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#PrayForRefugees is an initiative to equip and encourage Christians to unite in prayer on behalf of the millions suffering and homeless as a result of the conflict in Syria.

During Lent, they are sponsoring a 40-day period of prayer for Syrian refugees.  I'm getting a bit of a late start but hope to catch up and will be posting prayers here based on daily prayer pages on their website.  Click on the image to go to the PrayForRefugees website.  I'll post links to each daily page with the daily prayers, but here's an additional link to the page where they archive the daily prayers:

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Day 1: Uniting in Prayer for Peace and Relief

Father, please raise up concerted prayer during this season of Lent and beyond for Syrian refugees.  Help us, your people, to put aside politics and our own personal agendas and fill us with love for these who are oppressed, displaced, and desperately in need of your intervention.  May the efforts of your church to reach out to refugees be soaked in prayer first and foremost, for we know that this is your work and not ours.  We lack strength, we lack wisdom, and we lack the resources to properly care for all the Syrian refugees - but you lack none of these.  So may it be in your power, not our own, that your church reaches out to extend grace and compassion.

Please protect innocent civilians caught in the crossfires of the conflict in Syria.  Protect them from the violence of ISIS.  Protect families, homes, and churches from destruction.  For those who are suffering without basic needs like food, clean water, shelter, clothing, and health care - be Jehovah Jireh, their Provider.  Raise up your people to reach out to them in all of these needs, and please guide any aid sent so that it reaches those who need it.

Grant hope for a brighter future for the children in Syria and those who have been displaced.  Create a path for them toward education and toward safety, security, and stability.  Draw them to yourself and give them a peace that belies their surroundings - a peace that comes from the assurance of your love and your victory.

Multiply the resources of groups working to respond to the physical needs of Syrian refugees.  Please bring peace in this region quickly - not just an end to conflict and violence, but true peace that must originate with you and not with man. 

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Day 2 - Praying for a Heart to Learn

Father, please give your people a heart to learn about the impacts of the Syrian refugee crisis.  Prevent us from turning away because it's too big or too complex.  Lord, we confess that it is too big - way too big for us to understand or significantly impact.  But it's not too big for you.  Nothing in Syria has caught you by surprise - not ISIS, not the Russian intervention, not the conflict that preceded ISIS and forced so many out of their homes.  You are Lord over Syria.

Teach us what we need to know, Father - not just to satisfy our curiosity, but to help us understand your heart for Syria and for the millions of refugees.  Call us into prayer for this huge humanitarian crisis.  Break our hearts with the millions of children and adults who have lost their homes and struggle daily to meet basic needs of food and shelter.  Sanctify our minds and purify our hearts, and may our prayers be not only acceptable to you but honoring to you and something you can use to advance your kingdom in Syria.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Day 3 - Praying for Children

Father, please hear the cries of the millions of Syrian children impacted by the ongoing conflict in Syria.  Take care of those who are in dangerous situations - whether from disease, labor in unsafe conditions, or exploitation.  Protect the children, Lord - save them for a future brighter than what they have known so far.  Please block the paths of those who would exploit them and take advantage of them.

Raise up opportunities for these children to once again attend school, that they may get an education and have an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and despair.  Give parents wisdom in the midst of difficult decisions.  Reach these children through your church and through other agencies to provide for their needs.  Most of them do not know you, Father - please reveal yourself to them in ways that they can understand and receive.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Day 4: Praying for Refugees spending the winter in tents

Father, you are the God of the oppressed and of the needy.  Your heart brims over with compassion for the Syrian refugees trying to make it through the cold of the winter.  Please provide the stoves and fuel that they need to make it through the winter.  Protect them from snow storms that threaten to collapse their tents.  Protect them - especially the children - from illness related to exposure to the cold. 

Please raise up churches and agencies to meet the needs of these refugees.  Reign over the supply so that aid reaches those who really need it. 

Please grant hope to these refugees who have no reason to see hope in their daily surroundings.  Fortify them with your word, comfort them by your Spirit, and provide for them through your people.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Day 5 - Praying for those separated from their loved ones

Father, please raise your hand to reunite families that have been separated as a result of the violence in Syria.  Keep family members who are far apart from each other safe and in good health - whether they have left Syria or are among the ones who stayed.  Provide hope for a joyful reunion.  Please bring an end to the violence that has torn apart so many families, and create safe conditions for refugees to return and be reunited.

