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This group is united to pray for the lost people of the world on a daily basis. By using the World Prayer Map created by Every Home for Christ, we pray around the world each month.

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Comment by Janet H E Lim on March 17, 2013 at 10:22am

Sovereign God, who is like unto You, glorious, majestic, compassionate, merciful? You are mighty, O Lord, and Your faithfulness surrounds You. Your arm is endued with power; Your right hand is strong. You are exalted high above the heavens. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; love and faithfulness go before You.

Blessed are those in Your Kingdom who have learned to acclaim You, and those who walk in the light of Your presence. We rejoice in Your Name all day long, and we exalt Your righteousness. You are our glory and strength. There is no word or language which can describe Your incredible love for Your people.

Bless Your people this day, gracious Lord, with renewed strength and fervor to spread Your love to those who do not know You personally yet. As we turn our spirits to the time when Jesus gave His life on the cross that all who believe in Him will have eternal, help us all to live righteously, and, in this way, to show those outside Your Kingdom that in You and with You, there is light, hope, joy, love, and righteousness. Turn the hearts, minds and souls of people in the following kingdoms to seek You. Lord, hold the door open for more people in these nations to come into Your Kingdom of Light:

North Korea, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Rawanda, Liberia, Syria Egypt, Turkey and Morocco.

To You be glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Comment by Janet H E Lim on March 3, 2013 at 9:10am

Sovereign God, great are You, and most worthy of praise. I meditate on Your unfailing love. How awesome are You, Lord Most High. You subdue nations, You raise leaders and remove them at Your will. Indeed, no one can match Your power. You are in control of the world. You are exalted over all the nations. Your people sing praises to You, God Most High. Your mercy and abundant love for the people You have created, is amazing. No matter how wicked they are, You would have none perish, and You hold out grace and mercy again and again and give them time to repent and come back to You. Today, I lift up to You these nations for Your blessing. I ask for Your hand of intervention into nations facing political crises. Man cannot solve this, for they don’t have the wisdom to find a solution, unless they come before You in repentance and seek Your face. In this matter, I pray for Sabah, Thailand and the Philippines to acknowledge their inability to sort out their political problem, and commit them to You. Move them to seek Your face, gracious God, and help them find a peaceful solution to the current crisis. Bless Your Church in Bangladesh, Myanmar Egypt, Syria and Indonesia. Strengthen Your people in the face of aggression and opposition in these nations. Stretch out Your hand of protection, and help Your people be strong witnesses for You, despite their great persecution. Protect their faith, and let not the wicked rob them of their godly inheritance, by causing them to turn away from You. In this time of crisis, help Your people dig deeper in their faith and trust of You. Among the gods, there is none like You, O Lord, and no deeds can compare with Yours. To You belong all glory, power , majesty and strength. Amen.


Comment by Janet H E Lim on February 27, 2013 at 8:36am

Sovereign God, You are exalted over all the nations, Your glory above the heavens. Who is like unto You, our God, who sits enthroned on high? You raise the poor from the dust, and lift the needy from the ash heap. I praise and thank You this day, Lord God, for Your mercy over all creation. May all nations acknowledge You as their sovereign God. As Your intercessors pray, Lord, may You be moved to compassion for the nations, and enlarge and extent the work of Your people’s hands in the nations of the world.

I lift up this day to You for Your blessing and redemption of these nations: Bahrain, Bangladesh, the Bahamas, Rawanda, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kuwait. May You continue to pour out reminders of Your great love for the people there, and fill them with the knowledge of Jesus’ sacrifice on cross that they may come into a saving knowledge of Your love for them.

In Bahrain, Lord God, You have indeed blessed the Christian ministry there. I pray for fruitfulness, unity, and spiritual growth and strength among the many believers there, as they share the gospel to others in their community. May You strengthen their work through dreams and visions of Jesus, and bring conviction into the people’s hearts of their need for repentance and acceptance of Jesus. May You nullify the works of the enemy of our souls in their spirits, hearts and minds. May You use the tool of education and schooling in English and supply Christian teachers to these schools to spread the gospel to the people there. You have provided a modern day tool of evangelism in the Gospel radio and Christian literature in the many bookstores. Lord, reinforce the work of Your people as they use these tools to spread faith among the people. Bless the Bible Society’s work in providing Scriptures in Arabic and other foreign languages among the workers in this nation. Let Your Word take root in hearts and spirits as the people read the Bible.

