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Praying Into Another Person’s Vision

Praying into another person’s vision


We live in a highly individualistic society—which carries over into our prayer life—many of us pray alone—and we justify that by showing in the Bible various occasions where Christ went and prayed alone.—We also look at the prayer closet (Matthew 6: 6)—as reason to pray alone.  Even with these times mentioned in the Bible when Christ prayed alone, the Bible also mentions about Christ taking a few of his disciples with him to pray.  Matthew 17: 1-9  


When we look at prayer, and fundamental points of prayer—which can be called elements, (See ‘Prayer Elements’ at the following link:, these Prayer elements work together in a way that might be called acts of love of a person on the behalf of others.  (See ‘Prayer is an Act of Love’—link: .


The context of prayer being made on the behalf of others, can refer to both individual and corporate prayer when it comes to upholding someone else.  Part of that prayer could be—in a practical sense prayer..:


  • That their vision will be aligned with God’s Word
  • For their vision- that the Lord will work the details out—including the nitty gritty details—
  • For needed recourses including financing or other need,
  • Asking people to join in prayer as prayer partners,
  • Asking for people to join as advisors or a board--people who have a similar vision or calling (we need to ask the Lord to bring these people together).


Many times, the Lord has given us a vision, but we seem stymied.  Others when they pray often pray once or twice for someone’s vision, but regular praying into that vision—er—uh—oops—we don’t do it very well—and we often move on praying for other things once we prayed once or twice.  I do know there are some intercessors who will take the challenge to regularly pray for someone’s vision—but they are few in number. 


Taking the time to regularly pray for a friend’s vision could make a difference of your friend being able to move ahead.  It seems that sometimes the Lord waits to answer until others join together in their prayers—exactly what may be happening in the spiritual realm that causes hold back of our prayers being answered, and keeping us from moving forward — is not always clear.  When that happens, it could also be a time of needed preparation or training for us.  Even when answers seem long in coming and there is sometimes a wait in seeing a vision come about, the principle agreeing together is Biblical, in accordance with Matthew 18:19, must not be neglected.  It is important to keep that vision before the Lord.  Consider the example of the woman who kept a request before a judge.  See Luke 18:2-8.  I believe that when Christ shared that story in Luke 18:2-8, He was teaching us to keep our requests before Him.  Praying regularly for someone’s vision is doing just that. 


Perhaps the gist of what I am bringing up here is—would you be willing to join with someone and pray for their vision-regularly?


Now if one does desire to pray for someone, and seeks the Lord on how to pray into that person’s vision—how do we know what to pray for—????  We all like to see clearly, but the Bible says we see through a glass dimly (I Corinthians 13:12).  The result is that we have to depend on God to lead us one item at a time.  This may also require reading between the lines, and asking the Lord for wisdom and discernment on the issues at hand. This would be difficult for someone, but with God’s help it can be done.  Also, it takes a willingness to sense someone else’s burden and involve yourself with that person and learn first hand about their vision/burden.  Once you have an understanding of their vision—what it is, joining together with them in prayer is like taking a weight off a weary traveler.  The action of Aaron and Hur made it possible for Moses to hold up his arms in a major battle when Joshua fought Amalek.  See Exodus 17: 9-13.  Watching out for, praying for, and helping each other is the action that can make it possible to complete/move forward on accomplishing their vision.  That is the action of a true friend.  


In considering what the action of a friend can do in the area of prayer, we need to remember that man was not meant to walk alone.  We need to encourage each other.  We need others to listen to us, listen to the Lord, and seeking God’s word—to help us in seeking God’s thoughts—not only our thoughts, but thoughts and actions that help each other.


In addition to praying for your friend, we should also seek the Lord to include those in our churches to pray for our vision that:


  • That your friend’s church will encourage and pray for the vision.


Why pray for their church?—perhaps that church is so self focused—churches are like people—that they fail to bring in help that the Lord provides—which may be what the individual needs to move ahead with the vision the Lord has given.


What is happening when we pray into a friend’s vision—that action is a true act of friendship that is important in helping your friend move ahead.  Proverbs 18: 24 says:  “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”


Also Hebrews 3: 13 says to “…exhort one another daily,” and such action is a true act of friendship.


Praying with a friend for their vision is honoring to God and encourages each other which the Word of God says we are to do. 




**Have you prayed for someone’s desire or vision to serve?  What can you share from that experience that would encourage us on how the Lord worked when you and others prayed for a vision?


**What does it mean pray without ceasing when it comes to praying for someone’s vision?


**Does the individualism that impacts our society, keep us from praying for someone else’s desire to serve the Lord or their vision?


**Do we understand the importance of importunate prayer (Link: when it comes to praying for someone else and their vision?


**there may be other reasons not touched on in the above reflection questions of items that affect our praying for the vision of someone else.  Would you be kind enough to share some?

©2014 Lewis Turner

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