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How do I look you in the face and say, "Love your enemy?"

At the local vigil for the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando Sunday, Rev. RL Gundy conceded that finding forgiveness in the face of such hatred was challenging. "How do I look you in the face and say, 'Love your enemy?'” he wondered.

I know where RL is coming from....There is much to say, there are so many…


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Neighborhood transformation occurs best when we let go of an “event” mentality and replace it with an “environment” mentality.

Lance Wallnau, says, “You get to choose the environment you create. You can create an environment that draws people to the Kingdom or pulls them out.” 

Rather than adopting your street with the intention of implementing program, folks who join ‪ and sign up to adopt their street spend time…


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Why do we need to build and maintain a prayer altar in our heart?

Tim Keller says, "We should not decide how to pray based on the experiences and feelings we want. Instead, we should do everything possible to behold our God as he is, and prayer will follow." Maybe that's why we need to build and maintain a prayer altar in our heart? We need to be there, in God's Presence, not just ‘experience’ His kingdom power, peace and prosperity.

Years ago, my view of prayer was radically changed by a little booklet entitled, My Heart, Christ’s Home.  …


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Stop calling some neighborhoods good and some bad!

"Stop calling some neighborhoods good and some bad!.... It categorically denies the dignity, worth, and value that God places in every human being, meanwhile, minimizing the ugliness and sin that exists in our own hearts and the lives of those who live in neighborhoods we think of as good ones," says our friend, Ruth Arnold, the Director 2nd Mile Ministries.

If we read and absorb this blog, I believe we will find that Ms Arnold has pulled a fast one…


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Take the LoveJax2020 Challenge

"It's a cultural change that needs to take place," said Sheriff John Rutherford, who was joined by several pastors. "...We cannot arrest our way out of a murder problem or violence problem. We have to start changing hearts." The Sheriff is correct. The only real solution to the culture of violence in this city is to change people. And, the only way to change people is through a transforming encounter with God.

We would like to invite you to join us in a movement with the goal of…


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How far can love go?

Adopting the simple and powerful lifestyle of praying, caring and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those around us reminds us that if we follow Jesus, we would never have to worry about getting it wrong or drifting astray.  We could forget about “who gets the credit” and just walk with Jesus.

 If we needed to pray, he would kneel and invite us to kneel with him.  If we needed to care, he would show us where and how.   If we needed to share, he would be sure someone crossed our…


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LoveJax2020: Give Love A Try

We pray that by the year-end of 2020, every person in Jacksonville would be authentically loved by at least one follower of Jesus.


We believe that the greatest gift we can give a person is an opportunity to know that God loves them and cares deeply about them. Such love is not an emotion, but a choice.


Followers of Jesus do not love on the basis of how we feel because real love is not a transaction based upon performance, but upon a relationship.  This…


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At Best We are Still in Kindergarten in God's School of Prayer

Prayer changes things read this story from a pastor in Uganda. He us in the front lines. Can we do any less. Hear are a couple of excerpts from his talk.

"Reflection on Prayer 

At Best We are Still in Kindergarten in God's School of Prayer

From the human perspective, years of experience count in any endeavor, but the more you develop…


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How do we use a blessing strategy to reach our cities for Jesus?


It takes more than a great church to reach a city, it takes a great movement of churches. This video featuring an interview with Tom McLeod reminds us all that the Church's core mission is to offer people creative ways to bless your neighbors.

From the very beginning, God’s way of reaching and restoring the world has always been through what I would call a blessing strategy…how do we in a very practical way that’s theologically grounded explain to people how they could…


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Have our prayers been too polite with God?

Prayer is necessary because it energizes our heart, it releases God's blessing, and it results in real change on the earth. But we have been too polite with God. I do not mean we should be irreverent; I am saying the Lord's Prayer is not a weak, pleading prayer. There is a time to plead with God, but what Jesus gave was prophetic. There is not a “please” in it. Indeed, it’s the Father's pleasure to give us His kingdom (Lk 12:32). Thus, Jesus…


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SOS 2015 A time to advance!


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Florida Statewide Prayer Altar Dedication


Lord God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, we, the people of the State of Florida, declare that you are the only true God, the only wise God, and the one great God. You are Lord of all, King of all, and exalted above all. Your throne is forever and ever, and the reign of Your kingdom has no end.

You alone are the God of the State of Florida.


Lord, we acknowledge that…


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2nd Mile Ministries

Many are willing to go a mile, but only a few are willing to go two. Can you imagine what our communities would be like if we were willing to invest 10 years? What would they be like if we were willing to go two miles instead of one? Where would they be, what could God do? Imagine! Ruth Arnold, the Executive Director of 2nd Mile Ministries, believes real transformation and change in a community takes a great deal of time, it takes perseverance, a willingness to remain, to…


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How to Embrace a Pray-Care-Share Lifestyle in Your Workplace

Kip Miller, CEO and President, Eastern Industrial spoke at The Marketplace Luncheon and The Jacksonville Business Fellowship. Mr. Miller uses his business to promote compassionate business practices and a work environment in which employees are recognized and encouraged for the unique, creative capabilities they contribute to the team characterize it. Interwoven in this metamorphosis is the fundamental knowing that all individuals–regardless of position, are deserving of respect; that…


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The Four Steps of Prayer Evangelism

The believer's role in advancing the Kingdom of God is described by Jesus in Luke 10:1-9. In this passage Jesus instructs His disciples to go into cities and do four things which constitute the Prayer Evangelism model that Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin engaged us tonight to know the proper order to winning souls:

  1. Bless the people they meet: 
Whatever house you enter, first say, 'Peace be to this house'.
  2. Fellowship with them: 
Stay in that house, eating and drinking…

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Atheists plan to sue an Alabama City after police partnered with pastors to fight crime with Christianity

Please make this a matter of prayer. There is absolutely no good reason to keep religion, or people of faith, from the American public square. … If faith and reason inform each other, as believers know they do, then one cannot force faith to withdraw without ensuring that the results will be significantly less than fully reasonable.

Great things happen when big ideas collide with the ability to do something about them. Though atheists plan to sue an Alabama City after police partnered…


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