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The joy of lost ones turning to God

We sometimes find it difficult and challenging to pray with real faith and love for Muslim people. Struggles with unbelief, anger or fear keep us from voicing what God longs to do for them. Most of us have Muslim friends or neighbors. How can we pray with real hope that God will fulfill all He has promised for these people who are so precious to Him?


Our God is continually on a “search and rescue” mission.…


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Pray great things. Hope great things!

Praying with purpose is simply praying for God to fulfill what He has already begun. Seek God for the City 2014 stirs up this kind of purposeful, “fulfill-it” prayers. Since God’s work is always a story, our best praying will be part of an ongoing story. Instead of using prayer as a “quick-fix” procedure that will supposedly get results if performed correctly, our prayers…


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Pray for all Muslim people until they are reached

WayMakers would like to commend this very timely prayer guide called 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. As you may know, Muslims observe a 30-day period of fasting, prayer and seeking God every year that they call "Ramadan." This is an ideal time to pray for God's purposes of love to be fulfilled in their lives and families. This year Ramadan falls…


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Join with the world on May 19 for Global Day of Prayer

The Global Day of Prayer is just a month away. This will be the ninth year that the United States will be participating in this sustained prayer movement. GDOP is a call to encounter God in repentance and prayer for the glory of Christ and the…


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Two more special ways to pray in hope this year

As we close the 40-day period of Seek God for the City 2013, the team at WayMakers have heard from some of the thousands who used to the prayer guide to pray beyond themselves toward great things God has promised, many of them for the first time. Here are a few examples:

“I love that you can cover the world in prayer in 40 days.”

“It brought us together to pray strategically for our city.”

“Allowed us to focus on needs outside our four…


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Seek God for the City: Fulfill-it prayers!

From Steve Hawthorne--

In these crazy days I want to urge you to continue praying with full-hearted confidence that God will act in the midst of our communities and families in ways that glorify His Son.

The only way I’ve seen people live and pray in such confidence is when their hope is shaped by God’s word and fixated on the life-giving power of the…


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Seek God for the City 2013 available now

Not all times are equal. There is a growing awareness in these days that God is calling people all over the world to seek Him as never before. The challenges we are facing are far greater than the solutions any political system can offer.

Seek God for the City 2013 helps open the way to pray God’s desires and purposes for our cities with fresh, clear, confident…


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Prepare to Pray in 2013

Next year’s Seek God for the City came off press last week. That is earlier than ever before. Here’s why: The WayMakers team thought it would be important to have it in the hands of leaders before the election in order to encourage God’s people to be ready to pray together next year with solid biblical hope.

I’m sure you are praying now along with millions of…


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Live from Jakarta TODAY at 1:30 Eastern time--GDOP broadcast

From the World Prayer Assembly in Jakarta, watch the GDOP ten-day kickoff today on GOD TV.

1:30 Eastern

12:30 Central

11:30 Mountain

10:30 Pacific…


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Global Day of Prayer-May 27, 2012

The Global Day of Prayer is coming soon. The day itself will be Pentecost Sunday, May 27, 2012. It is a simple but powerful way to pray for God’s highest purposes: the glory of Christ and the blessing of all nations.


GDOP is more than a one-day event. There will be ten days of continuous prayer, guided and focused from Thursday, May 17 to Saturday, May 26.…


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Caring prayers, tangible kindness and well-timed words

It is easier than you may think to nudge others toward Jesus. Try serving your way into the hearts of nonbelievers by demonstrating the kindness of God by offering to do some act of humble service with no strings attached. This simple act of expressing God’s love in a tangle way can open the door into a spiritual conversation. As you look around your sphere of influence, you…


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Why ten days of prayer?

We understand the value of gathering before God in repentance and prayer on the Global Day of Prayer. But why pray for ten days before the GDOP?

Since we gather on Pentecost, it is easy to recall the upper room prayer meeting. They prayed continualy for ten days. They weren’t praying about any particular problems or needs. They were praying toward some of the great things that God had promised. And that’s what…


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