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Comment by Marsha Mundy on January 15, 2013 at 9:17am
Abba Father, I praise You today and thank You for loving the world so much that You sent Your son to die for our sins. Thank You for the promise of eternal life that we have from You.

There are so many people who have never heard about Your amazing love. People who don't know that eternal life in Your kingdom is an option. Today, Lord, I pray for those who have never heard Your word in the nations of Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Open the doors of opportunity for the gospel to be preached with power that they may respond and give their hearts to Jesus. Pour out Your Spirit in these lands and turn the hearts of the people from darkness toward Your marvelous light. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Savior and King. Amen
Comment by Janet H E Lim on January 11, 2013 at 6:33pm

Sovereign God, I thank You that You have raised so many Christian groups throughout the world who are acutely aware of the need to spread Your gospel to the unreached millions. Thank You for raising so many more missionaries and tent-makers, and enabling them to penetrate these nations through ways and means which You have given them the wisdom to use. However, many agencies and groups have testified to the impossible situations to reach the peoples, and many are in despair over the difficult barriers of other religions which impede the progress of their work.

Yet, those of us with hope cling on to the fact that nothing is impossible, when we look up to You and pray fervently for these unreached people. We believe that Your heart will be moved to save them, and bring them into Your Kingdom in Your timing. There is much intercession work to be done for the African nation people groups, and day by day, we continue to intercede for them to ask your mercy to spread over these people.

Lord, hear our cries as we call out to You for the Arabs of North Africa (the Berbers, the Tuareg). We thank You that You are moving already among the Tuaregs. Turn Your eyes O Lord, towards the peoples of the West Africa coastal nations, which are largely unevangelized, and empower the number of Christian workers and churches in the neighbouring communities with Your Holy Spirit wisdom to reach out to them.

We pray too for the interior peoples of West Africa, and ask Your Holy Spirit to hover over these peoples and stir them into a strong consciousness the Jesus is alive: the Kanuri, Bambara, Songhai, Soninke, and the Koryaboro, (which thankfully, has a notable Christian population among them).

The Fulbe people group has spread from Senegal to the Sudan, but planting churches among them has been hard and slow with small breakthroughs in Benin, Nigeria and Chad. Lord, in Your mercy, touch these people, and, by Your might, help Your people to plant churches among them. Cause them to thrive, because Your presence is there. Your Word says that where sin exists, Your grace abounds even more.

The Hausa are dominant in Niger and northern Nigeria. Response is greatest among the Maguzawa section of the Hausa. Generally, few have turned to Christ. I pray for Your Holy Spirit to visit them, even as Your intercessors intercede for their salvation. Bless them, gracious God, with a mighty outpouring of Your Spirit.

Bless the peoples of Sudan, Chad, the CAR and Egypt, with a re-awakening. The Nubians of the Nile River valley were for a long time Christian, but were forcibly Islamized in the 17th Century. Lord, I pray for a re-awakening there. Touch the roots which are Christian, and let Your Word fall on good soil among those whose ancestors were Christians. Gather them back into Your fold.

In all our prayers for these people, Lord, we give the glory to You; for to You alone belong the power, majesty, honor and blessing. Amen.

Comment by Janet H E Lim on January 9, 2013 at 10:30pm

Sovereign God, I give thanks for the many blessings You have given us, despite our human failings. You have shown Your love in so many ways. This day, I join Your people in our desire to share such wonderful love and blessings with the people in the following nations through our intercession. As I utter these words for them, may You bless them by letting the prayers from my lips come to pass for their nations:

Swaziland Cuba, Croatia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Barbados

In Swaziland, You have blessed them with churches, and I pray that those who know Your Son, Jesus Christ, will be activated to bring more people outside their community into Your fold. May You inspire the young to bring the gospel of salvation to many more.

In Cuba, Lord, You have seen the persecution of Christians turning more severe, and continual harassment and discrimination of Your people. I ask for Your Holy Spirit to give the suffering believers there continued courage and perseverance. Father, keep the dimly burning wick alive, and fan it into a flame of inspiration for them to keep faithful to Jesus. Though churches are forbidden to be built, You have provided a way out for the believers by raising more house churches. Give them the protection they need, and make them very fruitful in their spread of the gospel.

Almighty God, I continue to lift up Croatia to You, and thank You for causing the churches there to increase the new fellowship groups. I pray for Your hand to move them to plant new churches around the country, and, as Your people pray for them, cause them to bear much fruit. Lord, multiply the prayer movements in this nation, and touch many more people and bring them into Your Kingdom.

For Russia, gracious God, keep open the windows of opportunity for Your people to spread the gospel. When You hold open the window or door, no person, how powerful, can close it. Holy Spirit, I pray for Your hand to touch thousands more in this nation and draw them into Your Kingdom.

