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Articles for this month


Derek Brown; Rediscovery of the Kingdom of God           2-3

Ps Trevor Bartley; SPIRITUAL AWAKENING    4-5

Ruslan Maliuta; What Children at Risk Need and How the Church Can Help Them Best (part 2 of 3)    6-9

Australian Prayer Network; WATCHMEN SCHOOL OF INTERCESSION      9

Dr. John Yates; Unbreakable Net     10-11

Andre Van Eymeren; The Nature of Transformation          12

Asia Awakening - United Generations for Revival  13

Peter Rahme; The GRACETHROUGH Experience !!        14-15

Matt Prater; The Power of Prayer & Fasting            16-17

Papua New Guinea Wold Mission; FEBRUARY 2015      18-19

Kathleen Trock-Molhoek; Pebbles and Stones        20-22

Andrea Tokaji; Opinion Piece: Being ‘Strayan means being able to enjoy freedom           23

Geoff Waugh; Share Good News     24-25


Military Christian Fellowship of Australia; National Day of Prayer for Defence 2015 28

Lilian Schmid; Praying for Government & Daily Prayer Calendar for March - Government and the Military        29-30

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In the September edition - focus on Charity & Not for Profit Welfare

♥ From the Convenor, From the Editor 2

♥ Leighton Walters; His Kingdom Come - The world waits for you 3

♥ Marylin Leermakers; KIDS HOPE AUS – Empowering church/school partnerships! 4-5

♥ Paul Elarde; Your Will Be Done 6-7

♥ Are you Christians Against Poverty? 8

♥ Mark Short; Transformation: the view from the bush 9

♥ Ros Myers; Helping Hands International Australia - Update News 10-11

♥ Stephen Leslie; Life-Changers! Meeting God at Camps 12-13

♥ Ron Edwards; 30 years for International Christian Chamber of Commerce 13

♥ Paul DeWildt; Here Comes the King 14-16

♥ Paul Millar; Reclamation 17

♥ John Yates; Developing and Testing Prophetic Ministry Today 18-20

♥ Rev James Wilson Sydney visit October 1st-11th 2015 21

♥ John Finkelde; How To Have An Awkward Conversation 22-23

♥ Rick Rupp; Always Laboring, PNG Team made it, Solomon Islands Tractor Project Update 24-25

♥ Phil Miglioratti; “Pray for Me” 26-27

♥ Lilian Schmid; God is Blessing Sydney Short Report 28-29

♥ Michael De Nieuwe; Reaching all LEADERS in Australia 29

♥ Henry Jacotine; DIVINE HEALING 30-31

♥ Timothy Scheuer; Mission Day this Saturday - report! 31

♥ Michael Huggins; SHAKEN & STIRRED 32

♥ Ecumenical Service: In Remembrance - Centenary of the Armenian Genocide 1915-2015 33

♥ Lilian Schmid; Daily Prayer Calendar for October - Health & Science 34-35

♥ Voice of the Martyrs; Project Update: Action Packs for Michika 36



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Posted by David Young on November 12, 2019 at 12:22pm

FAITH, Riskinf and Resting on The Word of God

Posted by David Young on November 11, 2019 at 11:53am


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