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Praying Together Course

The course is and in-depth study designed to help us to come together when praying with others.  It examines scriptures, and issues in learning to pray and when one is involved when praying with others. 

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Syllabus and Class Administration

Praying Together Course



Lesson Plans


Course Introduction Podcast Link:


     Module 1 Praying Together         

          Lesson 1  Class Purpose, Prayer Basics, and Foundation

          Link to lesson:

          Podcast for lesson 1:


          Lesson 2  Prayer, Tying into God’s Purpose Using Keys Found in the Scriptures to Help Us Pray 

          Link to lesson:

          Podcast for lesson 2:



          Lesson 3  What Does Prayer Involve, and Why Can it Be  Difficult?

          Link to lesson:

          Podcast for lesson 3:


          Lesson 4  Head Prayer? Or Heart Prayer?

          Link to lesson:

         Podcast for Lesson 4:


         Lesson 5  Preparing Yourself for a Prayer Partner

         Link to Lesson 5:                      

          Podcast for Lesson 5:

          Lesson 6  Personal Preparation Before Prayer with a Prayer Partner

          Link to Lesson 6:

          Podcast for Lesson 6:

          Lesson 7   Finding a prayer partner

          Link to Lesson 7:

          Podcast link:

          Lesson 8   Encouraging People to Pray 

          Link to Lesson 8:

         Podcast link:

          Lesson 9   Developing Relationships and Prayer

          Link to Lesson 9:


          Podcast link:


          Lesson 10 Group Praying:

           Link to Lesson #10:

            Pod Cast Link:

            Lesson 11 Group-Praying Formats

             Lesson Link:     


Podcast Link:




          Lesson 12 Power of a Praying Church

          Lesson Link:

          Podcast Link:

          Lesson 13 Developing a Prayer Culture in the Church

          Lesson Link:

          Podcast Link:

          Lesson 14:  Reflection week


          Lesson Link:  http://



   The courses planned in Module 2 of this course has been moved to the Children and Prayer Course.  Please visit that group.   



Recommended Reading:


Principle Reading: The Power of Praying Together by Stormie O’Martian/Jack Hayford, Harvest House Publishers

Additional ReadingPraying With the One You Love, Art Hunt, Multnomah Publishers,    

                           When Children Pray, Cheri Fuller, Multnomah Publishers, Inc



 All three of the books are available on  The total cost on was under $30.00 including shipping.  There may be other sources where the books can be found.


The class will be presented as part of a group titled ‘Praying Together Course’ with a lesson presented in an out line form.  The Title of the lesson that we will be reviewing lesson will be in the location where discussion questions are in a group, then the Lesson material will be listed below it.  Following the lesson there will be some reflective questions to answer.  I as the leader and facilitator, encourage you to take some time and study the material, and jot a few thought down related to the reflective questions.  The more you put into the class, the more you will learn.  Sharing your thoughts also helps challenge all of us. 


When you study the material, if there is a question or a point that needs clarifying, kindly let me know. 


If a lot of discussion develops on a lesson, time will be allowed for that discussion, rather than move on to stay on a time schedule.


There are a few ground rules that we need to remember:

  • Each of us is at a different level of prayer.  We need to remember this and be gracious in our approach. 
  • Some may approach prayer from a different doctrinal perspective.  This should be respected.
  • Discussion is encouraged, especially in a way that each of us shares with others, items about the lesson presented.  Questions may come up that are different than the lesson.  Those questions are also important, and may be best asked by leaving a message with the instructor.

Now to move forward with an opening prayer for all of us involved in the course: 


Father, This is your course.  I invite you Holy Spirit to guide all of us and the discussions in this course.  May we learn your truths that will help us in our relationship with you, as we pray individually and with others.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Lesson 1 Class Purpose, Foundation and Prayer Basics 40 Replies

Praying Together Lesson 1Class Purpose, Foundation, and Prayer BasicsPurpose of the Course:To learn the foundation and purpose of prayerTo learn how to pray out of relationship with GodTo learn to…Continue

Started by Lewis Turner. Last reply by Nancy Welch May 30, 2015.

Lesson 7: Finding a Prayer Partner 15 Replies

Praying Together  Finding a Prayer Partner  Lesson 7 Finding a prayer partner Recommended Reading:  “Power of Praying Together”  Chapter 3  There is good reason to have a prayer partner.  Having a…Continue

Started by Lewis Turner. Last reply by Lewis Turner Apr 3, 2015.

Lesson 1--in Spanish--

Orando Juntos Lección 1Propósito de la Clase, Fundamento, Principios Básicos de la OraciónPropòsito del Curso:Conocer los fundamentos y el propósito de la oraciónCómo orar en función de la relación…Continue

Tags: languarge, español

Started by Lewis Turner Feb 7, 2015.

