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Good Will or God’s Will



I still remember the time I handed my will over for God’s will.


I was a very successful highly trained medical professional who just reached the paradigm of jobs with the most highly rated Biotech Company in the US at the time.

It was a good job and as a medical provider I had helped a lot of people.


I wanted to work there for life and I basically had my future planned.


God laughed.


He also loved me enough to let that door slam shut.


When in my grief I cried out to Him-what now?


He told me to yield my will and finally let His be done instead.




I was camping twice when He revealed to me what it was.


God moves simply and at times in your most humble situations.


So different than mine was the journey of His plan for my life.


It was not medicine at all but music and ministry.


He made that clear through a vision that was so real it scared me.


When I said Lord I know nothing about music-I am a nurse and a good one.


He laughed.


When He calls us to do something we can’t…the only way is through Him.




I was too at first, and cried many tears trying and failing but submitting to God’s will is an adventure that will last your lifetime and it is done simply:


One Day at a Time.


The first thing I do everyday is a kind of ritual but it is really important.


I slip out of bed and on to my knees professing: I can’t Lord, but You can. I ask that You will. Your will be done today.


The rest is not my plan but His.


Truthfully, this is still a work in progress and should I divert-He plans the abort.


Yea, everyday I do not know what to expect and don’t have it all planned out.


God now has room to do, as He wants.


That is your Isaac sacrifice and your mountain top experience.


I admit I have slipped and done my will many times but it is futile and excruciating, so with the Lord’s help I will not walk out of the touch of the Holy Spirit again.


I do not now how He will use me or why.


Now, of course-you can’t just show up at work and announce that God’s will is vital and that is what you plan to do today-you’ll get fired.


It is a spiritual state of mind.


He is Spirit and Truth and over which we have no control but He will guide us, if and only if we allow.


A very anointed prophet once told me once something that frees me today. We don’t have to do all this stuff for God. All we have to do is His will.


Be led auspiciously to God’s will by yourself and those who will teach you correctly.


Recently, I watched a poignant video of a man who died on an operating table still young and with a basic good health other than the aneurysm that burst. He asked his guardian angel to take him to God to plead for his life to continue on the earth.


Fully expecting the Lord to be pleased with him and all the time since his youth he had done good deeds and worked in his Church…


When God Almighty opened his mouth and spoke His wrath instead, that the man had not pleased Him because it was all his own will to please himself and look good and feel good which had nothing to do with God’s will-he was stunned.


We all need to ask ourselves that very question if it matters to you what He will say when you see Him.


Lord are you pleased? Am I in your plan or in Your way?


Have courage and no fear when you ask the Lord this question.


He will answer you.


Then, He will allow you to choose-good will or God’s will.


You are the only one who can lay down your will.


The day you do it, you will remember.


God’s best,

The Tatum’s

Creators of “The Victory Prayer” a covers all the bases daily profession of Christian prayer.


Speaking the word activates our faith…we need God to intervene in every area and it starts with our profession and continues with our submission.


www.JohnTatumNetwork .com


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