In Tajikistan, Lord, a stranglehold is placed on Christians there. I pray for them and ask that You help them find creative ways which only Your Holy Spirit can give, to teach, minister and spread the gospel, despite the harsh restrictions.

In Uzbekistan, I pray for Your hand to cause more to come into Your Kingdom despite great opposition. Cause the existing believers to be courageous and to fix their eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of their faith when difficulties intensify. I pray for those persecuted and imprisoned. Give them strength and boldness to witness for Christ in whichever prison they are put, and help them overcome the fear of death. This is not easy, Lord, and great spiritual strength is needed. May You fill them with Your Holy Spirit and give them continued hope in You.

In Barbados, Lord, look upon the young believers in this land. They are in such desperate need for spiritual guidance. May You move Your church to sustain their faith with effective programmes and creative ways, and, in so doing, cause them to draw more youths from the society into Your Kingdom.

Let Your will be done and Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.


Comment by Marsha Mundy on January 8, 2013 at 7:42am
Holy God, I come into Your presence this morning offering praise and thanksgiving for Your amazing love. You are a God of wonder, a God of creativity and a God of grace.
Today I ask for Your grace to abound in these nations: the Canary Islands, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Malta and Gibraltar. So many people in these lands are living in darkness. They don't know that they can have eternal life through believing in Christ Jesus. They don't even know about Christ because many of these lands are under Muslim rule and Christ cannot be preached. I ask that You open doors of opportunity for the gospel to be preached. I pray that You find creative ways for the people in these lands to hear the good news and I ask this in the name of Jesus, the Savior of the world. Amen
Comment by Janet H E Lim on January 5, 2013 at 7:06pm

Sovereign God, You are awesome, majestic, powerful, and live in the heavens above. Yet Your kindness spreads down to planet earth to bless those who call You by Name. Let Your Kingdom come today on earth as it is in heaven, with all its Kingdom godliness and qualities of kindness, goodness and mercy.

You have heard the cries of Your intercessors and in response You have cast Your eyes upon these nations and multiplied tremendously the number of Christians in them: Africa, Asia, Latin America.

You have brought breakthroughs in Mongolia, China, Iran, Algeria, India, Sudan and Mozambique.

You have heard Your intercessors' cries for souls to come into Your Kingdom, and Your hand has stretched out to touch millions more people there.

For this act of mercy, I thank You, gracious God. Truly, who is like unto You? So loving and kind, not wanting any to perish, but that all Your creation will have eternal life, for we are created to give worship to You alone. May You continue to bring more people as Your people pray. May Your Holy Spirit sweep through nations which are hard, and open the eyes of Your people and those who do not know You yet to see the reality of Your goodness and mercy. We need to see You at work in even more nations, Lord God.

This day, I join others to pray for freedom among the hundreds of millions of oppressed nations: North Korea, Somalia, Rawanda, Liberia, the Balkans, Manchuria, Tanzania, Morocco, Cuba, Sierra Leone, Khazakhstan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. May Your glory be seen in these nations, as You raise a hundred thousand fold more workers to work with Your Holy Spirit to bring life and light into the people there.

I pray specially for these groups of people in these nations to be touched and brought alive in spirit to Your presence: Medical doctors and nurses, women and children, national heads of states, musicians, street cleaners, office workers, maids and restaurant workers.

To You be the blessing and honor, power and strength, majesty and dominion, forever and ever. Amen.


Comment by Janet H E Lim on January 1, 2013 at 7:01pm

Sovereign God Your power is awesome. You are God Almighty. Be exalted, O God in this planet. Heaven and earth are full of Your glory. I will sing praises to You among the peoples, and the nations, for great are You Lord, and worthy to be praised. Your hand stretches throughout planet earth to redeem those who seek You. Your hand of mercy too stretches to the poor, deprived and needy and redeem them when they cry out to You. Your hand of grace reaches out to Your people, and move them to bring Your gospel to all the nations to give them Your hope of salvation and love.

Sovereign God, this day, I intercede for the World in nations like Rwanda, Liberia, the Balkans, Cuidad Juarez, Mongolia, Manchuria, China, India, Pakistan, Laos, Africa.

I pray for women and girls there who are suffering abuse and neglect. May Your hand of love reach out to those in nations which have suppressed their redemption and growth. May You raise leaders, especially women leaders, who have a powerful voice in their own nations to have a vision for them, to intervene in their lives, and enable them to be educated in all the villages. May You also move more NGOs from other developed nations to offer help to educate these women and children. Lord, break down the barriers of religion and culture against women and children, and set them free to rise up to be what You have planned for them since the beginning of the world. I cry out to You this day to intervene and put a stop to the trafficking and abduction of women, young girls and boys, for evil purposes. Increase the efforts of international agencies and governmental help to stop the trafficking of this abused group, and empower them to do this job of redemption.

