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How did we get to the point where there is a pervasive attitude of “You owe me?” As a grandfather I understand the desire to spoil the kids, but I wonder if in the spoiling we have created a monster?


It is an attitude not just with kids, but with adults as well. Everyone seems to have their hand out and expect the government, their parents, or anyone…


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Life events identify who our true friends are. Think about it. If you get married, divorced, have a baby, have a death in the family, graduate, are moving and need help, just want to hang out, need someone to talk to in the middle of the night and don’t want to be judged, who do you call?

Fair-weather friend is a term for fake friends…much like the many…


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Father's Love

If you want to know what the perfect Father looks like, look at God… the Father of all mankind. He loves us completely in spite of our human frailties. That fact alone should give you pause to think. His love directs us, completes us, and gives us our daily bread. His love lights the way through the darkness and comforts us in the losses we encounter. He also corrects…


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A Different Drummer

We live in a world that urges conformity. Everyone needs to just walk in step and not make waves. This blog is dedicated to the wave makers. Wave makers are earth shakers. They dare to be different and add spice to our lives. They often are the ones who are the difference between our success or failure.


I know that non-conformists are often met with…


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“How you respond to a setback exposes your faith, your fears, and your future.” Dan Skognes


I saw a two-wheel concept car (or motorcycle in a shell) from Lit Motors that was really cool. You could try to knock it over from any side and it automatically self-corrected to right itself. They use similar technology in…


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Got Your Six

Have you ever heard that phrase? It is an old pilot term that relates to a clock. Twelve would represent forward, and 6 would represent your backside. Thus, when anyone says they got your six, they have your back…meaning they are making sure you are safe and secure from anyone coming up from behind.


Whether you are a pilot, a preacher, teacher,…


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Prayers are not our last resort. They are our first line of defense. I recently encountered a spiritual battle that kicked me in the gut. Most of the battles we face, by the way, are spiritual. We tend to think of things in the natural, but spiritual battles are going on all around us.


One of the dilemmas I faced recently had to do…


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