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Pray America! Pray!

August 2, 2010

Contact: Darrel deVille

Dallas Ministry Launches National "Pray, America! Pray!" Campaign
Dallas, TX – August 2, 2010

Shekinah Today Ministries announces the national launch of the “Pray, America! Pray!” Campaign – an urgent call for National repentance and prayer on a massive scale, from the Pulpits, to the Pews, then to the Multitudes.

Darrel and Cindy deVille, founders of Shekinah Today Ministries, believe 2010 is a defining year for America, and God in His abundant mercy, is giving His Church and America a “Window of Time” to respond to His cry for repentance and daily prayer to help change the course of this nation, before it’s too late.

Cindy says, “Like a prodigal, America has been raging down a path of self-destruction, and now our nation hangs in the balance. What we do or don't do as His leaders and people will determine the course of this nation – either the Greatest Awakening ever seen or the fall and destruction of America, including a serious economic collapse, war in the streets and on our shores. I also see a greater persecution of Christians coming if things don’t change. This is very sobering, and we must act now! God is counting on His leaders and people to seize this moment, to humbly unite across the nation, in repentance and prayer, and lead America back to God.”

The founders believe the biblical solution to begin changing the course of America and bring a Great Awakening must include 3 Keys, implemented on a massive scale, locally and nationally:
1. Repentance – beginning with the pulpits of America.
2. Unity through humility – with one heart, in one accord, for one purpose.
3. Prayer – daily focused prayer.

“We see this in 2 Chronicles 7:14, prayer must include repentance and humility, along with unity, being in one accord, as they were before the great outpouring in the book of Acts. All 3 keys are integrated into the National ‘Pray, America! Pray!’ Campaign action plan.” says Darrel.

Shekinah Today Ministries is sending forth an URGENT call to Christian leaders and churches all across America to join them in the “Pray, America! Pray!” Campaign, which is a united effort across denominational lines to call for repentance, daily prayer, and strategic action to help turn America back to God.

The “Pray, America! Pray!” Campaign Plan shows how this can be implemented both individually and corporately on a local and national level. To learn more about this Campaign and how you or your organization can take action today and help bring a Great Awakening to America, visit their website at

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