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The Rooftop ~ Three Step Process

Joining in with the mission of Jesus is a huge step for many Christians and churches to take.  Many of the methods we have used and habits we have formed in churches have taken generations to become part of ‘who we are’.  These will not be changed as a result of simply following a teaching program.

As such we refer to ‘The Rooftop’ as a ‘Process’ where a church does not just ‘do a course’ rather it entails using the materials we have created to help the church to discover and join in with the mission of Jesus in the unique place and community where you are.

This process involves three ‘steps’:

Step one, encounter

Begin by taking the church to a rooftop to seek a fresh vision of God’s heart for the lost.
A passionate group of Christians will be far more effective in engaging beyond the walls than a group who are waiting for lost people to come to church.

‘The Rooftop’ Encounter is an opportunity for Christians to gather on rooftops that overlook their local communities and seek a fresh vision of God’s heart for people who are lost. Jesus came to seek and to save all people, but many are likely never to turn up at a church. They are loved by God, but not familiar with our customs and ways of worshipping. At the heart of the Encounter is the longing that Christians will see lost people as the Lord sees them.

Step two Engage

Equip Christians to engage with lost people beyond the walls of the church.
When Peter left the rooftop he went to the house of a gentile and began to engage with people that he had never before considered reaching with the gospel.

Engaging with those outside of the walls of the church is something that very few Christians have ever done or even thought about doing. As such this ‘step’ is full of practical thoughts, ideas, inspiration and suggestions of how Christians can both engage with lost people AND support and encourage one-another as they engage.

Step three expand

As new people become followers of Christ, equip these to reach others.
If we are to evangelise the enormous numbers of people that are outside the walls of the church then it will be critical that we rediscover the biblical relationship between discipleship and evangelism.

For a long time we have seen the goal of evangelism as getting people ‘saved’ and this has been expressed by them saying some form of ‘decision’ prayer. The Expand step of this strategy helps all Christians to see that our job is not finished when a person makes a decision for Jesus. Rather, the person that has come to know Jesus must be encouraged, equipped and, above all, supported so that they will themselves lead a person to Christ. All followers of Jesus can be helped to join in with the mission of the one we follow ‘to seek and to save what was lost’. As such this ‘step’ is full of practical thoughts, ideas, inspiration and suggestions of how those who are coming to faith are themselves helping others to come to know Jesus.

To enable you to follow through this process we have created helpful teaching materials. Visit us at and select The Academy link.  The Rooftop Academy is a free site where you can register and have access to our Core Process Materials and other materials to help you Join Jesus in His Mission!


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