In Bangladesh, as the churches increase especially among the indigenous denominations, bring about a phenomenal growth and a wider breakthrough there. Touch mightily the Christians in traditional churches with Your Holy Spirit, and move them to passionate sharing of the gospel too. I pray for unity and renewal of faith and fervency among the many Christians in this land, and pray that they will be effective witnesses of Your love through their unity. Lord God, provide more spiritually mature leaders for the churches and more creative and responsible methods of instruction for the converts who come into Your Kingdom.

Bless Rawanda, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kuwait with greater awareness of their need for Jesus in their lives, and help the people come into a personal relationship with Your Son, who You sent to redeem them from eternal death. I commit all these prayer requests to You, and ask for Your hand to move into these nations. To You alone belong all glory and power, forever and ever. Amen.

Comment by Janet H E Lim on February 26, 2013 at 7:40am

Sovereign God, I exalt You, my God and King. I praise Your Name, and give thanks to You daily for Your goodness to Your creation. Your greatness, O God, no one can fathom, but it has spanned over the ages. One generation will commend Your works to another; they will tell of Your mighty acts. They will speak of the glorious splendour of Your majesty. You are gracious and compassionate to everyone, to Your people, and to those who are not yet in Your Kingdom. Truly, Your mercy stretches through eternity.

Lord, I lift up these nations before You to ask for Your love to be poured out upon the leaders and the people. You see the sufferings of the poor and the needy there. You hear the cries of the distressed. You see Your Church in need of revival in these nations. I pray for Your hand to move into these nations, Lord:

In Austria, many of the people there do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. They need a mighty move of Your Holy Spirit. Revive the Church in this nation, and renew the hearts of the people there.

In Azerbaijian and Armenia, sovereign God, may Your hand resolve the conflicts between these two nations. I pray for the maturing of Azeri leaders and for good relationship among the believers there. Strengthen Your Church there and lead them into starting discipleship and training ministries among those who have just come into Your Kingdom. Keep alive the handful of small Bible schools in Baku, Lord, for most are under threat of closure. Your Word tells me that what Your hand holds open, will be kept opened. Revive their work there. Bless the spread of unregistered house church networks, and help them spread the vision into every town and village in this nation. I pray for a powerful Church, for faithful leaders and workers who will be an effective witness to the non-Christians in the nation. Revive the gifts of the Holy Spirit among Your people, and activate their use to Your glory.

In the Bahamas, Lord, I thank You for the strong Christian legacy of many of the political leaders there. Yet, there is need for revival of an evangelistic fervour among the believers there, and for Your Church to meet the needs of the young people. Lord, cause Your Church to unify and to move with the times to reach out to the young in ways where they can understand the love of Jesus.

In North Africa, China, Japan, Laos, I pray for Your Holy Spirit to move there too and awaken many hearts and spirits on their need for a personal relationship with Jesus. May You reveal to the people there the poverty of their spiritual life. Lord, cause Your Church to move with fervour and passion, boldness and love, to reach out to the many people there who are still not in Your Kingdom. To You be the glory, blessing and honour. Amen.


Comment by Janet H E Lim on February 25, 2013 at 7:48pm

Sovereign God, Your righteousness is like the majestic mountains. With You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light. Today, I lift up before You, Your Church, the persecuted Christians, and those who do not know You yet, in the many nations of the world. I echo the words of Jesus in John 17:15, concerning Christians, not that You take them out of this world, but that You keep them from the evil one. Strengthen the persecuted Christians, gracious God, in the face of fierce persecution from the enemy. Send them help in time of need. Keep them in faith and trust of You. I declare that the gates of hell shall not prevail against Your Church. Unite Your people, and make them one in faith and trust in You, and Jesus, Your Son. Sovereign God , bless the leaders and people in these nations to come to know You through Jesus Your Son, and through the sufferings and testimonies of Your people. Help the leaders of nations and people who don’t know You yet yield to Your love for them and come into repentance. Lead them into Your Kingdom in Your time. Hear the prayers of Your people in these nations for those who do not know You yet: North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Somalia, Russia, Tibet, Kuwait. To You be the glory, majesty, power and blessing, forever and ever Amen.

