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Introduction to Minstry Sites / Groups

Start a group or create your own Ministry Site!

Create your own "website" for your personal content or your ministry.

  • Promote your organization name ... and logo ... and give a "Description" of how you serve in and through prayer
  • Place your mission/vision statement in the "Text Box"  
  • "Discussions" allow you to start conversations on issues
  • "Comment Wall" updates status/news/photos regularly
  • "Pages" allows you to upload articles, newsletters, resources
  • "Members" allows friend/partners to comment and add content

Start a group, ministry team, or learning community:

Want to meet people and share ideas on a common prayer interest or pray about a matter close to your heart? See All Groups here on the network. Find and join a group of like-minded folks, or if there's not one already, start your own by clicking Add a Group.

Maybe you're a pastor, prayer coordinator, or leader of a city-wide prayer event and you'd like to form a group to share tips and encouragement. Or perhaps your son or daughter was recently deployed to Iraq and you'd like to pray with others in the same situation. Or you may have a passion for Persia and be interested in meeting others who God has given that passion to. Or on the first Friday of every month you may want to pray for the nation. Maybe you want to chat with others who have a prayer room at their church. Maybe you want to meet with other prayer coordinators about how to encourage the youth in your church to pray. Or you may want to start a group that gives tips and encouragement for how to pray with your children. The possibilities are endless. There are public and moderated groups. Anyone in the community can join a public group. But there can be moderated groups, also, where, for example, you may need to be a pastor or grandparent or prayer leader to join.

When you Add a Group, you are able to give your group a name, describe who it's intended for, and any other information that would help a person know what your group is about. If you will be meeting at certain times, give that information, too. Then send your invitation and get ready to make new friends and prayer partners!


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