Lesson 5 Preparing Yourself for a Prayer Partner 18 Replies

Praying Together Preparing Yourself for a Prayer Partner Lesson 5Preparing Yourself for a Prayer PartnerWe should desire to be prepared to be a prayer partner.   When we are, we can encourage someone…Continue

Started by Lewis Turner. Last reply by Lewis Turner Jan 31, 2015.

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Comment by Lewis Turner on June 18, 2018 at 12:52pm

Dear Friends who have worked this course,

Working to keep my heart in tune with the Lord, when I find a topic, such as the discussion I posted today on Pray.Network, I search for scripture--not to just support or disprove, but that reflects how God sees the issue--in this case--what keeps us apart or disconnected when it comes to prayer.  

I am looking for scripture on this subject--and would appreciate any suggestions that the Lord may bring to your mind.

'thank you for giving this question consideration.


Lewis Turner

Comment by Lewis Turner on November 12, 2013 at 9:39pm

The Podcast for Lesson 12 has just been posted.  The link to it can be found in the Syllabus.  It has a lot of good, helpful and challenging information.

Comment by Lewis Turner on October 14, 2013 at 8:49am

The Podcast for Lesson 11 is now completed and can be accessed at the following link:

Trusting the Lord that it will encourage and help Group Praying.

Comment by Lewis Turner on August 29, 2013 at 12:38pm

The Podcast for Lesson 10 of the Praying Together Course is now posted.  It can be accessed at the following link:

Take time to listen to it, and consider the reflection questions posted here for the lesson on Pray!network.  The link to the written lesson is:

Both these links are also in the course syllabus.

Blessings to all in the course.

Comment by Lewis Turner on July 21, 2013 at 10:13pm

I received the following note with permission to share it.  It comes from a lady I knew growing up.  We went to the same church, then when my family moved away, we lost contact until several years ago—note sure of how-but we reconnected on the internet, and discovered that Patty really loved the Lord.  I share this note hoping some of you will join me in praying with her for the out reach she has in ‘Helping Hurting Women’.  When God helps us, He also helps us reach out to others.  –Will you pray for her outreach??

Here is her note:

A thank you note. You may publish if you like but more importantly we ask your prayers. The more prayers the better :) We need wisdom and our Father's blessing and His protection

Wrote this in the Program Box for your Lesson 9 but then wondered if it would be going 'out there' and not just to  you.  I want you to know, I am encouraged by your lessons as Aug 2 approaches when we begin our 1st Meeting.  Pray the Lord will prepare hearts to come and to receive Jesus...the time is short.  Pray for our safety also, please.


Lewis, thank you for Lessions in Developing Relationships and Prayer.  Our 'Helping Hurting Women' to the community here in Tucson will be blessed by my opportunity, in quick study, these lessons offered by you and provide me with wisdom, strength in God's Word and give me encouragement...thus, I am better prepared to 'Encourage' hurting women that the Lord brings to our meetings.  Please pray for our group and me as a facilitator, that I do God's Will and and Bless Others who may come and be joyfully blessed with the Salvation of Jesus, Messiah! 


Blessings from the Throne of God, our Elohim!


Comment by Virtuous Lady on May 17, 2013 at 12:40pm

I have just joined this group after seeing Lesson 5 posted. The subjects of the lessons are very interesting to me and I will be going through each lesson carefully. Thank you so much for sharing. There is Power in Prayer and Prayer is my Passion!

Comment by Lewis Turner on April 20, 2013 at 5:44pm

The podcast for Lesson 7 has been posted on Pray!Network.  The link to the podcast is in the Course Syllabus.   These podcasts offer a good chance for all to study the course, and for those who have worked through the course previously, they are a good review of the course.

Looking forward to responses to the lesson in the reflection questions,.

Comment by Lewis Turner on March 23, 2013 at 9:49am

Note to Class:

The Podcast to Lesson 6 has been posted and the link is in the Class Syllabus.  Do take time to listen to it, and share your thought andswering the reflection questions at the end of the lessons here in the comment section.  Those comments do help others.

Comment by Lewis Turner on February 19, 2013 at 9:59pm

The Podcast for Lesson 5 has been posted.  The link is in the syllabus of the Praying Together Class Lesson 5.  This lesson deals with relationships and prayer.

Comment by Lewis Turner on January 18, 2013 at 12:26pm

The Podcast  for Lesson 4 has been posted.  The link is in the syllabus of the Praying Together Class Lesson 4.  The lesson deals with Head Prayer and Heart Prayer.


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