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Phil's Podcasts: Prayer, Cities, Evangelism, Beach Boys

[audio] Voyage Radio interviews Phil Miglioratti

Voyage Radio host David McLaughlin, interviews Phil Miglioratti about the state of prayer in

our nation

[other] Phil Miglioratti Speaks at Pastor's conference Nov…

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Hey Pastor . . .

Ask Church Leaders wants to know …

by Phil Miglioratti

Can you answer this…


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Pray in Color

A year's worth of blog entries!

Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God combines memoir with theology. Step-by step instructions introduce the practice of praying in color as a way to do intercessory prayer.

Posted by Phil Miglioratti

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From My @PhilNPPN Archives

From my  archive ~

Pray TV Interviews:

Segment 01 / Dr. Roberto Miranda Interviews Phil Miglioratti

Click here to watch: …


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New Podcast - Perfect for increasing family prayer

Amazing Adventures:

Putting Feet to Your Families' Faith

Phil Miglioratti talks with Tim…


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PrayNetwork Spotlight: Prayer Leaders Group

If you lead others in prayer, either individually or in a group setting, or if you facilitate prayer ministry, check out the Prayer Leaders group here on  Started by Phil Miglioratti in 2010, the group is targeted to prayer leaders, seeking to…


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Praying Before, During, After Crises, Disasters, and Emergencies

I recently interviewed Jon McHatton of the Christian Emergency Network, which is based on the prayer-care-share lifestyle.

As Jon explains how the CEN works, he highlights many prayer points for intercessors who have a burden to pray for victims of disasters such as the recent Nashville flooding, Oklahoma hurricanes, and devastating earthquakes.…

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Why? #ReimaginePRAYER...

WHY? #ReimaginePRAYER ...

Phil Miglioratti

  • Because the Romans 12:2 command to "be transformed by the renewing of our mind" applies to not only to individuals but also to the corporate culture and systems of our ministries and churches.



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Pray.Network Teams-Up With Church Prayer Leaders Network


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What is God Like?

When I was writing our book, "Spiritual Advocates", I came to the chapter I was to write about the Judge.

I thought "how can I describe God in a way that's different than the way most people do? Omniscient,

Omnipresent, Omnipotent...sure. But then what?

Creator, Father, etc. is what I typically…

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Kinds Words about

Image result for ""


Phil Miglioratti likely would not want me to put his name and that of E.M. Bounds in the same sentence, but, there, I did it. Both are “prayer warriors” as the term is often used: Miglioratti as host of today and Bounds as the author of published works on…


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First of All

I Timothy 2:1 - "First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men."


What a great verse to describe the priority of prayer! I decided to use "first of all" to name a prayer resource website that is loaded with ideas to spur thinking about how to get a church down the road on a journey toward becoming a "house of…


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Take the Challenge to #ReimaginePRAYER ... Become a Reimagineer!

I inherited the "Featured Members" designation when our network launched.

But I always felt uncomfortable with it.

EVERY member is valued and important to the health of our community.

So, I have changed the descriptor

To . .…


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#ItSeemsToMe…We May Talk Too Much When We Pray. Or Not Enough.

#ItSeemsToMe…We May Talk Too Much When We Pray. Or Not Enough.

As I was preparing for a week-long trip out of town, I peeked ahead on the daily cartoon calendar we have in our kitchen. On the back of each day’s cartoon is a riddle or a trivia item, and this is what grabbed my…


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What If God Said Yes?

A friend posed a question last week that has challenged me ever since: "what if God said 'yes' to every prayer we prayed today? Would our neighbors or neighborhoods or nation notice? Are we praying radically?" That profound question came from prayer leader Phil Miglioratti over Facebook. I hope it's niggling at his other Facebook friends the way it's niggling at me!

I thought about the things I'd talked with God about that day. All good things. Important things.…

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Effective Prayer

I consider these makers as basic objectives of effective praying:

• Spirit-led:  Seek first the Spirit ... "What is the mind of Christ (topic/focus that is prompting me to pray?" Be still and wait for direction and the discernment to know who to pray in concert with Jesus as he intercedes to the Father. Begin with listening, not listing.



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Become an ABC Prayer Champion

Become an ABC Prayer Champion

Always Be Creative

When we are introduced to God in Genesis, God is creating something awesome and beautiful with a creative potential of its own.

When we gather people to worship God's attributes or wonder about God's word, to work with God…


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April 4-6, Orlando - Your help is needed! Orlando 2011 ~ Prayer and evangelism for the next decade

I am writing you today to invite and urge your partnership for Orlando 2011: A Leadership Consultation to Revitalize & Reshape Evangelism and Missions in the U.S..  Pastor Phil Miglioratti, Coordinator of the National Pastors Prayer Network (NPPN) is providing significant leadership for Orlando 2011.


Orlando 2011 will take place April 4-6, 2011, in Orlando, FL.  See more at…


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Prayer -- and Lifestyle Worship

Phil Miglioratti recently stirred my reflective juices by asking for my perspective on how prayer, evangelism, and discipleship are related.

    It's a worthy question, especially for people who are so involved in any particular aspect of ministry that it becomes their primary, almost exclusive, frame of reference. Should prayer, discipleship, and evangelism be separate ministry silos? If so, what are the implications? If not, how would you describe their connection?



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