Please raise up concerted prayer during this Lent season for these refugees and their families, Lord.  Be moved by the prayers of your people.  Hear the cries of these refugees - see their loneliness and desperation.  Hear, Lord, and intervene - for the sake of your honor.  Draw these families back together and draw them to yourself.  Proclaim your word through your church to the refugees who have fled and bring them to repentance and salvation, that they may know you and that they may be prepared to proclaim the truth of your word when they return to their homeland.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Day 6 - Praying for children escaping violence

Lord Jesus, thank you for your special concern for children.  Please hear the cries of those who are trying to escape the violence of Syria.  Heal their minds, their dreams, their memories.  Give them a sense of peace in you, even though outward circumstances may be uncertain.  Raise up your church to reach out to them in your name, drawing them to you for salvation, for comfort, and for hope.  Hasten the day, Lord, when their lives will be characterized by stability and a brighter future.


Day 8 - Praying for special protection for girls

Father, please protect Syrian refugee girls from exploitation of all kinds - labor, sex, and all other ways in which they might be taken advantage of.  Grant their mothers wisdom and courage in taking care of them, and please provide for both their spiritual and material needs.  Lord, we long to see these girls taken care of rather than married off at such young ages - yet we do not judge the mothers who are faced with decisions most of us will never understand.  Neither do you judge them, Lord, for you see their plight and hear their cries.  Have mercy on the mothers and the daughters - rescue them from crushing poverty and protect them from abuse of all kinds.  In Jesus' name. Amen.

Day 9 - Praying for peace efforts

Father, we long to see peace in Syria.  We long to see an end to the violence and bloodshed, open doors for refugees to return, and help delivered to the hundreds of thousands in desperate need.  Please bring about and stabilize a cease-fire in Syria that would enable aid to reach those who need it so much.  Please strengthen those who bring in relief supplies; protect their safety and watch over the aid to see that it reaches those who need it. 

Lord God, we would love to see you make a cease-fire just the first step to a permanent peace in Syria.  Though we don't pretend to understand the whole situation there, we ask that you would raise your hand against those who sustain the violence, against those who would harm the innocent for their own ends.  Change their hearts, Lord, and change the times in Syria.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Day 10 - Praying for children who can't go to school

Father, please look with favor on the three million Syrian children who currently cannot go to school.  Intervene and create educational opportunities for them - whether in refugee camps, various countries to which they have fled, or inside Syria itself.  Lord, please don't let these children's futures be wasted.  Give them hope by raising up teachers, schools, and resources for them to learn. Raise up from among this generation of children the leaders that Syria will need to build a safe and stable country.  In Jesus' name. Amen.

Day 11 - Praying for children working under dangerous conditions

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on Syrian children who have been deprived of education and have been forced to work in difficult and dangerous conditions to help support their families.  Intervene quickly to restore to these children the childhoods that they're being robbed of.  Open up opportunities for them to learn, to laugh, and to play as children should.  Please protect their young hearts and minds from cynicism resulting from their difficult lives.  Restore hope for them.  Keep them safe in the places where they work until the day when you rescue them.  Amen.

Day 12: Praying for refugees who don't have enough food

Father, you specialize in providing food for those in need.  For forty years you fed the Israelites in the desert.  Jesus, on at least two occasions you miraculously multiplied food for the hungry people who had come to hear you teach.

Lord God, please do this over and over again for the Syrian refugees who are in desperate need of just enough food for each day.  Thank you for the World Food Program's vouchers and the assistance they provide. Please revive the compassion and commitment of individuals and countries whose support is vital to sustaining the needed aid. Work miracles to multiply the resources to meet the many needs.  And ever more, Lord, please provide these refugees with hope along with their daily food.  Amen.

Praying for countries hosting refugees

Father, thank you for countries like Lebanon, who have opened their arms wide to refugees from Syria.  Please bless these countries with your favor.  Grant wisdom to leaders to help them understand how to best serve the refugees while still maintaining their own economic, social, and cultural stability. Channel resources into these countries to provide jobs, aid, education, and other needs for the refugees.

Thank you also for individuals who have opened their hearts, homes, and arms to refugees.  Bless them richly for the ways in which they share your love. Provide for them the additional resources they need in order to serve and provide for the refugees.

Bless and protect all those who are caring for Syrian refugees. We are saddened, Lord, when we hear stories of refugees causing violence and bloodshed - please don't let these few stories turn the hearts of leaders and people against the refugees as a whole. At the same time, if there are refugees who are bent on destruction, please foil their plans and turn their hearts toward yourself.

In Jesus' name. Amen.



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