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For the first time ever, your church now has an easy way to connect, communicate and build community! Click the "Invite" tab above and invite your friends. Start a discussion. Comment on a person's page. Start your own group. Imagine the possibilities...Think of this place as your own private social network for strengthening your relationships with other members. For an overview of what you can do at this website to build community using the Ning social networking technology, check out this Ning video. For basic level support about using this platform, please see the Help link listed at the bottom of every Ning page. It will connect you with the Ning Help Center which is an excellent resource for answering most questions.

Here are three suggestions that will help you get the most out of this social network while also adding to the community.

1. SET UP YOUR PREFERENCES: Why is this important? It will help you manage the amount of notification email coming to your inbox from the community site. Go to the tab that says “My Page. This is your personal page on the network. Click on My Settings (it’s at the top right hand area under your name). Once you are in your settings you’ll notice some tabs on the left. The bottom two are most important; Privacy and Email.

For privacy, keep the default settings for now unless you’d like to make them more specific.

For email notification, under “What network activity do you want to receive an email notification for?”; make sure the only boxes checked are: Messages sent to me; Messages sent to groups I belong to; Messages sent to the whole network. Under “Member activity.”; make sure the only boxes checked are: People that I've invited to join this network. Under "Following Discussions and Blog Posts"; make sure the only box checked is: follow discussions and blog posts I add. NOTE: Please do not check the bottom box ‘NONE” as that will make it impossible for us to contact you should we need to get a message out to everyone in the community.

2. SET UP YOUR PROFILE: Why is this important? As other members browse other members pages, it allows them to see a bit more of your personality. If you will return to the My Settings area, using the instructions from above, you will need to click on either the Profile and/or Appearance tab on the left. Once in each of these you can make changes. Just remember to hit save at the bottom if you want to keep the changes.

3. POST AND ADD PHOTO'S, FORUM (Discussions) GROUPS, BLOGS: Why are they important? These personal additions will keep the community ACTIVE; not STATIC. The vision for this community is to build up the relationships between us. There are many ways to use the community to your benefit, as well as creative and fun ways to set up your page. The best way to do it is to jump in, start with a discussion or a blog and if you don’t know what they are, don’t be afraid to say so. Just try it, and you’ll catch on.

If you have additional support questions and wish for some help, talk to the other members for tips.

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