Expose the evil work of men and women involved in this. Intervene in India, Pakistan, China, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, the U.S., Africa, and South America, where child kidnappings are frequent and put a stop to the deaths and abuses of this vulnerable group.

Sovereign God, I cry out to You to speak to the Evil One and say Stop! No more of this! For when You speak it will be done.

Redeem the helpless, Lord, that they may know Your goodness and mercy, and truly give worship to You who have saved them. You have created them to give glory to You, Lord. Snatch them from the jaws of death, and give them hope and life in Jesus, Your Son.

To You belongs all the glory and power. Amen.

Comment by Janet H E Lim on January 1, 2013 at 8:59am

Sovereign God, I give thanks this day for Your graciousness, and motivation to Your people to spread Your gospel of love and light; and for Your patience with those who have not yet come into Your Kingdom. Lord, thank You for keeping the doors of salvation open for more people to come in.

I pray for the World today and give thanks to You for raising so many more agencies and associations, and causing them to send workers into various nations. They have multiplied tremendously into more nations prompted by visions given by Your Holy Spirit to reach the unreached peoples in these regions and nations:

Central and East Asia, Eastern Europe, Nigeria, China, the Philippines, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam and South Asia.

I pray Your blessing and protection upon the Back to Jerusalem evangelists among the Han Chinese, with its 100,000 Chinese church-planting evangelists and their work of sharing the gospel.  Bless too Nigerian Christians who have been spreading the gospel across the north of Africa towards Jerusalem; as well as the Latin American movements who are sending workers into North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Bless other secular international NGOS who have risen to include many more people who want to bring Christ into unreached nations.

Lord, let their work be very fruitful and let the peoples they reach increase phenomenally before Jesus returns. Bless too the great number of Muslims who have come to accept Christ, through the work of Your people who serve in Muslim heartlands.

Cause more sustained intercession among the intercessors of the various nations for the Muslim people, the Buddhists and people of other religions. Bless Mongolia, Vietnam and Cambodia who have seen unprecedented Christian growth since the last century. Enable peace to prevail in all these nations that the work of Your people in these nations will bear more fruit.

In all this, Sovereign God, let the glory, power and majesty be Yours alone. Amen.

Comment by Sherry Annette Jones on December 31, 2012 at 12:10pm

I agree with my sister Janet. I also pray and cry out for justice and mercy for the poor, lost, oppressed and those who are under evil leadership. Father may your deliverance and way of escape protect those who are marginalized and found on the outside of the camp. May your righteousness flow down like a mighty river washing away those who do harm to the "least of these" and sending the release and favor that Christ provided by his blood.


Comment by Janet H E Lim on December 31, 2012 at 7:10am

Father, in Jesus’ Name, I give thanks to You for taking us through 2012;  for preparing Your people for the coming tribulations; for showing us that You are in control of events. I continue to pray for Your guidance upon leaders of all nations, and ask You to lead them with Your wisdom in ruling their people. In the history of the world, You have always used leaders to fulfil Your will for the nations. I pray for those who have not exercised Your mercy upon their people. May You cause them to fall from their pride, to acknowledge You as the Supreme Commander over all nations as King Nebuchadnezzar did in Biblical history. Cause them to repent, Lord, and turn from their wicked ways. In India and Pakistan, I pray for leaders to be filled with concern for the poor in their countries, and for them to re-make laws for the protection of women and children and Christians in their lands. Do not let the rich be complacent in their wealth, but bring down their pride, and cause them to repent and know that You are the only God who has given them such goodness. Let them turn away from their idols and acknowledge You as the true God.

Father, I pray for Your hand to intervene in nations where leaders compromise what is right (according to Your laws and principles), and yield to unholy ways to gain votes in elections and accumulate wealth for themselves. May You remove such leaders, Lord. Every leader is appointed because You have allowed them to be. In Your mercy for the poor and the suffering, hear their cries for justice. We look forward to the time when Jesus returns to rule the nations in justice and righteousness. May You raise many more godly Christians to influence leaders in the various governments. To You be the glory, power and majesty. Amen.­

Comment by Marsha Mundy on December 29, 2012 at 7:09pm
Father, I agree with my sister Janet's prayers and join her in giving thanks to You for Your mercy. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I am in awe of the way You have provided for us to join You in eternity. Thank You!
Today I pray for the nations of St. Lucia, St. Vincent, the Grenadines, Barbados, Grenada, Trinidad, Tobago, Aruba, French Guiana and Suriname. We give You praise for opening doors so that the gospel can be preached and we ask that You show our brothers and sisters in these nations how they can reach out to those who do not yet know of Your great love. Be glorified in these lands, O Lord.
I ask these things because of the precious blood of Jesus. Amen

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