapter 17. It is important to let the principles in scripture guide us as we come to important elections. 


Module 2

Lessons on Praying for Your Children and Grand Children are Planned—stay tuned!

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Comment by Lewis Turner on December 10, 2012 at 4:25pm


There is no charge for the course.  Just go to the group 'Praying Together Class', and start working the lessons.  I do encourage all who want to take the course to work the reflection questions with each lesson and share your thoughts on one of the reflection questions with the class.  Taking time to work those questions has helped others, and enables us to be able to answer questions that you might have as you progress in the lessons.

The pod-casts for each lesson will be produced at the rate of about one lesson a month.  The links to the podcasts once developed will be placed in the course syllabus.

I hope this helps--I have worked on developing this course for 6-7 years now, and with my wife's editing and help, it is a great course.  I hope the podcasts will help even more.

One more item--for those who need it, a certificate of completion will be provided on request.  To obtain one, we will need to see participation--ie posting of thoughts on reflection questions from the lessons. 

Thank you for your question, and I encourage you to move ahead with the course.


Lewis Turner

Course Facilitator

Comment by Lovie Anderson on December 10, 2012 at 12:27pm

How do I sign up for the course and how much do it cost?

Comment by Lewis Turner on November 24, 2012 at 8:33pm


The course is open enrollment and anytime.  Work the course at your pace.  Two lessons are now in podcast format as well as all the written lessons being posted on Pray!Network.  We will be producing podcasts of the lessons at a rate of about one per month until all lessons are on podcasts.

So--start any time you want.  We look forward to your being a part of the course.

Also, the Children and Prayer Course, Module 2 is now being presented in the Children and Prayer Group. We are working on podcasts for the first four lessons.  The first one has been presented, and the podcasts for the remaining lessons will also be produced at the rate of about one per month until the 4 lessons are in podcast format.  Then we will work on the remaining planned three lessons of that module.

If you want to join that course, it too has open enrollment, meaning you can start anytime and work at your own pace.


Lewis Turner

Course Facilitator

Comment by Cynthia Patton on November 24, 2012 at 7:04pm

When would be the next opportunity to enroll in this course?


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