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August 12, 2013 Prayer Summit Insights

Dear Paul and Phil,
Over the last few weeks I have sensed some points for consideration on the August 12th prayer summit and possible confirmations I thought I should share.
First, I believe the Lord showed me that the first point is to "create an atmosphere He can move in."  I sense that to mean praise and worship are key and times of quiet before Him, and times of agreement prayer. 
Second, to come in the unity of the brethren of heart and purpose before Him.  Not so much agreeing on doctrine, although that is helpful, but agreement on our need to seek Him and believe Him for our nation, for revival, for answers no man can muster.  Utter dependence upon Him, the one true God.
Third, declarations and proclamations to sum up the time in:
1)  The heart and intentions of God to be declared for our nation and it's people.  To serve the Lord God with all our heart, soul and mind. 
2)  To declare our Hope is in Him and Him alone....our utter dependence.
3) Knowing that we must not murmur or complain against anything or anyone, but worship God by declaring Who He is, what He is and what He can and will do for us in America.  That America will fulfill it's God given destiny thru Him and Christ Jesus. 
The last item was confirmed thru a newsletter from Egypt I received a few days ago , citing how the Pope of the Coptic church called for times of prayer and declaring their need of God and Hope in Him in the crisis they find themselves in.  Now they are crediting the unity of the church praying together and turning to God and crying out to Him for this next phase of change in their nation.  That the church is standing strong for His ultimate answers.  See the attached newsletter.
Then today I received a picture of the harvest and surrounding scenario.  A friend at church was sharing how he had seen a picture of angels lining the East Coast from Maine to Florida with trumpets at their sides, waiting on the Lord for the time to blow those trumpets.  He said he sensed that the coming days of our nation would have a lot of challenges, even a shaking of the world.  The things of the Lord would endur and even be a blessing as He moves across the country in revival.  However, those things of the world would be shaken and suffer greatly.  As I listened I saw a conveyor belt in the field, loaded with vegetables.  The vegetables were shaken as they moved their way up to the trailer where they ultimately were placed.  But while traveling on that conveyor belt, that shaking removed small rocks, twigs and other things from the vegetables and fell to the ground.   The vegetables represented the Harvest.  And while that Harvest is gathered there will be shaking to remove the debris from lives in order to allow only the desired things to be brought in.  
I sense the time in prayer in Chicago will be vital and much fruit will be seen.  I and the team that prays for you daily and weekly on the conference call will be joining you all, both as cover for you and in partnership for revival in our nation.
If you have specific prayer points to share, please email and I will distribute as needed.
Looking forward to the reports !

Pat Allen


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