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As a group, Intercessors have special needs, and are often isolated. Here we have the opportunity to share our thoughts on various issues that face us, and to pray with and for each other.

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When a Church is encouraged to pray for its Missionaries----- 1 Reply

About 5 years ago, the Missions Board of my church started having a Missionary Convention, which this year we have labeled Great Commission Sunday. In each of the conventions,  since 2017 we have…Continue

Started by Lewis Turner. Last reply by Malva Birch Mar 4.

Intersessors 1 Reply

Dear Lord,Please touch every intercessor and guide them with Your light. AmenContinue

Started by Anne Marais. Last reply by Malva Birch Feb 23.

Africa 1 Reply

Dear Lord, please touch Africa and lift the people of Africa out of poverty. Thank you Lord! I praise You! Amen.Continue

Started by Anne Marais. Last reply by Malva Birch Feb 7.

China 1 Reply

Dear Lord, please touch China and the rest of the world. Please put an end to the Corona Virus and please protect the world against an epidemic. Please heal those who have been affected. Thank you…Continue

Started by Anne Marais. Last reply by Malva Birch Jan 24.

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Comment by Lewis Turner on June 7, 2020 at 12:56pm

Malva--that is beautiful and inspiring.  You may want also to look at PS 28:7 and Jer 16:19. You will find that name also in those verses.  

Comment by Malva Birch on June 7, 2020 at 9:55am

Praying the Name of God for intercessors at such a time as this:

Yahweh Uzzi - The Lord my Strength

 Ps 68:35 NLT God is awesome in His sanctuary. The God of Israel gives power and strength to His people. Praise be to God!  

 Lord God, You are awesome. Thank You that You invite us into Your sanctuary through prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ. You are our covenant-God and we are Your people. You give us power and strength. We praise You, our God! In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Comment by Malva Birch on June 4, 2020 at 12:31pm

Praying the Name of God for intercessors at such a time as this:

Adonai - our Lord, Master over all
Ps 138:2 ESV You have exalted above all things Your Name and Your Word. 
Adonai, You are our Lord and God. You are Master over all. We pray that You will exalt again Your Almighty Name and power above all things, especially now. Come. Guide us through Your Word and Spirit to know what to pray. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Comment by Malva Birch on February 10, 2020 at 10:17am

Lord God, we praise You. There is none like You.

Ps 29:11 The LORD gives His people strength; the LORD blesses His people with peace.

In the Name of Jesus Christ we thank You. Amen.

Comment by Anne Marais on January 19, 2020 at 3:30pm

Dear Lord, please touch Malva and her husband with your Almighty power and healing. Please touch the world with a knowledge of your presence and please prevent a worldwide epidemic. Thank you Lord that we can trust you to take care of us. Amen.

Comment by Lewis Turner on January 19, 2020 at 12:57pm


In the section Need Prayer--Malva asked for prayer for her and her husband.  They have been ill with terrible flu. Please pray for the two of them for their restoration and healing.

Thank you,

Lewis Turner 

Comment by Malva Birch on January 8, 2020 at 10:34am

Heavenly Father,

All power in heaven and earth belongs to You. Your Word of power sustains all of creation. 

We thank You that our Lord is interceding for all Your people and the nations at Your throne in these days of troubles. 

You have called up Your intercessors to pray with Him. Help us to do so faithfully and joyfully. Guide us so that we'll pray according to Your will and not our own understanding which is faulty. Please bless our prayers.

Please protect each one of us form all evil and also our sinful nature. 

Help us to bring joy into Your heart. Let our prayers be added to the bowl of incense in heaven, so that Your will be done on earth as in heaven, Your Kingdom come and Your Name be glorified forever.

It is a privilege and honor to pray and we thank You.

In the Name of Lord Jesus Christ we pray, amen.

Comment by Lewis Turner on March 8, 2016 at 1:45pm


Indeed there is room for Intercessors who are list prayers as well as those who avoid lists.  the nice thing about list prayers is that they will see that everything is covered by prayer.  They are needed.

I thought the following list that I compiled years ago might be interesting.  There are many ways people will intercede, and this list shares some of those ways.  The list includes list praying and also a number of other areas. 

  • Some intercessors interceded through using prayer lists-these may be list prayers.
  • Praying for the lost
  • Prayer walking
  • Praying for outreach events
  • Praying for church plants
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Praying for leaders
  • Prayer cells
  • Praying for finances
  • Praying for reconciliation
  • Praying for people groups.
  • Crisis Prayers
  • Personal intercessors-their focus is for and individual or a ministry
  • Strategic intercession

We will probably see some of these types of prayers in a prayer team from time to time.  All are important in the total picture of what is happening in a church.

I do appreciate you comments on the need to be free to seek the Lord's direction in our praying and for whom we are praying.  There are those one the outside of leadership who need that encouragement.  Their prayers are just as essential  as the ones being prayed for by those one the inside of leadership.

Thank you for your comments.

Comment by Deborah Perkins on November 18, 2015 at 4:58pm

Lewis, thanks for your comments. I am currently part of several prayer conference calls and groups, but will look into the one you suggested. It is remarkable how many people ARE praying, despite what the media tells us about the decline of faith in America! 

Comment by Lewis Turner on November 18, 2015 at 12:03pm

 Deborah--some thoughts on your comments:

You stated--"I am noticing more and more that intercessors typically become intercessors out of need", —very true—

"the most important key for those who want to pray, she said "Consistency. Perseverance. Don't give up!""—excellent

"how do we stay consistent? Intercession is (today) a largely individual, personal act of devotion—that’s where many are, and it is easy to lag or even burn out over time, especially when answers are not immediate. The solution, I think, is twofold. First, biblical intercession includes individual prayer (as in Daniel praying three times a day), but more often includes corporate prayer, which is a key we often miss in our modern world. It is corporate prayer that keeps us connected and inspired, and corporate prayer that brings revival.Very true—but with our schedules—it is difficult to regularly pray with other. "-- One help, is Common Thread Ministries which has been setting up prayer conference calls.  Mark Mirza, a member of pray has felt led to do this.  I have been on one conference call with his group for about 2+ years now.  It is a blessing.  I would encourage you to contact Mark and consider exploring this type of praying, especially if you can’t find anyone locally willing to regularly pray with you.    

His Inscriptions - Interview with an Intercessor

Deborah--I appreciate your sharing in this group.  Many of our members are readers--and some just learning about intercession.  In my experience, most intercessors pray alone--but you are right--they need also to be praying with others.  Praying with others brings encouragement, and also much agreement in prayer.  Matt 18:19.  It also brings accountability--something that is very important to help us stay true to God's word.

Thank you again for being willing to share. 

Perhaps some others may want to share what would encourage you to pray with others?  --a pastor who encourages it? a friend who is willing to pray with you?  an opportunity such as a conference call--a regular call--maybe 15-30 minutes long where you can pray with others?

I should also note that I had an experience in praying with another person where I was a strong prayer, and the other person wasn't.  This combination led to us stopping after a short period of praying together.  Since I learned that we must be sensitive to others.  That is where the conference call style praying helps.  In good conference call praying Ground rules are set and adhered to. There is respect on various praying styles.  Hope what I have shared helps.


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