Comment by Janet H E Lim on February 15, 2013 at 8:42am

Sovereign God, who is like You. You are mighty, and with Your strong arm You scatter Your enemies. The heavens and earth are Yours, for You created them. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne. Love and faithfulness go before You. Blessed are those who walk in the light of Your presence, O Lord.

This day, I pray for nations and peoples who are not in Your Kingdom yet. May You send Your Holy Spirit to sweep over them and douse them with Your great love for them, for on the cross Jesus died for them. May You subdue evil rulers with Your power and might, and cause them to turn around in their attitude towards their people, and Your people. May You soften their hard hearts, and let Your mercy penetrate their hearts.

Lord, I pray for these nations to be brought under Your control. Deliver them from the evil one. Let Your Kingdom of light replace their kingdom of darkness. I pray for Rawanda, Russia, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Baluchistan, Uzbekistan, and Swaziland. To You be the glory, power and majesty. Amen.

Comment by Marsha Mundy on February 14, 2013 at 9:45am
Father, I agree in prayer with my sister, Janet. You are mighty to save! Amen
Comment by Janet H E Lim on February 13, 2013 at 11:26am

Sovereign God, may the nations praise You, and worship You. Then the earth will yield its harvests, and You, our God, will richly bless Your people. Let us all be filled with joy that nations are coming to praise You, and are turning to worship You. This day, mighty God, I come to Your throne of grace and mercy to intercede for these nations: Algeria, American Samoa, Andorra, Angola, Mongolia, Manchuria, Syria, Egypt, North Korea, South Korea. O God, may Your hand increase the number of believers in these nations. Let Your Holy Spirit touch many more lives, especially the Islamist leaders. Deliver them from their darkened minds, and break the bonds which shackle their minds and spirits. Loose their bondages and enable them to move their faith to Jesus.

I pray for the power of the media, radio, satellite television, internet, to be increased in these nations, for these have been seen to have produced the greatest fruitfulness in these lands, especially among the leaders and the wealthy.

Lord, in Algeria, even as You have brought back those who had fled during the war in this nation, I pray for Your hand to move them to share Your gospel of life and light to their people back home. May Your hand also increase the people who are involved in Bible translation and distribution Lord. You see the problems which hamper the work of Bible translators and distribution. I pray for an open door wherever they are, in their effort to find success. You are a God who knows all the openings, and I ask this day for Your help upon Your people in this work. Cause the government ban on importing Bible to be lifted, as You did in China. Only You can work this miracle to help the people get a Bible, and read the truth written in it. I pray for a strengthening of faith among the Kabyle Berbers, an increase in believers among the Taureg and Bedouin tribes, and for creative strategies in the church to spread the gospel to them. Bless the Christian Berbers in their efforts to move into unreached areas in their nation. Spread the gospel, merciful God, to the Mzab oasis town of the Sahara, and bring Your salvation to the remote areas. I pray for Christian families to survive the persecutions upon them. Lord, protect Christian girls. Put a hedge of protection upon them and prevent them from being forced to marry Muslim men. Preserve their faith in You, their Protector and Deliverer. Now, I lift up to You the nation of Andorra, where spirituality is thin, and the Church is weakened by the witchcraft which is pervasive. Grant the Christians strength and power to push back the forces of evil around them. You have said in your word that the gates of hell will not prevail against Your advancing church. Help the non-believers, the skeptics, the mockers, and the deceived ones recognize that in You there is more might and power than in any of their gods. Bless the believers there with a double portion of Your power and might, and give them the encouragement and discernment to share Your gospel to those outside their community. Re-energize their faith and their passion with Your Holy Spirit’s touch.

I pray too for Angola, and give thanks for the remarkable growth of Christianity. There is much healing needed for the psychological, social and spiritual wounds among the people, caused by the past wars and poverty. Lord, open the peoples’ eyes there to see Your love in action through Your people and the church there. I pray for a powerful Church to emerge, and for them to demonstrate forgiveness towards those who have perpetrated crimes against Your people. Bless this nation with Christ-like holy living believers of Jesus, who can demonstrate Your love and forgiveness to a hurting people. Break down barriers in non-believers to accepting Your gospel. Pull down strongholds of evil which hold them back from accepting and believing in Jesus.

To You be the majesty, glory, power and dominion, forever and ever. Amen.

