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Grandparents may not have financial wealth to pass on to their children, grandchildren, and future descendants. However, it is only 10 days until National Grandparents’ Day.

Let’s invest in a Spiritual Trust Fund for our grandchildren by making it a Grandparents’ Day of Prayer on September 13.

Author Jennifer Kennedy Dean shares in her book, The Legacy of Prayer, about a spiritual trust fund that will only increase in value. She writes, “We can leave behind for our descendants a spiritual trust that can never be stolen, squandered, or lost. We can lay up a storehouse of imperishable wealth by praying for our grandchildren and future generations. Our prayers are deposits in their spiritual trust fund and will be for withdrawals when needed.”      

Our descendants do not inherit salvation. Nevertheless, we can pray our descendants will live in a constant awareness of God’s presence. Be firmly established in His Word, which will prepare their hearts for the time when they are presented an opportunity to step into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   

We read in Proverbs 14:26, “He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a refuge.” Jennifer Kennedy Dean also says, “As we seek the Lord ourselves, we are laying up treasures for future generations by the way God is reflected in our lives. As we invest in our own walk with the Lord and our prayers for our grandchildren and future generations, we are investing in eternity.”2 Now that is a great investment return all of us would enjoy seeing.   

I am happy to have the opportunity to invest in a Spiritual Trust Fund for each of my grandchildren, and now my three great-granddaughters. 

Let’s make Grandparents’ Day of Prayer on September 13 a day of investing prayers in the lives of our grandchildren, their parents and future generations. Help us promote this event by forwarding this blog to your friends and sharing it with your friends on Facebook.

I feel like God is waiting for us, as grandparents to unite in prayer to keep our grandchildren from falling captive to the enemy’s deception in the world they are living. I often hear grandparents say, “I may not be around very long, but I am really concerned about the future for my grandchildren.” That statement reminds me of the urgency of developing a spiritual trust fund filled with prayer for my grandchildren.  

Will you invite a group of grandparents to join you or commit to deliberately pray alone on September 13 for your dear grandchildren and their parents by going to http://www.grandparentsdayofprayer?

The greatest gift we can give our

children, grandchildren and future generations

is the legacy of a praying grandparent.

By Lillian Penner, Prayer Coordinator for Christian Grandparenting Network,

1.   Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Legacy of Prayer Birmingham, New Hope Publishers, p. 15.

2.   Ibid p.48-49



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