Comment by Janet H E Lim on January 26, 2013 at 10:11am

Sovereign God, Your love for those who don’t know You yet is evidenced by those You have sent into these nations to spread Your gospel of love: Asia, especially China, India, Nepal, Iran, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Central Asia, the Caucasus Republics, Mongolia and Southeast Asia.

I thank You for the phenomenal growth in these nations, for Your Holy Spirit’s work there in convicting the hearts of the people that Jesus is only God who is worthy of their worship. I thank You for breaking barriers and bondages to superstitions and false gods, and setting the people free to worship Jesus. Bless the peoples in these nations, who are experiencing spiritual first fruits, and breakthroughs in their lives, families and relationships. Help them grow in the knowledge of Jesus, and stabilize them in their faith. Protect them from the enemy and put a hedge around them that they can be further used by You to spread Your gospel of salvation to many more in their societies.

Through missionary work, intercession and church planting, Christians are seeing India experiencing extraordinary harvest, especially among the Dalits, the Untouchables.

Truly You are a God who cares for the people You have created. Your compassion is seen in these outcasts, and in the Tribal peoples in Southeast Asia who have responded to Your love for them. Surely, this phenomenal response to accept Jesus as their Savior can only be attributed to Your hand of compassion for You have drawn them to You.

To You alone be the glory, majesty, dominion and power. Amen


Comment by Janet H E Lim on January 20, 2013 at 6:05am

Sovereign God, Your hand is over all the nations of the world, for You have created them and given them growth. All praise go to You alone. You have brought great blessings to many, but You have also seen the deterioration of moral and spiritual standards in many.

Today, I lift up these nations to You for Your redemption of lives there, for Your hand to turn many more back into Your Kingdom, for Your Holy Spirit to touch lives and bring them back into Your Kingdom flock.

Lord, You have blessed North America in countless ways, and caused so many missionaries to spread out and bring the gospel to other nations. But You have seen the enemy make inroads into many of these godly agencies and corrupted many more through a perversion of Your true gospel. I pray Your forgiveness upon those who have deviated from godly pathways, and ask this day for Your help to redeem them, so that once more, they can be used by You to bring many more into Your Kingdom as their forefathers did.

I pray that You will cause godly North Americans to continue the good work and be involved in the needs of the other parts of the world in a humble and effective way to show Your love and concern for the poor and the distressed peoples.

Lord, bless too the Caribbean and Latin American nations. Thank You, Sovereign God, for the spectacular growth of evangelicals there in the last century, and, especially, the Pentecostals’ success among the poor. Lord, You have provided a divinely ordered convergence of spiritual, economic and social conditions which have allowed evangelicals to have such a great impact on the people, but now, the enemy has infiltrated and made inroads into the success of Your work. Lord, intervene. Stop the destruction of the enemy in his weakening of this growth through the multiple splits in church missions, and the inadequate discipling of converts in these nations.

Thank You for the success of Bible translations in indigenous languages which have enabled many more to come into Your Kingdom. May You protect the work of Your people’s hands, and use these translations to touch many more lives among the indigenous peoples. May You continue to use the media in miraculous creative ways to reach out to the millions who have not yet heard of Your gospel of salvation. In this, I give the glory to You.

There is much more intercession needed, especially in the need to create effective strategies to end the drug trade, and demolish the dealers in this evil work. May You use the media to reveal the destructive work of drug addiction. May You empower agencies who work to combat drug growth. May Your hand intervene and put a stop to this evil spread. I pray for effective and viable government policies to combat this evil. May Your hand expose those who are involved in this whole evil structure, and arrest their influence.

The godly look to you to help, for nothing is impossible for You. May You be moved to compassion to pull many from the jaws of death from drug taking. May You increase the agencies who work to remove illiteracy among the poor, a factor which has impeded spiritual growth in some ways.

I pray too for Your hand to move governments in these nations to initiate economic policies with moral uprightness. Lord, flush out the corrupt and the greedy leaders, and remove them from power. Your Word says that this is the century when everything done in secret will be exposed, and I believe in Your Word. I pray for the poor and marginalized peoples in these nations, and ask You to use the governments to help them improve the quality of life and the human rights. May You raise leaders who have a heart to help these people.

Lord, the godly look to You. We give thanks that we have a God who cares, and who hears the cries of His people. To You belong the glory, the power, and majesty. Amen.



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